Friday, July 30, 2010

Bye-Bye Shopping ban (a bit early)...I won't miss you

It's Thursday night...I'm super excited to watch Project Runway tonight!! We took it easy today as this whole week has been super busy with activities. It was nice to lounge around in our pj's all morning before we got ready to go meet some friends at the park and then have dinner with them. Tonight I'm driving my parents to the airport so they can catch a plane to London tomorrow...jealous! I told them to find me something good on their 3 week vacation. =) So this week ended my shopping ban. I gave up. Way too many good sales to pass up. I know, I know, I'm a little bit of a disappointment, but in the end the point was to really pay attention to what I buy and make sure I only get what I really love and know I'll wear and I think it was a good reminder. So what broke me? A few places...Anthro, J Crew Outlet and Banana Republic to be exact!

Here are a few of the culprits:

Banana Republic Skinny Dark Wash Jean

I saw Banana was having a 40% off any one or two items promo yesterday and was excited to pick up a new pair of skinny jeans to replace the pair I just got rid of but then I read the fine couldn't use the code on sale items. Bummer. These were on sale. So today I was really excited to see a new promo for 30% off ANY purchase PLUS free shipping with a $50 order (we all know how I feel about free shipping--LOVE!!) so I took the plunge. I got these regularly $89.50 jeans for just $41...score! I really hope they fit well...especially the length. To make the order $50 I found this cute ring that looks like no other I fact, I don't know that I own a single piece of true green-colored jewelry at all!

Candy Bowl Ring

Now I have this...and it was just enough to get me my free shipping!

Now onto the next two culprits:

Anthropologie Torsade Tee

This cute top has been on sale for quite a while but has been sold out in the red colorway online for a while. I didn't get to it fast enough! Every time I go to an Anthro store I always look for it on the sale racks with no luck. I finally had one of the sales associates track one down for me and it should be arriving this shipping and still of course, on sale. Go me!

Double Torsade Necklace

Apparently I have a thing for the word "Torsade"...totally just noticed that! I actually got this necklace for my sis-in-law for her birthday earlier this year and now, months later, decided I wanted one too. It's definitely a statement piece...I'm excited to figure out how to wear it!

I did grab a few cute things at J Crew outlet last night when I was out...I went to JoAnn to pick up some fabric for a little project I'm working on and when I was done I realized I had 30 minutes till the outlet mall down the road closed and I had no kids with me...I just couldn't resist. I picked up a Maya cardigan in a purpley-rose color (just made up the word purpley I think) and this really cute grey-heather fitted lightweight sweatshirt. It is so comfy!!! I know, I know...bad shopping banner me. I have to admit I'm already super excited about heading to LOFT next week to try on a few things and maybe bring a few "necessities" home with me since their Friends and Family promo starts Monday (30% off entire purchase--online and in store)!!

I have my eye on these:

I love this sweater in the Autumn yellow color!

This one above comes in a really pretty mauve color that I think is so pretty

Lastly, I have two OOTD's to share with you...the first was from yesterday. We went to the park in the morning and then to a doctor appointment for my one year old's well-baby visit so we were here, there and everywhere. Getting a picture was a challenge yesterday as all my boys were crashing in my room as we were trying to take little one wanted in on the action...

I was trying to hold still...promise I wasn't trying to ignore him! =)

-Climbing Cowlneck Top-Anthropologie
-Matchstick Jeans-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics-Wedge Sandals-Nordstrom (Summer 2010)
-Necklace-Tiffany (gift from my hubby)
-Silver Bangles-Gap
-Silver Hoop Earrings-American Eagle (OLD)
-Fossil Watch (OLD)

And today's look:

-Floral Art Tee-J Crew (Spring 2010)
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Denim shorts/capris (can't really decide what they are)--Target (Mossimo)
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs

I'm trying to grow my hair out but it's been driving me crazy so today I curled it...not sure I like it curled as much as I would when it's longer. Wishful thinking that it'll hurry up and grow!! =)

Wow, that was a long one. I gotta run and get ready for a little trip to the airport. Have a good night!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dressed for winter

