Monday, August 23, 2010

Girl's Weekend Fun!!!

This weekend was "Girl's weekend"...well, for about 24 hours anyways. Four of my girlfriends and I went into the city and shopped till we dropped, and of course, ate some really yummy food! We started out in Union Square in the shoe section at Nordstrom, and then hit Gap, Anthropologie, took Muni down to the Embarcadero area and had lunch at Palominos (if you ever get to go there, order the Gorgonzola cheese fries...OH MY GOSH...HEAVEN!!!), went to another Gap, William Sonoma, See's Candy (tradition!!!) and Old Navy. At that point two of my friends had to head home but the rest of us stopped back into the mall to check out J Crew. After that we headed up to the hotel to check-in and take a quick break. We headed back out around 7pm to DSW Shoes, H&M, and then ended up at Macy's. It was the one-day sale at Macy's so they were open until 11pm...thank goodness because we couldn't get a table at Cheesecake Factory until 10:30pm so that gave us somewhere to go until then! We looked around a bit, but ended up taking residence on one of the couches in the completely disheveled shoe section while we chatted, people watched and ALMOST fell asleep. At 10:30pm we made our way to dinner where we decided to order a few appetizers and dessert instead of a big meal. We got back to the hotel just after midnight and we were EXHAUSTED! What a much fun! We got up the next morning around 9am, showered and went to breakfast, and then headed for home. We had to be at church by 1pm so we were on a schedule. So that was our whirlwind trip to the city...can't wait to do it again!
As for what I got....just a few things, really. I ended up with another Curated Tee (navy blue with polka-dots) from Anthro as well as a cute pair of earrings that were on sale, and a shorter-fit military inspired jacket from H&M (picture of this in the next post maybe). That's it! Weak, I know. I actually did purchase a pair of shoes from Nordstrom but immediately after buying them I got buyers remorse so I returned them like 3 minutes later. Weird, I know. I just started thinking I could maybe find them on sale somewhere else. I actually bought more for my boys than I did for me! I got my oldest some dress pants for church that he was in desperate need of (he's starting to get high waterish in his old ones)and a plaid button-up collared shirt all from Old Navy along with a jacket from H&M, and I got my second little guy a hoodie that was on sale for $8 at Old Navy. My poor little Coby...he didn't get anything this go-around. He has so many hand-me-downs it's ridiculous! Maybe next time. I did find several things that are now on my wish list at several the top of the list are these:

Vince Camuto "Miki" Pumps

When I first saw them I actually think I called them a little "crazy looking"...with the snake skin and all. I decided to try the sample on just for fun and LOVED it! Now I'm obsessed with them and can't wait to get these at some point. They'll look so cute with skinny jeans I think.

At Gap I found a few things I liked:

Double-breasted Funnel Cardigan

I really liked the way this sweater was super cozy and would easily go with jeans and several colors on top. I passed on it because my friends and I thought it looked like other things I already owned, but after looking in my closet, I don't think I really have anything identical so I may be picking this up with my Groupon next weekend--the Give and Get 30% starts Aug 26th so between the sale and the Groupon I could pick this up for a great price!

Legging Jeans

I really liked these--especially the length, which I was surprised by. I ALMOST bought these, but passed because to get a really good deal on them you had to buy two pairs of jeans (in-store special)...I only wanted one. I may end up getting these at some point. I would get these in one size up from my normal GAP size because they are leggings...just tighter all around, however because I have such chicken legs, they certainly didn't look like leggings on me on the bottom...more like skinny or straight jeans. They were still very flattering though so I think they'd be great to have on hand.

I was hoping to try on the Bianka Blouse at Anthropologie to see if I really liked it in person as much as I did online, but the store was sold out...the SA told me they were scheduled to get another shipment at some point though so hopefully I'll get to try it on one of these days! I noticed they are all on back order online too.

The only place we didn't make it to that I was hoping to go to was Banana Republic...we just simply ran out of time. There's just so many places to go and so little time! =)

I'll end with a few OOTD's what I wore Saturday (standing in the shoe section in Macy's):

-White Tee-Ann Taylor Outlet
-Striped cardigan-Love 21 (Summer 2010)-Always Skinny Jeans-GAP (I got these in the Petite length and they're perfect!)
-Snakebite Belt-Anthropologie (got this on sale for $19! Sold out online but check stores)
-Zebra Flats-Target (Winter 2010)
-Earrings-Forever 21
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs
-Cocktail Ring-American Eagle

Here's what I wore to church yesterday:

-Dress-Down East Basics (Winter 2010))
-Sandals-Jessica Simpson (2008)
-Earrings-Forever 21
-Bracelet Watch-gifted from my in laws
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs
-Cocktail Ring-American Eagle

I pretty much wore the exact same accessories as I had the day before because when I got home from San Francisco I literally changed in 5 minutes and headed to church...didn't think to change up my jewelry much!

And here's what I'm wearing's Monday again already!!!

-Dress-Down East Basics (Summer 2009)
-Leggings-Target (I got these for $6 last year and noticed they have them again this year for the same price...they feel thin so I don't get that hot wearing them but they're not really see-through which is a good thing!)
-BP Stella Sandals-Nordstrom (Summer 2010)--these have been one of the best purchases!!
-Pessinus Garden Necklace-Anthropologie (sold out online--check stores)
-Cuff-Fossil--gifted from my sis-in-law Hailey for Christmas one year
-Earrings-Forever 21

I haven't worn this all summer so I thought I'd pull it out again...I bought this online thinking it would be longer but when I tried it on and saw the length I just decided to always wear it with far so good! It's super comfy and I really love the color.

That's about it for now...hope you have a great day! I'm excited to see what goes on sale at Anthro tonight...I'm on the lookout for the Whirl & Wind Cardigan for a for me, I'm trying to be good. =)


  1. It sounds like you guys had a marvelous time -- good for you!!! And those gorgonzola fries sound absolutely delectable!

  2. Glad you had a fun time with the girls. And I love Palominos too, and totally know the fries you're talking about! Yum, now I'm craving some! Love all of your outfits and really love those Vince Camuto pumps!

  3. Oh, and a shopping trip like that sounds like pure heaven to me!

  4. That sounds so fun!!! I would love a shopping trip away with my girlfriends! I love those Vince Camuto pumps too they are so cute!

  5. Sounds like you had a great trip! I cannot resist stopping into See's candies whenever I'm near one; scotchmallows are my absolute favorite :)

    Love your outfit for shopping, pink and grey is such a cute color combo.

  6. I'm glad you had so much fun - I think I need to send myself away for 24 hours - ahhhh, that sounds nice! Those shoes are hot to trot, I hope you are able to get them soon!

  7. that sounds like a blast- I wish I had more gf's nearby!!
    I love that last dress, you look fab in it too!