Monday, January 26, 2015

Holster Brands: Hot Iron Holster Product Review

Have you ever felt like the sink/vanity area in your bathroom is literally shrinking? Between make-up, hair products, skin regime, etc, I swear I have no room left to put anything, especially my blow dryer and flat iron! Recently I learned more about a company that has totally changed my morning bathroom organization frustrations...Holster Brands! They have created my new favorite tool...the Hot Iron Holster! Not only do I have zero space on my bathroom counter to set my flat iron down, but when I do find a small spot I can't tell you how many times the hot iron or blow dryer has fallen off the edge, even breaking one time! That and my flat iron has tipped over on it's edge a few times and left a tiny burn mark on our counter surface.  BOO!  Thankfully, the Hot Iron Holster has totally solved these problems for me! 

This product has a silicon flap that adheres best to a dry, non-porous, flat surface. It eliminates the air between the holster and the surface and creates a temporary bond.  It's literally magic!  And the stickiness never wears off, it's there for good!  You can leave any hot hair tool inside (it's heat resistant up to a tool being 500 degrees--but make sure to still unplug if you walk away of course) and not worry about it falling to the ground OR burning the inside of the Holster.  I'm telling you, this is one product you NEED in your bathroom!  It also comes in the cutest colors--gray, mint, purple, black, white, blue, turquoise and many more. Pink just happens to be my favorite color. =)  

 As you can see this product takes up NO space at all because the flap remains flat on your countertop and you can easily set things right on top.  So perfect!  It's easily removable as well and leaves no residue behind.

If I were you I would definitely look into adding this amazing product to your bathroom. You will thank me later, I assure you. 

For more information about the Hot Iron Holster, or any of the Holster Brand products check out their website here:

They also carry other great Holster products including a Hobby Holster (for the crafter--works so well for holding glue guns among other things) and the Lil' Holster which is a bit smaller (to hold things like soap in your kitchen or bathroom).  They have thought of everything!

Let me know what you think!  


Monday, January 12, 2015

Love List--first loves of 2015

Every now and again I like to share my "love list"...items I've fallen in love with and think you might like too. Here are a few of my current crushes:

January Love List

What are you loving lately??


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!!!

Happy New Year!!!

I'm excited for a new year.  New goals, new priorities, new adventures...the sky is the limit every January 1st.  While I'm not one to really sit and make a list of goals for the new year, I have ideas of what I would like to accomplish as I'm sure we all do. Today is a new day, a new year with a bright outlook and I welcome it!  

January can be a little dreary and most years I'm excited when February finally rolls around but I'm determined to make January a good one this year. I have lots going on with Piper Street (new releases are coming next week!!), "The Bachelor" is back on Monday, Jan 5th (which means girl's nights are back on every Monday night--it's so much fun to watch with friends!!), I've got some fab new exercise clothes ready to wear to the gym Monday morning after my kids get on the bus, I was just given a new calling at church to focus on (I've been teaching 7-8 year olds for the past 2.5 years but now I'll be teaching Relief Society, the women's class, one Sunday a month), my boys are all playing basketball every Saturday in January and it's so fun to watch them, there's a three-day weekend to look forward to (MLK, Jr Day is Jan 19th) and hubby and I are gonna make sure we go on a few date nights as well.  January, you will be amazing, I can feel it!

Before I go I thought I'd post a few outfits I've worn recently...

Sweater: H&M / Jeggings: Piper Street (coming next week) / Booties: Rachel Roy (old) / Necklace: Piper Street (no longer available)

Top: Piper Street (no longer available) / Cardigan: Anthropologie (old) / Necklace: Piper Street / Jeans: Piper Street ("Hayden") / Booties: Piper Street ("Kamryn"--now on sale)

Top: Forever 21 / Jacket: Piper Street (similar) / Jeans: Loft (old) / Scarf: H&M / Boots: Nordstrom ("Dolce Vita" brand--old) / Bracelets: Tiffany / Earrings: AE (old) / Lip Gloss: Bobby Brown "Pink Tulle"

Enjoy the first day of the new year!!!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Love List

Happy Monday!!!

Our backyard turned into a winter wonderland over night and my kids have their first snow day today...we are loving it!  I'm staying warm by the fire and enjoying some downtime this morning so I thought it was the perfect time to share another love list! I've recently picked up a few things I'm really loving so I thought I'd share them with you...good things are meant to be shared, right?!