Today I took my kids to the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito with a friend and her two kids and we had a great time. The funny thing about the bay area is that you literally have to dress for winter in the's really cool down there on the bay, especially in the mornings. So when planning out what to wear this morning I took advantage of the cold weather to pull out a long-sleeve cardigan. I love this Banana Republic's pretty lightweight but still has enough weight to keep me warm when there's a breeze. It's an almost exact replica of the Space-dyed cardigan J Crew had this summer, but I got mine for about a third of the price of J Crew's. I paired it with a blouse I bought on my San Francisco getaway a few weekends ago specifically to wear with this cardigan (which I scored at 40% off thanks to a coupon Gigi sent me a few months back--thanks girlie!!) I have to say I would have liked to have worn a pair of cute skinny jeans with this instead of the bootcut jeans that I wore, but I need to go shopping for some as I had to get rid of my skinny jeans from last year. I bought them after having my baby...I've since lost my baby weight and now need new skinny jeans. Are there any favorite skinny jeans out there? I was looking at the new LOFT skinnies today...cute! I always have to get the "short" version of any jeans I want to wear flats with because I have shorter legs and a long torso. I'm 5'6" tall so it's not like I'm a short person...for some reason my height just came in my torso. Anyhow, I here's how I looked when I walked out the door...

-Lily White Ruffled Chiffon Top-Nordstrom (Anniversary sale item!!)
-Long Sleeve Cardigan-Banana Republic-(Spring 2010--no longer online)
-Bootcut Jeans-Banana Republic Outlet (Fall 2008)
-Red flats-Target (Fall 2009)
-Necklace-Nordstrom (OLD--bought to go with my dress for Josh's graduation from dental school 3 years ago)
-Earrings-Kenneth Cole (via Macy's)

Tomorrow we have another busy day...gotta get my run in first thing before the kids wake up, and then we're going to the park in the morning, a doctor appointment for my one year old in the afternoon (well-baby check-up only), and then at some point I want to run to JoAnn to grab a few things...hope you all have a great day!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

My favorite 2010 Summer colors...again

For church yesterday I pulled out some of my new purchases from the last little bit...and I have to say I'm loving this cardigan!!! It's the second weekend in a row I've worn it...that's telling ya something. I've really become a fan of yellow and grey together this summer...with a touch of navy blue thrown in once in a while (not this outfit though). I am so excited I grabbed up the Rah-Rah-Rumba skirt and the Winding Road tank last week at Anthro's sale...not an ounce of buyer's remorse. They pair nicely together I think...

-Rah-Rah-Rumba Skirt-Anthropologie-Winding Road Tank-Anthropologie
-Floral Print Cardigan-Old Navy
-Snakebite Belt-Anthropologie (grey now sold out online)
-Seychelles "Password" Pumps-Nordstrom
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs
-Crystal Milano Bracelet-J Crew

And a close up of the earrings, since you can never see them:

We're off to visit my parents one year old has been cranky since he woke up this morning so we'll see how the day goes. We'll probably be stopping in Old Navy with my mom today to pick up some fall school clothes for my big 1st grader...we discovered this weekend that all his jeans are now high waters on him. He grew a ton in the past few months!!!

Have a great day!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Price tag removal....and my Forever 21 buys

I have a handful of tops (well, a few more than a handful now after last weekend's shopping spree) that still have the price tag on them...time to start wearing these things I just HAD to have!!! I got this top a few months back on a great sale (50% off)at LOFT and thought it would be a great layering piece under a cardigan...I have tons of solid colored tanks so I get excited to add printed tanks into my wardrobe when I find cute ones. I was in a pink mood yet again so I grabbed a pinkish/red cardigan. When I looked in the mirror it just seemed like it was missing I went for a belt. I am still learning to love wearing belts with my still feels a bit odd but I think it turned out ok in the end...what do ya think??

