Friday, July 23, 2010

Ban breaking and OOTD (from yesterday)

TGIF!!! I love especially since we don't have anything planned and I got to sleep in past 7am this morning thanks to my one year old who decided to sleep a little longer than usual. You know you have small children when you consider 7am sleeping in. This morning I've been browsing at a few things online and realizing that this shopping ban is for the birds. It's like dieting (so I hear...I don't diet..I would suck at that too)...the more you tell yourself not to do it the more you want to. I will admit I had another tiny slip up last night but it was for a good reason. I was ordering my son's lunch box from Gap (really cute choices this year) since it was 30% off and then realized that there was free shipping with a $50 purchase. I HATE paying for shipping...I avoid it at all cost. So, I started to look around the site to see what else they had. I found a cute light-weight jacket for my oldest for those chilly fall mornings and then still needed a bit more to reach the $50. So I headed over to the women's sale section. Yes, I did. And yes, I found a pair of skinny cropped jeans for $29.99. I actually think they may be the same pair my friend Elise owns...we own a lot of the same things. Do you and your friends have the same taste and end up with the same things sometimes?? Anyhow, they were more than 50% off and I don't actually own a pair of cropped skinny jeans...I always roll up my matchstick jeans to create the effect. I went back and forth about breaking my ban but in the end I decided in the name of saving money on shipping, I'd get them. I saved an additional $5.31 with another coupon I had too on top of that so that helped. I'm officially a ban-breaker. Like I said, I'm no good at this!!! I'm trying though...that's what counts.

Here's what I got:

Printed Lunchbox--chosen by my son...he loved the dinosaurs

Boy's Techwear Reflective Full-zip jacket

Ban-breaking Cropped Skinny Destructed Jeans

And lastly, yesterday I wore another dress...a maxi-dress to be exact. I picked this up last summer and wore it a TON. It was perfect because I had just had a baby and it allowed for me to be comfortable and kind of hide the lingering baby-weight yet still look semi-cute for being a new mom again. Now, a year later, it's just as comfortable and easy to wear.

-Maxi-dress-Old Navy (summer 2009)
-Sandals-Old Navy (summer 2009)
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Crystal Milano bracelet-J Crew (2010)
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs

My Forever 21 order from last weekend came yesterday and I loved all 4 items I ordered...I'll post about them later. For now I'm off to get ready for our day. Happy Friday!!


  1. you look great in that maxi dress. Don't you love looking pulled together while uber-comfy? It's the best!

    I don't know how much I would consider that cheating since it was mostly for your son . I almost cracked 2 nights ago. Went to sleep actually dreaming that I was bad is that? The next day I felt obsessed so I avoided stores and my computer. I think I need a shopping sponsor that I can call :)

  2. I'm officially on ban, so I will try to help you to stay strong from henceforth!

    I will say that it's better that you got a cute pair of jeans than pay for shipping! Plus, I have those jeans and love them. ;) So it wasn't so bad, as far as ban-breaking goes!

  3. You can call me Debye! Dreaming of shopping...too funny!! Us banned girls gotta stick too M!! I'll be so happy when August rolls around and I won't have to feel so guilty, although I really should try to stick to not shopping as much still!!! =)

  4. Oh you ban breaker you!!! Too funny!!! You just can't help yourself. That is why we shop well together. Cute stuff though. The jeans you got are almost exactly like mine but I have the Old Navy kind.

  5. Great scores! And maybe it's not that bad breaking your ban since you got stuff for the kiddos! That's what I'd tell myself at least.