Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hot and Cold

We've hit that time of year here in the bay area when the mornings are pretty chilly outside, yet the afternoons are sizzling! With school starting at 8am, we are up and out the door quite early and literally freezing on our walk from the car to the school. Trying to come up with an outfit that will go from morning to afternoon without having to do a complete overhaul has proven to be a little tedious, I must say! My six year old wears shorts, short sleeves and a jacket each morning, but he's six and claimed he was hot this morning (when it was 57 degrees out) after playing on the playground for only like three minutes before the bell rang to line up to go to his classroom...crazy boy. Anyhow, for today my answer was to wear capris, a short sleeve shirt and a cardigan. That way all I had to do was remove the cardigan when it was time to pick my little guy up from school in the afternoon when it was much warmer out. So here's what today's outfit consisted of:

-Sunburst Sequin Tee-J Crew (Spring 2010)
-Cardigan-J Crew (LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!!!--Spring 2010)
-Mossimo Jean Capris-Target
-BC Flats-DSW Shoes (Spring 2010)
-Necklace/ Watch-Fossil
-Bracelet-Gap Outlet
-Ring-Forever 21

These capris look super baggy in my right thigh in this picture for some reason...they do tend to stretch out a bit. They're from Target...enough said I suppose. It was a second-day hair day today so I thought I'd curl it...I think hair curls/styles much better with dirty hair don't you?? I happened to purchase this cardigan just to make it to the amount I needed to get free shipping on a J Crew order one time thinking I'd just try it on and then return it...after I tried it I fell in love and it found a new home in my closet. It is so comfy and I really like the color...I just couldn't part with it.

So did you get anything fun this morning from Anthro's big sale?? There were two items on my wish list that hit the sale but I only grabbed one...the Curated Tee in red:

I tried tracking down the Rise and Fall cardigan in the brown motif with no success...there is not a single one left in the entire country in a small. I found an XL in a store in Massachusetts if that helps anyone! =) Guess it wasn't meant to be. All well. I'll survive.

I'm exhausted so I'm off to bed...another early morning for me tomorrow! Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!!


  1. Cute outfit and I love the color of that cardi too! Sorry you couldn't find the rise and fall cardi. I lucked out and ordered it online last night. But I did call a bunch of stores for my sister and it seemed like hardly any stores even got them in at all, or at least everyone I talked to told me this.

  2. Those days that go from chilly to warm are the hardest to dress for, but you managed to do it and look cute!

    The Curator is adorable, and I wish I would have been able to get online when the Anthro sale went up yesterday. Ah well, I'm still on ban, so I probably wouldn't have gotten anything anyway. Even my beloved chantico, sigh.

  3. Great cardigan... love the color! I'm also dealing with the crazy temps, but I think it is getting ready to get HOT again for a few days! Since I work in an office, a cardigan is (almost) a staple year around! =)

  4. I am sad you could not find the rise and fall!! You look so cute all ready to take your son to school!!!

  5. What's the name of the cardi, and color? Looks great on you and I'm wondering if it's now on sale? One can hope?

  6. Sue--I can't remember the name of it but I looked at the style number on the tag and it's 23007. It's not on the site any longer. This is a very similar option, also on sale:

  7. Loving the outfit! That pink/coral color is so pretty. Definitely have to agree, my hair curls/waves sooo much better on the second (even third... eek) day!

  8. That cardi is perfection on you, you are so pretty in the coral color! I didn't even realize I wanted the Rise and Fall Cardigan until it was too late, not even on my radar, who knows - maybe one will pop back for you!

  9. Very nice! Cardigans are awesome, aren't they? And I was scrolling through your posts and I LOVE the outfit below , the striped boatneck shirt and the white awesome!Thanks for commenting on my blog, too. ;)