-Printed Tank-LOFT (no longer online--check stores)
-Short-Sleeve Cardigan-LOFT (Spring 2010)
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Matchstick Jeans-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Wedge Sandals-Old Navy (Summer 2010)
-Belt-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Flower in hair-Old Navy (Summer 2010)
-Necklace-Christmas gift from my husband 3 years ago
-Crystal Milano Bracelet-J Crew
-Cocktail Ring-American Eagle (OLD)

I was having one of those days where my hair was driving me crazy so I clipped in this flower clip to keep it out of my face a bit. I also only have one ring on my left ring finger in this picture...not two. I didn't realize it at the time! On our way to dinner last night I was pointing at something and had a brief moment of horror...I looked down to only see my wedding band...not my diamond ring. What the heck??? It took me a bit to convince myself I probably had just forgotten to put it on but it wasn't till we got home and I found it sitting in my jewelry box that I felt relief. That was a close one. My husband lost his wedding ring a few months ago and we just barely got that one replaced! All is well worries. It's on my finger today once again.

No OOTD picture to share from was a pretty low key day so I didn't get too dressed up...just jean shorts and an old shirt and a pair of sandals--both from American Eagle (both probably 3-4 years old). Check me my closet! I have plans to pull out some of my new things next week...I had mentioned in my last post that I received my Forever 21 order yesterday and was happy with what I got...I got 4 items but one is actually a go-back. I forgot about that one. It was only $4.50 though so it's really not even worth sending back...I'll have to find a teenager to give it to because the shirt was way too tight (and I even sized up to a medium thinking it would be on the tight side to begin with). At least it was the cheap thing that didn't work out. The other 3 tops however were keepers.

Here's what I picked up:

The cardigan is really cute on...kinda long in the back with the extra grey material layered underneath but not too much that it's gonna bug me. It's from the Love 21 line...first time I've grabbed something from far I'm impressed! The blue and white tank was a bit baggy so I'm gonna take it in just a bit with a few straight long stitches up the sides with my trusty sewing machine (and don't be too impressed...all I know how to do are straight stitches!!). It looked a lot like a tank Anthro had this year...that's what drew me to it. The white ruffle tank...well, who doesn't need like 10 versions of this? I'm a sucker for ruffles, what can I say.

That's all for tonight...I'm off to have myself a popsicle and then watch a little TV before going to bed. Hope you had a great Saturday!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ban breaking and OOTD (from yesterday)

TGIF!!! I love especially since we don't have anything planned and I got to sleep in past 7am this morning thanks to my one year old who decided to sleep a little longer than usual. You know you have small children when you consider 7am sleeping in. This morning I've been browsing at a few things online and realizing that this shopping ban is for the birds. It's like dieting (so I hear...I don't diet..I would suck at that too)...the more you tell yourself not to do it the more you want to. I will admit I had another tiny slip up last night but it was for a good reason. I was ordering my son's lunch box from Gap (really cute choices this year) since it was 30% off and then realized that there was free shipping with a $50 purchase. I HATE paying for shipping...I avoid it at all cost. So, I started to look around the site to see what else they had. I found a cute light-weight jacket for my oldest for those chilly fall mornings and then still needed a bit more to reach the $50. So I headed over to the women's sale section. Yes, I did. And yes, I found a pair of skinny cropped jeans for $29.99. I actually think they may be the same pair my friend Elise owns...we own a lot of the same things. Do you and your friends have the same taste and end up with the same things sometimes?? Anyhow, they were more than 50% off and I don't actually own a pair of cropped skinny jeans...I always roll up my matchstick jeans to create the effect. I went back and forth about breaking my ban but in the end I decided in the name of saving money on shipping, I'd get them. I saved an additional $5.31 with another coupon I had too on top of that so that helped. I'm officially a ban-breaker. Like I said, I'm no good at this!!! I'm trying though...that's what counts.

Here's what I got:

Printed Lunchbox--chosen by my son...he loved the dinosaurs

Boy's Techwear Reflective Full-zip jacket

Ban-breaking Cropped Skinny Destructed Jeans

And lastly, yesterday I wore another dress...a maxi-dress to be exact. I picked this up last summer and wore it a TON. It was perfect because I had just had a baby and it allowed for me to be comfortable and kind of hide the lingering baby-weight yet still look semi-cute for being a new mom again. Now, a year later, it's just as comfortable and easy to wear.

