Thursday, August 26, 2010


There has been a heatwave around the bay area this week and I honestly feel like I'm back in San Antonio in August again! Thankfully it looks like by the weekend we'll be cooling down a weather in the dead of summer is one thing, but when it's 110 degrees at after school pick-up, it's another. I'm so over it! On top of the really fun weather I've somehow caught something and have been sick this week. I'm slowly getting over this awful cold...I hear my kids starting to cough like me so I'm hoping the weekend isn't full of a bunch of sickies around here! We have guests coming to visit next week so we need to get everyone well again!
So let's get right to's what I've been pulling out of my closet this week:


-Curated Tee-Anthropologie (got this on sale for $29.95)
-Denim-OLD-Summer 2007
-Madden Girl Sandals-DSW Shoes (Summer 2010)--got these for $29.95
-Cocktail Ring and Earrings-American Eagle
-Bracelet watch-gifted from my in-laws


-Dress-Layers Clothing (I got this on super sale for $10 Spring 2009)
-Cardigan-LOFT (Spring 2010)
-Looping Lanes Belt-Anthropolgie
-Presta Wedge Sandals-Target (Summer 2010) for $17 on sale
-Necklace-Tiffany(gifted from my husband)
-Earrings-Nordstrom ($6)
-Bangles-gifted from my sis-in-law for my birthday--thanks Kristen!!
-Ring-Forever 21

Sorry my shoes kinda got cut off on this happens. So after I was uploading these pictures I looked at them and realized I wore purple and black twice within three days...obsessed much? The sad thing is that I didn't even realize I had done it! I looked in my closet to see how else I could style this dress...I found my open ruffle cardigan from J Crew Outlet I picked up in the springtime and thought it would also be a good option:

I may like this combo better...what do you think??

I bought this dress for $10 during an online sale...I had no idea what I was going to do with it but just couldn't pass it up for the price. This is actually the first time I've worn just sat for over a year in my closet. Sad. I'm thinking it could be cute with some riding boots in the fall...if I could pull that off.

Lastly, here is a picture of the cute H&M jacket I picked up last weekend in the city:

I loved the details on it and the little poof at the shoulders...hoping I can find lots of ways to wear it (once it's finally out of the 100's!)

Today my mom is suppose to be coming for a visit so I'm excited to hang out with's been forever! I also need to give my oldest a haircut...picture day is tomorrow!!

Oh, and just a little tid bit of info...check out Jessica's awesome giveaway over at Breakfast at Gigi's!!! Hoping I win! =)

Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. I love your Wednesday outfit... both sweaters. Jessica has that belt on today and I just love it.

  2. I love that curated tee and just found it in the navy dot pattern so I picked it up. And I love that dress with both cardis. We are belt twins today! Thanks for the link love too!

  3. I am in LOVE with your H&M jacket!! Can I ask what size you got it in and how much it was?? I don't have an H&M by me so I have to have someone else pick it up ....

  4. Jess...thanks! I actually got it a size bigger than my normal size...I usually wear a 2 but opted for the 4 because the 2 felt a little too tight when I tried to move my arms. It would have worked but layering it over other things may have presented a problem. A friend of mine tried it on and she thought her normal size fit I guess it just depends on how you like the fit to be. It was $34.95...and came in this color and black. Good luck!

  5. You look so cute stayin' cool!! I love your new jacket!

  6. Your new jacket looks awesome on you, and I love you in the Curated tee too - such cute new stuff!

  7. Red is SUCH a great color on you! I like the dress/cardi combination both ways... but I think belted over the cardigan squeaks out as my favorite look. That belt is awesome!

  8. I love that you used the Looping Lanes belt with a black dress. I'm always looking for ways to wear black and brown together, and do it right -- you've given me a few great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Thanks ladies!!
    Jamie--a few years ago I wouldn't have been caught dead wearing black and brown together....I was so against the idea of it! When I tried the belt on with the dress the other day I was so surprised at myself! Times change! Anything goes, right?!!