Friday, August 27, 2010

Casual Friday

TGIF...for reals folks. I'm so happy to see Friday. It's like my new best friend. Today was a good mom and I hung out and had a good time. Last night I told her about the shoes I was in love with (the ones I found on my girl's weekend...the Vince Camuto "Miki" Pumps) while I was telling her all about the fun my girlfriends and I had in San Francisco and then this morning she turned to me and said "I want to give you your birthday present early" (my birthday is in a few weeks). I said, why not!?! I'll admit, I'm a girl that likes presents! I was expecting her to pull something out of her bag but instead she told me she wanted to take me to the mall and buy me the shoes I've been beloved Miki pumps!!

What?? Seriously? I tried to tell her she didn't have to, but she insisted she wanted to so who am I to argue with my mom? =)

So off we went to the mall. I am in love all over! I tried on the 8 1/2 because they told me they typically run large, but could barely squeeze into them. I tried on the 9 and they were a much better fit. They were the perfect length but had a little extra room in the rise (I have super flat, narrow feet so this left extra room). The SA threw some insoles in the shoes and away we went...much better fit. So happy birthday to me....13 days early. As we were waiting in line at Nordstrom to check out my mom reminded me that today was actually suppose to be my birthday...apparently I was a little too comfortable and wouldn't come out. Maybe that explains my problem with being late to things...hmmm... Funny to think I was suppose to be an August baby...weird. So thank you thank you thank you to my mom (and dad) for my fun birthday present...30 is starting to look good! =)

So even though I brought home some super hot shoes, I decided to go casual today...super comfy. I guess the wedge sandals dress it up a bit, but overall I'm feeling casual.

-Top-Down East Basics (from 2008 or 2009...can't remember)
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Short Sleeve Sweater-LOFT (Spring 2010)
-Cropped Skinny Jeans-GAP ($24.99!!)
-Gold Wedge Sandals-Banana Republic Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Necklace and Bracelet-Banana Republic Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Ring-Forever 21
-Earrings-Old Navy

This shirt is SUPER blousey and can only be worn with a cardigan. I've almost given it away twice now because of the fit, but I love the color and just haven't been able to part with it.

I stopped by LOFT this week to return a few things I had been going back and forth about keeping...I guess if you keep thinking you might want to return something you should just do it right? So I did. They had some of their new roll out there and I'm liking what I see! I picked up a few things with my store credit and enjoyed the Buy 1, Get 1 one 50% off tops and sweaters's what I got:

Ever since I saw actress Kristen Bell wearing this tank in a picture from the LOFT preview party back in the summer I've loved it and knew I wanted to get it. It was the first thing I looked for when I was at LOFT!

I saw this cardigan and thought it was cute but didn't really think I'd love it on me. Well, I was wrong. I love it! It's just so cute and girly...and I really like the black stitching trim on the bow...adds a little something extra. Super cute!

I swore I was done with t-shirts since fall is upon us but I really liked this one and figured it could easily be layered in the colder months.

That last sweater is a step outside the box for me, for sure, because of the color. I LOVE the fall-inspired color of the sweater but am not sure it's for me...hoping that with the right tank/shirt, accessories, etc I can make it work. We'll see. I'd love to expand my cardigan color horizons! =)

I also grabbed a few things from Banana this week with the Give and Get discount...but passed on Old Navy and GAP. That was me being "good". =) I'll share what I got when they come...I stuck to a cardigan, a top and a pair of jeans. Banana jeans are quickly becoming my favorite I think!

Have a great weekend...we have fun plans to go to PF Changs for dinner with friends tomorrow night...can't wait!!


  1. How sweet of your mom! Can't wait for their debut on your blog! And I love everything you picked up at loft, I should really shop there more often.

  2. I love the polka dot top and the sweater with the bow. How does the sizing run on these items? I noticed that they offer an XXS so do they run large? Thanks!

  3. That is so awesome of your mom. Those shoes are to die for. I love them. I also love all of your loft purchases. I'm going to have to check out the polka dot blouse and bow cardigan. They are adorable. I can't wait to see you wear them.

  4. What a sweetie your mom is - that is awesome that she treated you to the pretty new shoes! And I LOVE, LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the pieces you picked up at the Loft. Oh for the love of bows - so cute!!!

  5. How sweet of your mother! Can't wait to see those shoes on you. I love, love all of your new Loft finds. And I happen to also love PF Changs. :)

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  6. Jessica-You really should check out the latest new arrivals...there are some super cute things that you'd love!!

    Sarah-The sizing at LOFT is what I'd call "Vanity Sizing" yes, things run large. At most places I wear an XS or Small but at LOFT I wear nothing but XS...I have to size down in pants as well. If you are in between sizes, size down for sure.

    Lorraine-Thanks!!! you're so sweet! I am a total LOFT fan so I'd say check them out!

    Jan-You would look so cute in the cardigan with the bow...I totally thought of you when I saw the bows! So YOU!!!

    Vicky--Thanks for the comment! I'll definitely check out your blog! =)

  7. Jenni - well, I couldn't resist! I ordered both cardigans and the dotty top, too. I'm so glad I saw your post and was able to buy my sizes online before they sold out - I am a total copycat!

  8. YAY Jan!!! We can be twinners! Glad you grabbed up what you wanted before it all sold out...I have a feeling a few of those will be gone before ya know it!

  9. Do you know the name of your BR wedges? I have been looking for those forever!