-Maxi-dress-Old Navy (summer 2009)
-Sandals-Old Navy (summer 2009)
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Crystal Milano bracelet-J Crew (2010)
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs

My Forever 21 order from last weekend came yesterday and I loved all 4 items I ordered...I'll post about them later. For now I'm off to get ready for our day. Happy Friday!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Black and White

Happy Thursday!! Today is the last day of my middle son's (or #2 as I refer to him sometimes) summer preschool so for the next three weeks we are schedule free before #1 starts 1st grade. There's just something nice about not having to be anywhere by a certain time for many days in a row! =) Yesterday I had lots of errands to run in the morning and I planned on taking my boys to the pool in the afternoon so I wanted to be comfy. I had put on shorts originally and then decided I was sick of shorts and felt like wearing a skirt. When I opened my closet again I remembered the cute Old Navy black and white dress I picked up a few weeks back and thought it would be the perfect running around outfit for the day. Out it came, along with some leggings...and a pop of color at the feet:

-Dress-Old Navy (sold out online but check in stores)
-Leggings-Target ($6!!!--Fall 2009)
-Heels-Seychelles Password Pump (on sale now at Nordstrom)
-Pessinus Garden Necklace-Anthropologie
-Earrings-Forever 21 (2009)
-Bracelet Watch

This was the first time I had worn my new Seychelles pumps and honestly, I LOVE them! They may be the most comfortable heels I now own. Truly amazing. In the afternoon I wanted to change out my shoes to go to the pool so I slipped on a pair of red flats I got from Target last fall:

Yesterday while my son was napping I pulled up the new arrivals from LOFT! There are a ton of things on my wish list for fall!! I'm really liking the new roll out this time around. My shopping ban can't end soon enough! =) Just the email I got yesterday morning was enough to draw me in:

I want the entire outfit on the included. SO CUTE! Check them out, but don't buy them all out before August so I can have a chance at them still, ok!!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So I've recovered from my shopping spree weekend and am back to normal again...patiently waiting for fun boxes to come to me in the mail!!! That's the fun part. Back to reality...and to my comfy mom uniform...times two so far this week. After looking at my last two days of outfits and purchases I must admit I'm having a thing for blue and yellow as of late without even realizing it!


-White Capri pants-American Eagle (about 2-3 years old)
-Top-Gap Outlet (Fall 2010)
-Yellow Wedge sandals-LOFT (Spring 2010--These are SUPER comfy by the way!!)
-Gold bracelet-Fossil (OLD)
-Small gold circle Necklace-Shabby Apple

After looking at this picture I realize the bottom half of this outfit just isn't doing it for me. Something is off...the sandal/capri combo...or just the capris themselves...I don't know. I'm not a fan of the combo. All and learn.


-Yellow Puff-sleeve Top-Down East Basics-Spring 2010
-Denim Capris-Tilly's (OLD--3 years ago)
-Presta Wedges-Target
-Necklace/Bracelet-Old Navy (Spring 2010)
-Ring-Forever 21

I'm off to get some sleep...still trying to recover from last night's late night shopping! =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well, I happened to be up late tonight so I thought I'd hop on and see what went on sale at Anthro...big mistake. Remember that shopping ban? Well, let's just say I officially fell off the bandwagon tonight. I'm back on now FOR SURE! One of the items on my wish list (that I was allowing myself to break my shopping ban for if it went on sale) popped up on sale--the Rah-Rah Rumba skirt...for $39.95!

SCORE! I was so excited...I had planned to get the grey but ultimately ended up siding with the white. This skirt is one I'd wear both day to day and to a dressy occasion...the white tiered looking skirt I already own is much more casual and for everyday wear only. There was enough difference in my mind to justify the color so I went with it. That was suppose to be the end of it. It wasn't. I browsed some more...and some more...and some more. I ended up not being able to pass on these:

So that's my guilty confession.

I also placed a small order at F21 this morning (to carry over from my SF trip this weekend...I was allowing myself that too). Don't you love how I keep changing my shopping ban rules to fit my shopping desires? For real though, for the rest of the month I'm not shopping for myself (unless a REALLY great deal on one of my wish list items shown here pops up...I'm still allowing that).

