Friday, August 20, 2010

Week of the Cardigan

Happy Friday!!!

I am SOOO excited for the weekend! Gotta get through one more day close! I've decided once again that I need to back off on the shopping (after this weekend of course)...after my "ban" in July--for all of those three weeks I actually stuck to it--I kinda let loose in August and now feel the need to take a step back and relax. I do have quite a few rewards cards to spend at LOFT in September so I do plan on using those still, but besides those, and perhaps a new pair of boots, I am gonna try hard to sit out for a while. Anthro's free shipping ends after Labor day so that will make it easier for me to avoid there at least! I did cave and ended up calling around and finding the Looping Lanes belt from Anthro...I have seen it on so many people and just think it is the cutest, and a very versatile belt. I can see it being very handy in the coming months with tunics (I picked this one up and think it'll be so cute with the belt, some skinny jeans and riding boots--it looks cute on...not too campy like it may look in the stock picture), cardigans, etc. Anyhow, here's to hoping my LOFT rewards cards can get me through (most of) September!

So onto a few OOTD I look at the outfits I've worn this week, I realize I truly have had cardigans on the brain! I only wear them for about an hour though because after the morning drop off at school the temps spike way up high and it's time for shorts once again. Here's what I've worn...

Wednesday (ran errands)

Morning Drop-off:

During the day:

-Top-Gap Outlet
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle
-Cardigan-Target ($14.99--Mossimo brand--seriously feels equal to the J Crew Forever cardigan--in stores now)
-Zebra Flats-Target (Winter 2010)
-Bracelet-Down East Basics
-Ring-Forever 21

Thursday (went to breakfast with some girlfriends, ran a few errands and attended the PTO ice cream social after school)

Morning Drop-off:

During the day:

-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Tiered Skirt-Target (Summer 2010)
-Cardigan-J Crew (Spring 2010)--no longer online
-BP Stella Sandals-Nordstrom (Summer 2010)
-Earrings-Forever 21
-Necklace-Double Torsade Necklace-Anthropologie (scored for $14.99!)
-Bangles-can't remember!!

Not a whole lot going on today---school as usual, and then I'm headed to the airport in the evening to pick up my parents who are returning from their 3 week-long vacation in England...I'm excited to see them! On Saturday I am outta here for a little getaway with my girls...can't wait!

Hope your Friday is Fabulous!!


  1. You look so cute in both outfits and that cardi at Target is AWESOME!!! Have fun on your girls getaway!! You totally deserve it!

  2. I have the "half day" syndrome with my cardigans too! They feel so nice and cozy in the mornings, then get a bit suffocating in the afternoon. Can't wait for "all day" cardi weather. I'm going to check out Target, too, it looks promising, especially for adding colors to the mix without spending too much.

  3. I love your cardigan looks! I seriously can't wait until it's cool enough to wear cardigans all day long because I love them so and want to break out my 2 newer ones :)
    Hope you have a fun weekend with your girls!!

  4. I am totally a cardigan girl too! I love the pink, white and black outfit it's so girly! Have a great weekend with the girlies!

  5. The Double Torsade necklace looks very pretty! I like the pink, white, and black outfit as well, it is such a great color combo. Have a fun weekend!

  6. I'm so glad that you got the Looping Lanes belt! In my opinion, it was definitely worth the full-price purchase (and this is coming from a girl who rarely makes a full-price purchase, so you know that's saying something!).

    I love how you used the Double Torsade necklace with the coral cardigan. so cute!

  7. Sometimes I feel like I wear cardigans TOO much, but it is just so easy to throw on as an added layer! I'm sure the people I work with think I must hoard them :) You look great in these outfits!

  8. Hope you enjoyed your girls getaway weekend! I love the longer style cardigans on you, and wish I could pull them off myself - you look great!

  9. Hi Jenni, thanks for voting in my poll since I really can't make a decision. The cardigan is XS, sorry. I'll keep my eye out for you though.