Monday, April 29, 2013

A few sale scores in my OOTD and "glow" lotion anyone????

Happy Monday all!

Just a reminder...I've cleaned my closet out yet again (spring cleaning!!!) and listed a whole new set of items on Shop Jenni's Closet.  Head on over to take a look!  Items listed are from Anthropologie, J Crew, Loft, DownEast Basics, Gap, etc.  

Hope you had a great weekend!  It's back to the grind this morning...I've got a crazy schedule going on this week up until I hop a plane for Denver on Thursday.  Guess I'll have to really earn this little getaway of mine!  Unfortunately the weather forecast for Colorado keeps looking colder and colder for this coming weekend so I may be dragging out the boots again.  What is up with everywhere I go being cold this year? (with the exception of Arizona last month...that was perfect)  All well...we certainly won't let it ruin our fun!  

This morning I wanted to share an outfit with you that I wore to church last Sunday.  I was so excited to score this cute skirt on sale at J Crew when it finally got marked down...I'd been stalking it for quite some time.  I love pairing pinks and greens together so this combo came to mind easily:

Original Polyvore Set idea can be found HERE

Garden Aura Silky Blouse-Ruche
No 2 Pencil Skirt in Clover Tweed-J Crew
Nori T-Strap Heels-Anthropologie
Necklace-Stella & Dot
Classic Pave Link Bracelet-J Crew
Golden Totem Bracelet Set-Anthropologie
Flower Bud Ring-J Crew

The shoes were another sale score, at Anthropologie this time!  I loved the unique design on the heels...kind of fun, right?!  

And hello super white legs...oh my goodness, time to break out the "glow" lotion (it's not really called that I know, I just happen to call it!  I've used a few "natural glow" type lotions in the past and was happy with the little extra color they gave me.  What self-tanning/"glow" lotion have you used and been happy with in the past?  Have you already started using it this season to prep for summer?  Or are you just now getting a glimpse of your pail self like me, realizing it's go-time?  Fess-up! =)

Have a great day!


  1. Super cute outfit Jenni! I have a swimsuit post that goes live either Tuesday or Wednesday (can't remember)...and it has 2 different types of self tanner on it!

  2. The lotion I like for summer is called Slow Grow. No glow to it, but it is very moisturizing, and it slows down the leg hair growth. A summer must!

  3. I usually use Jergens "glow" lotion because it's so subtle! I started out the season with the Target brand of the Jergens lotion and was pleased with it. But, I decided to go with something stronger, and I switched to the wipes (Loreal- I believe) and the Loreal lotion... I just mix a drop of the lotion with my regular lotion, so it's not as heavy!

  4. I have used several times of "glow" lotions and I like Loreal sublime gel the best -

    I can use it all over (face included)and it definitely gives me a rich color. I only have to use it once a week to keep up my color so it is low maintenance as well.

  5. That skirt fits you so well!

    I personally use Jergens - it's self-tanner plus lotion, so the "glow" builds and it is kind of subtle. Olay used to have a tanner/lotion combo that worked better and smelled pretty good but unfortunately it's not on the market anymore, wah!

  6. I wish I could use self tanners but they make me break out and itch. Instead I use Sally Hansen Spray on Tan on my legs. They now have a lotion version which I haven't tried yet. It stays on very good. Will rub off a little on the inside of your shorts or dress but washes out every time.

  7. Your look compliments ion the surroundings of your house.

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  8. Don't worry - we're even paler in Colorado! Pack layers bc temps swing up & down hourly sometimes, and it usually does feel 10 degrees warmer than the temps due to the sun being so close. As for tan lotions, I was only mildly impressed with Sally Hansen & just ordered St. Tropez gradual tan via Amazon Prime upon the recommendation of several people.

  9. That skirt looks so, so perfect on you!

  10. Love the outfit and especially the shoes. I'm a huge "glow" fan and have tried them all. I think St. Tropez is worth the money if you want more color. I recently read reviews on "Sun Self Tanner" and it lives up to the hype. Doesn't streak and great color.

    Let me know if you want a little sample of it first and I'll drop it by. ;-) I can't wait for summer!!!

  11. Always love pink & green together. This is a great skirt. I use Jergens since I'm naturally very fair and this gives me a little coverage without looking orange or too streaky.

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