Now I'm off to bed. Shopping at 1am is tiring! =) Hope you all found some good deals at this weeks sale!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Re-cap....with my purchases and a few OOTD's

This was such a fun weekend! It started out Friday night by going out to dinner with my girlfriends to celebrate one of their birthdays. Always fun!! Here's what I wore for the night out:

-Tissue Garland Tank-J Crew
-Jackie Cardigan-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Matchstick Jeans-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Presta Wedge Sandals-Target
-Small Gold Circle Necklace-Shabby Apple
-Gold Uptown Bracelet-Twisted Silver
-Ring-Forever 21

Saturday morning my mom came and took over my house and boys and Josh (my husband) and I took off for San Francisco! 24 hours of fun-filled kid-free fun. WOO HOO!!! We ate lots of good food, went on a bay cruise, enjoyed the sites, SHOPPED, ate some more good food, saw a movie, slept in, and then came home back to reality. It was bliss. After our bay cruise my husband asked me if I intended to shop the rest of the afternoon till dinner. Guess what my answer was! =) He told me to have fun and that he'd call me after a long relaxing nap. So off I went to Union Square where I got my shop on! I shopped for three hours before he called me to tell me I better come back to get ready for dinner since we had to trek a little to get there. Three hours was just not long enough. I hit most of the places on my wish-list but I was cruising...not able to really take the time I wanted to but it was so fun none the less. I went to Anthropologie, Old Navy (Flagship store--just wanted to see how big it was...didn't really shop), J Crew, Nordstrom, American Eagle and Forever 21. I missed out on H&M, Gap and Macy's completely but that's ok. I can go to those places another time.

SO what did I get you ask? I know you want to know! Here's the run-down:

At Nordstrom (Anniversary ZOO--I mean SALE):

Seychelles "Password Pump"

I saw these cute heels and fell in LOVE! I was originally going to buy the "Mushroom" (nude) colorway but then saw a girl trying the "Mustard" (yellow) on and told myself I should be a little more exciting and go yellow too. SOLD! I can't wait to wear them with my green and white striped Shabby Apple dress--hope they look cute with it!!

Lily White Ruffled Chiffon Top

I saw this top on a mannequin paired with a cardigan that looks like the J Crew Spaced-dyed cardigan...just for reference here's a picture:

I don't own that particular cardigan but Banana Republic had one almost identical to it earlier this spring (I got it for $39 with a 40% off coupon) that I picked up so I got excited to see the cute pairing when I saw it. I sized up to a medium on the top for length...I'll only ever wear this layered as it's SUPER blousy and very see-through...but I can't wait to wear it with my Banana cardigan!!

BP Earrings:

I can't find pictures online so I took a picture myself...

Although I love big dangle earrings, I'm starting to like the post-earring trend a bit so I picked these up--each between $6-$8 a pair. Not bad!

So that was my Nordstrom damage...onto a few other places...

Forever 21:

I can't find a picture of this top that I picked up on the website but I think it's fairly new as it was right at the front of the store. It looked like a much more expensive top then most Forever 21 tops sometimes look...very Anthro-ish.

Colored Crystallined Necklace

I picked this up in the black/grey/clear's not pictured on the website. You get the idea.


I was somewhat disappointed by the sale section at the store I went to...they had lots of stuff, but just not anything that interested me. Too bad. I did try on a few things and decided I LOVE the Curated Tee...not the striped ones so much but the solid red and yellow ones. My problem with the yellow one however is that it's SUPER sheer. I'd go with red probably but I'm holding out for a sale on this. I also tried on the Once and Again Tee to see what color I preferred, but found that the ruffles are just a bit too much for me...and I like ruffles! The top ones closest to my face were just too wide. I'm picky.

As I was walking out I spotted the cutest necklace that had to be mine...I've seen Tricia and Jessica wear it in the past on their blog posts and recognized it immediately:

It's the Pessinus Garden Necklace in's only in stores now--sold out online. LOVE! It's a fun, unique piece that looks unlike any other necklace I own so I was excited to scoop this one up.

