Sunday, July 25, 2010

Price tag removal....and my Forever 21 buys

I have a handful of tops (well, a few more than a handful now after last weekend's shopping spree) that still have the price tag on them...time to start wearing these things I just HAD to have!!! I got this top a few months back on a great sale (50% off)at LOFT and thought it would be a great layering piece under a cardigan...I have tons of solid colored tanks so I get excited to add printed tanks into my wardrobe when I find cute ones. I was in a pink mood yet again so I grabbed a pinkish/red cardigan. When I looked in the mirror it just seemed like it was missing I went for a belt. I am still learning to love wearing belts with my still feels a bit odd but I think it turned out ok in the end...what do ya think??

-Printed Tank-LOFT (no longer online--check stores)
-Short-Sleeve Cardigan-LOFT (Spring 2010)
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Matchstick Jeans-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Wedge Sandals-Old Navy (Summer 2010)
-Belt-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Flower in hair-Old Navy (Summer 2010)
-Necklace-Christmas gift from my husband 3 years ago
-Crystal Milano Bracelet-J Crew
-Cocktail Ring-American Eagle (OLD)

I was having one of those days where my hair was driving me crazy so I clipped in this flower clip to keep it out of my face a bit. I also only have one ring on my left ring finger in this picture...not two. I didn't realize it at the time! On our way to dinner last night I was pointing at something and had a brief moment of horror...I looked down to only see my wedding band...not my diamond ring. What the heck??? It took me a bit to convince myself I probably had just forgotten to put it on but it wasn't till we got home and I found it sitting in my jewelry box that I felt relief. That was a close one. My husband lost his wedding ring a few months ago and we just barely got that one replaced! All is well worries. It's on my finger today once again.

No OOTD picture to share from was a pretty low key day so I didn't get too dressed up...just jean shorts and an old shirt and a pair of sandals--both from American Eagle (both probably 3-4 years old). Check me my closet! I have plans to pull out some of my new things next week...I had mentioned in my last post that I received my Forever 21 order yesterday and was happy with what I got...I got 4 items but one is actually a go-back. I forgot about that one. It was only $4.50 though so it's really not even worth sending back...I'll have to find a teenager to give it to because the shirt was way too tight (and I even sized up to a medium thinking it would be on the tight side to begin with). At least it was the cheap thing that didn't work out. The other 3 tops however were keepers.

Here's what I picked up:

The cardigan is really cute on...kinda long in the back with the extra grey material layered underneath but not too much that it's gonna bug me. It's from the Love 21 line...first time I've grabbed something from far I'm impressed! The blue and white tank was a bit baggy so I'm gonna take it in just a bit with a few straight long stitches up the sides with my trusty sewing machine (and don't be too impressed...all I know how to do are straight stitches!!). It looked a lot like a tank Anthro had this year...that's what drew me to it. The white ruffle tank...well, who doesn't need like 10 versions of this? I'm a sucker for ruffles, what can I say.

That's all for tonight...I'm off to have myself a popsicle and then watch a little TV before going to bed. Hope you had a great Saturday!!


  1. I've recently started wearing belts with cardigans myself. That feeling in the beginning was a little odd, but I overcame it pretty soon. Having a small figure and not having much of a hip, wearing a belt actually accentuates my waist :).

  2. Aww, I really love the flower on your hair, so girly!

  3. You look cute as a button with that flower in your hair - love it! And your F21 buys are adorable, I hope I can get there this week sometime on the days my older boys are at camp...

  4. Your camisole and cardigan combo looks great! I love that color on you and the belt really pulls it all together. Cute finds from F21... I have been digging their Love21 collection and that ruffle cami could totally pass for a J.Crew piece.

  5. i love belts w/cardigans- if it feels awkward try moving it up a bit higher- not your natural waist but about 2 inches up from that- it's tons more flattering!