Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So I've recovered from my shopping spree weekend and am back to normal again...patiently waiting for fun boxes to come to me in the mail!!! That's the fun part. Back to reality...and to my comfy mom uniform...times two so far this week. After looking at my last two days of outfits and purchases I must admit I'm having a thing for blue and yellow as of late without even realizing it!


-White Capri pants-American Eagle (about 2-3 years old)
-Top-Gap Outlet (Fall 2010)
-Yellow Wedge sandals-LOFT (Spring 2010--These are SUPER comfy by the way!!)
-Gold bracelet-Fossil (OLD)
-Small gold circle Necklace-Shabby Apple

After looking at this picture I realize the bottom half of this outfit just isn't doing it for me. Something is off...the sandal/capri combo...or just the capris themselves...I don't know. I'm not a fan of the combo. All and learn.


-Yellow Puff-sleeve Top-Down East Basics-Spring 2010
-Denim Capris-Tilly's (OLD--3 years ago)
-Presta Wedges-Target
-Necklace/Bracelet-Old Navy (Spring 2010)
-Ring-Forever 21

I'm off to get some sleep...still trying to recover from last night's late night shopping! =)


  1. You can't go wrong with yellow and blue, and these outfits are totally different variations :) I so love those Presta Wedges, I think they are my best Target purchase of the season!

  2. I LOVE blue and yellow together! Both of these looks are similar in color but so different in other aspects. Great job!

  3. Love yellow and blue together! I need to start doing this combo more. Also navy and orange. You look adorable!