While I was in the Anthro dressing room I snapped a picture of what I wore yesterday:

-Viscose Tango Tank-J Crew
-Floral Print Cardigan-Old Navy
-Bootcut Jeans-Banana Republic Outlet (OLD)
-Sandals-Gap (Spring 2010)
-Ring-Forever 21
-Necklace-J Crew Outlet
-Earrings-Kenneth Cole (Macy's)
-Bracelet-Twisted Silver

So that was that! That's what three hours will get ya. I got NOTHING at J Crew which was a huge disappointment. They have a huge sale section right now but nothing interested me...I have already picked up what I would have wanted in past sales. I'm still eyeing the Striped Sequin Boatneck tee...I've decided I like the black striped better than the Neon Rose so I'm really hoping it goes on sale one of these days. There were a few other items in J Crew I was lukewarm about but nothing I felt like paying full price for. This shopping ban has really made me think twice about what I buy...I think I would have come home with a lot more had I not had the past few weeks to really reflect on what it is I wear and like. I want to only buy what I love and know I'll wear a lot now.

I've decided to give myself till the end of tomorrow night to grab a few other things online I missed out on in the stores...I only got to one of the three floors of Forever 21 so I know there was a lot I didn't see. I also missed a few sections at Nordstrom that I would have liked to have seen. I may end up with nothing else, but I'm giving myself the option. We'll see.

Lastly, this is what I wore to church today:

-Shirt-Express (OLD)
-Skirt-Down East Basics (2009)
-BP Stella Sandals-Nordstrom
-Necklace/earrings-Target (OLD)
-Bracelet-J Crew

I'm off to do a little online browsing...hope you had a great day!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summertime "Mom" Outfit

I had to laugh when I was reading Tricia's comment today on her being fully "mom clothed"...I hear ya sista!! Jean shorts and a t-shirt with some sort of sandals is indeed what I call my mom uniform in the summertime. I do like to dress up a bit more some days, but I just have so many clothes in my closet that fall into the "mom clothed" category that I can't just NOT wear them. What a waste that would be. So some days are cuter than others. All well. Today was a mom uniform day with a little pizazz...I threw in some cute wedge sandals to spice it up. To complete the whole "mom" look, my second-day hair is yet again thrown into a ponytail. Do I know how to spice it up or what!!

-Rosette Tee-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Jean Shorts-Nordstrom (OLD--3 years old)
-Wedge Sandals-Nordstrom (Summer 2010)
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs

And yes, MORE pink. I have a thing for it. I can't seem to break-up with it. Tomorrow the kids and I are headed back to Six Flags in the morning and then tomorrow night I'm going out with some girlfriends for dinner...gotta come up with something cute to wear!!! And T-minus 2 days till I can SHOP!!! I went to Target today and spotted a really cute long-sleeved LONG cardigan that came in grey and black and looked very J Crew-esq...boy, was I tempted!!! But I stuck to my guns...for now. =) Saturday will be a whole other story. Have a good day!! =)

Crewlet Love

Happy Thursday! Almost through the week...I can't wait for the weekend!! Yesterday we went to park day with some friends and then swung by Jamba Juice for a smoothie to cool down after playing in the hot sun (the kids played, I chatted with the other moms). When I went to get dressed I started to reach for ANOTHER pink shirt...totally wasn't thinking! When I finally remembered I was planning on breaking out of the pink/purple phase I decided on a tank and rolled up jeans from J Crew Outlet. Can I just say how much I love J Crew Outlet? SWOON! I rarely go in there without finding several things I want. Hence my reason for avoiding the store right now during my shopping ban! I have picked up some really cute things from there in the past. I paired the tank and dark jeans with a ivory-colored short-sleeve cardigan...something different than I've done in the past. Usually I wear a navy blue 3/4 length cardigan but it was just too hot for that today.

-Ruffle-collar tank-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Matchstick jeans-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Short-sleeve Cardigan-LOFT (Spring 2010)
-Wedge Sandals-Old Navy (Spring 2010)
-Earrings-Kenneth Cole from Macy's
-Necklace-J Crew Outlet
-Bracelet-Twisted Silver
-Ring-Forever 21

Sorry...I kinda blend in with the closet. I really like this cardigan for's light and airy and perfect for hot summer days. I had originally bought it in the darker taupe color but decided against it as it just didn't go well with my skin tone. I'm glad I exchanged it...the ivory is much more "me". And I love these jeans, but wish they weren't so long...I should go have them altered so I wouldn't have to roll them up as much. I actually went through my closet and found 3 dresses that needed to be altered last week, and pair of shoes that needed to have the straps tightened. I've been putting all this off for far too long and finally did something about it. My friend who is a seamstress now has my three dresses in her hands and will be fixing them, and I took my shoes to the Cobbler to have them taken care of. I hate having clothes/shoes in my closet that I like but don't wear because the fit is just a bit off. It's such a waste! I can't wait to get them all of the dresses she's fixing for me is this one from Shabby Apple:

I ordered this dress in a size down like suggested and it fit great on the bottom but the top was a disaster--way too big. Some of us aren't as blessed as others in that area! =) I can't wait to get this dress back in particular--it is SO CUTE ON! Very reminiscent of a recent Anthro dress...but WAY less expensive! Have you heard of I totally scored a $100 gift certificate for only $40 on Groupon for Shabby Apple so essentially I got this $88 dress for $40. Can't beat that!

Well, hope everyone has a great day...I'm starting to plan my outfits for San Francisco this weekend...what to wear? So many choices, so little time!!! =)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two for One

I'm a day behind on posting OOTD's so I've got two for ya tonight. The past few days have been really laid back and relaxed so I haven't dressed to the nines for any reason...shorts, t-shirts and sandals kinda days all the way. I've realized in the past 4 or 5 days I've worn an awful lot of purple/pink/magenta type colors...must be my favorite. Tomorrow I'll try to break free of my habit and go for a new color combo!

Here's what I wore yesterday to run errands and go to the park with the kids:

-White cargo shorts-Old Navy (OLD)
-Pink/white striped top-Gap Outlet (3 years ago I think--maybe just 2)
-White rosette sandals-Old Navy-Summer 2009
-Watch-Fossil (FINALLY got this fixed after sitting without a working battery for 3 years!!!)
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs

This outfit was entirely old...nothing new from the past year. I was kinda proud of myself for digging deep and finding some things I haven't worn for a while...nothing fancy, just practical.

Today I got dressed with the intention of taking my son to preschool and making a stop at Target, however when I piled all the kids into the car to leave it wouldn't budge...dead battery. The trunk had been left open overnight. Don't ya love it when that happens?? My husband was in the OR all day today so he couldn't be reached so I turned to some great friends to help me go get a new battery and replace it for me ($120 later--bummer). At least I didn't put too much effort into getting ready today I suppose since we didn't leave the house until tonight for some frozen yogurt(YUM!). I was sporting second day hair so up in a ponytail it went. Total Glam!

-Dark Purple Shirt-Gap Outlet (Fall 2008)
-Denim shorts-Old Navy (Spring 2008)
-Madden Girl Sandals-Summer 2010
-Ring-Forever 21
-Hoop Earrings-American Eagle-OLD
-Necklace-Fossil (bought on vacation at Disneyland 2 years ago)

Tomorrow we have another park day planned so we'll be out enjoying the CA sun...gotta love it! Hope you all have a great day! =)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Best (OOTD)

Happy Sunday everyone! Today has been a good day...I woke up feeling totally rested which is such a rare thing these days. It was fabulous! The only thing on the agenda today was church this afternoon so I needed a dress or skirt. I've been excited to wear my new skirt from LOFT that I got with an exchange the other day so I pulled it out. I paired it with a top I got from Forever 21 last fall and some brown buckled heels.

-Foil Finish Pencil Skirt-LOFT
-Ruffle Short-sleeve top-Forever 21 (Fall 2009)
-Rocket Dog brown Buckled heels-2008
-Gold Uptown Bracelet- Twisted Silver
-Earrings-Charlotte Russe (got these for $3.35!)
-Necklace--forgot to put it on before I took the picture but I wore my Shabby Apple gold small circle necklace

I acually really liked this outfit...I'll be wearing it again for sure. I love the shimmer of the skirt...a little sparkle never hurts!

I'm T-minus 6 days from our little getaway in San Francisco...and more importantly my day off from my shopping ban! Woo hoo! I'm looking forward to stopping by H&M, Forever 21, Anthropologie, Macys, J Crew...and whatever else my husband has the patience for! I'm guessing he'll want to take a nap at some point in the day...that'll be a good chance to get over to a store or two also! We've been to San Francisco a million times, but there's always hidden gems I don't know about. If you know of a great shop, restaurant, etc to go to in the city, let me know. I'd love to hear!