Faux Fur Collar Coat
Forever 21

Living in the mid-west, I wear coats every single day for months on end so I never worry about getting my money's worth from a coat. Especially if I can find a ridiculously cute coat for under $60! Actually with the discount code I had this one only cost about $45...even better!  I bought this in an x-small (it's from the LOVE 21 line which runs slightly larger than Forever 21's main line) and it fits like a glove!  It looks much more expensive than it really was, for sure!  I can see this looking so cute with dresses, skirts and skinny jeans!

 Knit Cowl-Neck Sweater (in powder pink)

After seeing a picture on Instagram of the cutest cowl neck sweater/jeans/boot look I have not been able to get it out of my head and have wanted to re-create it.  An H&M opened up at our nearest mall just a few weeks ago so I decided to go walk through and see what I could find.  There it was...hanging on a side wall...the cowl-neck sweater I had been searching for!  I took it in an x-small and absolutely love the color!  At $29.95 this is a steal!!

Rose Druzy Statement Ring
Wrenn Jewelry 

After a friend pointed out this cute shop on Instagram I was hooked! I ordered a few rings from the shop and love all three!  This rose gold colored ring however, goes with everything and I find myself wearing it all the time.  The shop owner is a stay-at-home mom who is chasing her dream and love of jewelry which I also love and can totally relate before I even had the rings in my hands I loved them!  Check this shop out for holiday gifts for all your girlfriends!


Every time I go to Target I quickly walk through the clothing section to see if anything catches my eye.  This cardigan leaped out to me last time I was there and when I tried it on I didn't want to take it off! It is absolutely darling and at $29.99 I couldn't say no!  It's a great neutral and will go with everything! It lays perfectly and is so flattering.....basically you need it. =)


We all know I can't post a love list without something from Piper Street!  And right now I can't tell you how much I LOVE these two skirts!  There's something so exciting about watching pieces you designed yourself (with my partner in crime, of course) fly off the shelves! These two skirts are perfect for the holidays and look so glam! I may be slightly bias, but these are by far my favorites on my love list.  Both are part of our Piper Street Holiday collection...check out the entire collection's all fab!  And stay arrivals are coming tomorrow night!

"Canton" Over the Knee Boots by Hinge

Last month hubby and I went on a little getaway to Paris by was amazing!  I knew the fall weather would make the temps a little cooler over there so I wanted some great over-the-knee boots to wear while there. I found these and fell in LOVE!  I can't sing their praises enough...they are my favorites! The heel height is perfect (not too low, not too high), the color is just what I wanted (in between brown and gray) and most importantly, the circumference around my legs is a great fit.  Usually I struggle with boots being too wide but these were narrow enough to not swallow me up.  I highly recommend these!!

What are you loving lately?  

Do you own any of the above items?? What do you think??


Monday, September 22, 2014

Family Pictures are coming...

It's my husband's favorite time of year again (can you sense the sarcasm??) pictures are scheduled for next weekend so I have been rushing around to make sure I have everything I need for everyone to look coordinated to a degree.  I certainly don't want to be all matchy-matchy but it does take a little time to pick everything out...for me at least.  

Every year I wear jeans and boots in our pictures but I decided to break my streak and wear a dress this time around!  I had been eyeing the "Patchworked Chevron Midi Dress" for quite a while and thought it could be the perfect dress for pictures, so I went for it.  I love it!  I ordered a 2 Petite to begin with for the shorter length (I have short legs and a long torso) but it ended up not fitting properly so I reordered it in a regular size 2...crossing my fingers it fits right!  

Here's what my crew will be sporting for the Christmas card pic this year (click on picture for item details):

Family Pictures-2014

Family Pictures-2014 by jennifoundinmycloset 

I'm going for an overall dressy-casual look this year.  I love getting dressed up but hubby and boys prefer to be more casual so we meet somewhere in the middle.

Have you planned for family pictures yet? What are you wearing?  I'd love to hear!

If you're still looking for ideas of what to wear for your family pictures this fall check out THIS post over on the Piper Street blog...we've put together six family picture set looks to give you some ideas!

Happy Monday!


