Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anthro Fitting Room Reviews (May)-part 1

I took a trip to Anthropologie on Tuesday and tried on quite a few things. As mentioned before I fell hard for a few things, while some things were not as impressive. I'll go ahead and dive right in:

Sunrise Shirt Dress-$168 (Cream motif)

So as I posted before, this dress caused my heart to skip a beat...the second I put it on I fell in love. I tried on both a size 2 and 4 and while the size 2 fit, I felt the 4 looked a little better on me. Plus it was a touch longer which is a good thing. The dress itself has a slip sewn into it (so it's not a separate piece of anything) which is a major plus in my eyes. I don't love separate slips in dresses so this to me made it seem like a well made dress. There are also two hooks on the side of the middle-ish button to help keep it shut which is a nice touch. I love the attention to detail in this dress. The color of is a creamy-white in person and paired with a dark belt would look divine. This is one of those dresses that will stand the test of will never go out of style. I am keeping my eye on it for now and if I see it selling out fast I will grab it up at full price...that's how much I love it.

Bette Cardigan-$68 (Sky motif) and Loosened Shelby Blouse-$58 (Blue motif)

This blouse has been on my radar ever since it came out. It's the sister blouse to the Eastpointe Garden top that I already own I would say (same style and cut). I took a size 0 in this top (I also took a size 0 in the Eastpointe Garden Top but I think this new blouse is a tad more fitted, which I like). I've paired it with the super cute Bette Cardigan which comes in four different colors. My favorite of the bunch was this turquoise color, and I love it paired with this blouse. I am wearing an X-Small in this cardigan and it fit well. I would never plan on buttoning it up so I didn't even try it out. Thumbs up on both of these items...definitely wishlisted for sale (or sooner if they start selling out!)

Luminescent Top-$39.95 (now on SALE but SOLD OUT online)

I was excited to see this top hit sale as I thought it was really cute online. When I tried it on I really liked I thought. Blame it on the fitting room mirrors, blame it on me being in a rush to get through trying on as many clothes as I could with my two boys running all around the dressing room...whatever it was I just didn't see it at home in the mirror the way I saw it in the dressing room mirror. I got home and tried it on again and decided it was just too long for it to look the way I wanted it to. Had it been about 3-4 inches shorter it would have been a keeper, but I just can't get past the tunic-ish length with the band at the bottom. It's really a pretty top and very unique so I'm sad to say this one will be going back.

Slouched Raglan Scoopneck-$58 (Orange motif)

I tried this top on in both an X-Small and a Small. The X-Small was way to short for my liking (I think the X-Small is what I'm wearing in the picture) and the Small was also short and SUPER huge. The shirt is very sheer as well and would require an undershirt. The only thing I did like was the's a very pretty soft shade of orange. This is a definite PASS for me.

Sudden Downpour Top-$98 (Neutral motif)

This cute top comes in many different colors but I was particularly drawn to this neutral motif. I tried on the X-Small and the fit was good. It is definitely meant to be blousey so it does have a lot of fabric to it. I styled it a few different ways in the dressing room as you can see above--by itself, with a cardigan and belted and I think I like it belted the best. I certainly wouldn't pay full price for this as I don't think it's unique enough to merit the $98 price tag, but on sale I might consider. Wishlisted!

Hace Sol Peasant Top-$78 (Yellow motif)

I've had this top on my wish list for a while now so I was excited to see it in person. I LOVE the bright yellow's so fun! I tried on the size 0 because it looked like it might run big, and I was right. I really could have used one size down from the 0 but I guess I'm out of luck. I'm not swimming in it but it's definitely not as fitted as it could be. I am keeping this on my wish list for now and will reconsider once it hits sale. My girlfriend ending up picking this one up for herself...she'll look great in it!

Penthesilea Tunic-$118 (Blue motif)

This top is a bit out of the box for me but as soon as I saw it on the website I was totally into it! I tried in on in a size XS and the fit was great. It's another top that's meant to be blousey, of course. I belted it with the Crossroads belt that I had worn into the store and loved it together. With it's hefty price tag this beauty will be sitting still on my wish list for a while and I'll consider it at sale time if it's still around, for sure.

