Friday, April 26, 2013

Shop My Closet (NEW BLOG SALE!!!)...and a recent OOTD!

Happy Friday!  

First up this morning, I wanted to let you know I've cleaned my closet out yet again (spring cleaning!!!) and listed a whole new set of items on Shop Jenni's Closet this morning.  Head on over to take a look!  Items listed are from Anthropologie, J Crew, Loft, DownEast Basics, Gap, etc.  

Second, did you know Mother's Day is just a few weeks away?  Holy cow, where does the time go???  Alison over at Get Your Pretty On asked me and a few other mommy bloggers if we'd share what's at the top of our Mother's Day wish lists this year to get the ball rolling on shopping for the big day!  You can bet there's some great things on those lists!!  Click HERE to head on over to take a look at some great gift ideas for the moms in your life.  I loved seeing what the other lovely ladies came up with!

Third, let's talk FASHION!  

Earlier this week I pulled out my Zara Blouse I picked up in Paris over spring break.  I absolutely fell in love with this cute blouse when I tried it on the first time.  For it's inaugural appearance I paired it with the mint Rosette necklace you've already seen in my previous post, skinny jeans and some metallic wedge sandals.  

Rosette Necklace-GroopDealz
Double Hoop Earrings-Banana Republic
Golden Totem Bracelets-Anthropologie
Ring-Forever 21

I washed the Zara Blouse later in the week (following the tag instructions to gentle wash) and the blouse, I'm sad to say, shrunk in length and fit.  It still fits ok, but it doesn't have that great flowy feel to it that it had when I wore it before.  I'm so bummed!  We don't have any Zara stores here in Ohio so I can't even go re-buy it.  Has this ever happened to you?   Anyone else ever have a one hit wonder before their laundry machine ate it up?  BOO!  Perhaps it would have fared better at the dry cleaners.  If anyone happens upon this blouse in their local store in a size small over the weekend I certainly wouldn't be sad if you purchased it for me and sent it my way!  I'd of course pay you back for the blouse as well as the shipping cost.  I'd just order it online but it's sold out in my size. =(

All and learn, right?!  Don't always trust the "Care Label"!

On a brighter note, it is Friday!!!  Hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. What a bummer, that is SUCH a pretty top. Maybe you can send them an e-mail through their customer service. I'm sure they would make it right!

    Thanks for participating in the MD gift guide!!

    1. Thanks for having me! =) I may try to track another email couldn't hurt. =)

  2. Hi, You can shop Your blouse is here:

    and while not currently available in small, you could try calling. I have no idea about their level of customer service (store searches, etc.) but it is a start!

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much! I may call and see what they can do!

  3. This blouse is absolutely gorgeous and looks perfect with your mint necklace! So sorry it shrunk though...I absolutely hate that! I tend to hand wash all of my blouse-type shirts for this reason. It's a huge pain, but if I'm attached to a shirt I get way too scared to wash it in the machine!


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  4. So glad to have discovered your blog....Popping by from the Mothers Day gift guide:)
    Following along on FB and Pinterest...where I seem to spend most of my time, ha!
    What a bummer on the blouse..some things just aren't the same after you wash them :(

  5. Gorgeous top but that is too bad it shrunk :( That necklace is gorgeous.

  6. Make sure you call them, and voice your complaint that the blouse is labeled incorrectly. I worked in a dry cleaners for many years since I was a teenager. All manufacturers should test their garments before labeling. Some synthetics are known for shrinking, but if it said it was washable, any shrinkage should have negligible. If they cannot take the item back, they should at least issue a store credit. I live in Los Angeles, so there are many of those stores here. I can check for you!

  7. surely amazing, I really like this necklace
    keep reading xx