Friday, September 12, 2014

New York Fashion Week--Part 2

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was a dream. It was one of those weekends I never wanted to end.  On the evening of Day 2 right before the sun set we were able to snap a few shots of the four of us. Doing an impromptu photo shoot in the streets of NYC can be tricky but oh, so fun! Afterward we changed for the evening and met up with friends for dinner at a fantastic Mexican restaurant right across from Lincoln Center called "Rosa Mexicano".  Right after dinner we headed over to the tents to catch the "Venexiana" show which was gorgeous!!! We had great seats and loved the collection. Color and shine were very present which of course, I love!  After the show we headed back to the hotel to relax and gear up for our last day in the city!

Day 3 came too quick!  I was able to meet up with my cousin for breakfast at Sarabeth's and then headed over to Lincoln Center to catch some behind-the-scenes action at the tents. We were able to see where all the magic happens backstage...and believe me when I say it was magical!  So fun to see how it all comes together before the gorgeous models head out on the catwalk. After our behind the scenes look we grabbed our seats for the "David TLale" show. OH MY GOSH, what a show it was! So diverse and didn't hurt that the lead male model was Tyson Beckford either, obviously. lol The show blew me away and the use of lines, color and pure genius in his design were incredible. His South African heritage was fully present and gorgeous in every aspect. It was the perfect ways to end the weekend.

We headed home on such a high...excited at the prospect of returning in February 2015 to do it all over again and be blown away once more. It really was the perfect weekend.

Day 2

Piper Street photo shoot on the streets of NYC.

Heading into the Venexiana show!

These were two of my the silhouettes, color and sparkle...absolutely stunning!

Sarah and I after the show.

Day 3

Breakfast with my cute cousin, Kelsey!  Sarabeth's was so good!

Backstage at the David TLale show!  Hair and make-up galore!

One more quick Piper Street shoot before the show started...

Waiting for the show to start!

This whole show was so full of emotion...breathtaking!  We had amazing seats which made the experience so fantastic!  

One last shot outside the tents as we headed back to the hotel.  

It was a weekend of dreams. 


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Currently Obsessed With...

Hi all!

From time to time I like to post things I'm currently obsessed with...some things are just too good not to share, am I right?  


When I was in New York last weekend for Fashion Week we managed to fit in a little shopping...I found this awesome coat at H&M and just couldn't pass it up.  I am slightly obsessed with faux-leather details lately.


I have the HARDEST time finding boots that fit my chicken legs.  Last year I didn't really need to buy boots as I had purchased some the year before when we moved to Ohio but after two winters some of my boots are looking pretty sad and need to be replaced.  When I came across these boots my jaw about PERFECTION!  The best part...the circumference is 13" (instead of the typical 15")! Perfect for my legs!  I ordered them last night and am excited to get them!  When it comes to boots I don't mind investing a little money because living where I do you need good, solid, warm shoes...I wear them CONSTANTLY in the winter!  


I'm a little partial to all things "Piper Street" for obvious reasons but this top is one of my FAVES right now!  I wore it to NYFW and it was perfect!  It's great to dress up or down and the pattern is just gorgeous!  


I recently stopped by Sephora (ok, I've been there like 3 times in the past two weeks) looking for some eye primer.  I've just never been able to find one that really keeps my eye make-up from smudging and helps it stay put all day.  The cute lady helping me was fantastic and gave me a sample of the NARS eyeshadow base...after using it just one day I knew I had found what I was looking for!  It is amazing! My eye make-up doesn't move and looks the same at night as it does in the morning.  It's magic!  Highly recommend this!!!


I picked up this top when I was in Nashville over the summer...I instantly fell in love!  It's the perfect boho-chic top you can dress up or down and looks AMAZING on!  I wore this past weekend to NYFW with coated faux-leather pants and black heels and it was one of my favorite looks. This top is a new fave!


I have been obsessing over this shoe since I first laid eyes on it in a fall preview months ago...I just love the texture and print...not quite animal or snakeskin print but somewhere in between.  They are gorgeous!  


I recently picked up a few items from Baublebar and threw this in my order after seeing a similar ring floating around on a few style websites.  It is sooo cute and eye catching...and goes with everything.  Bonus! I love it!

As you can tell I'm all about a neutral palette...bring on fall and winter!  

What are you currently crushing on??