Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well, I happened to be up late tonight so I thought I'd hop on and see what went on sale at Anthro...big mistake. Remember that shopping ban? Well, let's just say I officially fell off the bandwagon tonight. I'm back on now FOR SURE! One of the items on my wish list (that I was allowing myself to break my shopping ban for if it went on sale) popped up on sale--the Rah-Rah Rumba skirt...for $39.95!

SCORE! I was so excited...I had planned to get the grey but ultimately ended up siding with the white. This skirt is one I'd wear both day to day and to a dressy occasion...the white tiered looking skirt I already own is much more casual and for everyday wear only. There was enough difference in my mind to justify the color so I went with it. That was suppose to be the end of it. It wasn't. I browsed some more...and some more...and some more. I ended up not being able to pass on these:

So that's my guilty confession.

I also placed a small order at F21 this morning (to carry over from my SF trip this weekend...I was allowing myself that too). Don't you love how I keep changing my shopping ban rules to fit my shopping desires? For real though, for the rest of the month I'm not shopping for myself (unless a REALLY great deal on one of my wish list items shown here pops up...I'm still allowing that).

Now I'm off to bed. Shopping at 1am is tiring! =) Hope you all found some good deals at this weeks sale!!


  1. Sigh I wish the UK Anthro site has a wishlist facility. Loving the grey and yellow tanks : )

  2. The Rah Rah Rumba was a steal at that price, it's gorgeous and I hope you love it! You were so restrained on your shopping trip over the weekend, that I think you were justified in picking up these goodies for sure ;)

  3. We picked up a couple of the same things! I too got the Winding Road tank and the Rumba skirt, they were just great deals!!


  4. Louise-- I've just started using the wishlist feature...they really should use it worldwide! It's great!

    Jan--good way to put it...I'll run with that excuse! =)

    Dea--great minds think alike! =) Can't wait to get everything in the mail!!

  5. I broke my shopping ban as well! I got the Rumba skirt in grey and the Lariat Laced Tee in orange. There's like a billion other things I want, but I just got the 2 that were on my wishlist. I love the stuff you got!

  6. I also picked up the rah rah rumba! And thanks for the link love yesterday!

  7. Oh, but the skirt & the winding road tank go together. I love the winding road and bought white. I didn't try the skirt, but I saw it in person and it's cute. I like your selections :-)