Counting Angles Dress-$168 (Orange motif)

This dress was not for me. Period. I honestly can't remember what size I tried was either an X-Small or a Small...sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the tag. Whatever it was it was not happening. The dress has a separate slip that I could not get to fall right. You can adjust it which I should have tried but by the time I actually got the dress on (which was a chore in itself) I had already decided it wasn't for me so I didn't bother. I think this would look much cuter on someone who is blessed a little more on the upper half...I'm definitely not and it kind of just hung on me. It kind of swallowed me up on top....there's a lot of fabric. The length was actually ok on me as it came to the top of my knee, but that was not enough to change my mind. Definite PASS for me, but I can picture others looking great in it.

Linear Landscape Maxi-$158

It's so hard to find a Maxi dress with short sleeves that doesn't require a cardigan these days...seems they're all sleeveless! I did try a short-sleeved striped Maxi dress at Forever 21 a while back but it just didn't do it for me. It was too plain and looked too young. I tried this cute Maxi on in an X-Small and found it to be a bit too tight all over. I would definitely need to go with the Small (which I didn't get to try on). The angled design on this dress makes an otherwise plain dress a little more exciting. I love the idea of being able to throw on a dress and maybe a belt and calling it a day...super easy. When I showed my husband all the pictures of my reviews he actually picked this dress out as his favorite of the bunch (didn't expect that) so clearly that means when it hits sale it would be a tragedy if it didn't end up in my closet, right?! =) Wishlisted!

There's the first half...I'll post the second half in my next post. See anything you like? Anything you don't?Did you grab any of these for yourself??

Speaking of clothes, I have about 5 giant loads of laundry calling my name...all clean but need to be folded. Don't be jealous. =)

Have a great day!


  1. The sunrise shirt dress is gorge on you - I hope you decide to get it! I also agree with your hubs and think you look rockin' in the striped maxi - you've got the height and body to pull it off!

  2. Okay, I've had my eye on the Hace Sol top in that fun yellow color for summer because I could wear it w/o extra layers! Definitely watching for it to hit the sale!!!

  3. Theeere's the dress. It's so pretty on you. I also like the Counting Angles. I realize it's a bit big, but that color palette is a wowza w/your hair color & everything.

  4. Do you have anywhere in your blog your height and weight? Trying to compare to know what size for me to order online. Thanks so much! Love the maxi dress on you!

  5. Thanks ladies! You're so kind! =)

    Laurie--I don't actually...maybe I should, huh? I am 5'6" tall and 112 lbs

  6. The shelby blouse is darling! And I love the maxi dress on you too!

  7. Yes, you must get the Sunrise Shirtdress. It is beautiful. Every girl needs a great white dress in her closet (-:

  8. I love the Sunrise Shirtdress on you. I was afraid it was going to be too poufy for some reason but I'm glad you didn't have any issues. I've been looking for a casual ivory dress for awhile and the ones I've found have either been too short or too see-through.

    Complex Cardigans

  9. Darling dress. SO cute for summer. (I posted a "review" of those Old navy stripe shirts on my blog.)

  10. I really love the Sunrise Shirtdress and Shelby Blouse on you.

  11. I love the sunrise shirt dress on you and that adorable maxi. Definitely a yes in my mind! What a great review :)

  12. Ooooo, the Sudden Downpour top is gorgeous! Definitely a "stalk for sale" item! I think the maxi is cute, too! I can totally see you wearing that one SO WELL with a nice belt!

  13. That first white dress is gorgeous on you!

  14. Oh my, you had a busy day shopping! I love the short sleeved Maxi dress. I have been searching for one of those myself :)

  15. Carolyn-I totally agree! ALl the more reason I *NEED this! =)

    Jenn-I thought the poufyness of the sleeves was perfect...not too much at all. I thought it looked poufier (is that a word??) on the hanger than on me.

    Carie--thanks! I'm off to take a look!

    Thanks to all the other sweet comments!

  16. LOVE that dress on you- the sunrise shirtdress. You really must get that of everything you tired on, there is something really special about that one!!

  17. The maxi dress is va-va-voom GORGEOUS on you, I am not at all surprised that it was your hubby's favorite - look at that killer figure, lady!!!

    I REALLY love the Sunrise dress on you - super pretty! Your hair looks great too, it's getting long!

    You found some great pieces to keep on your Anthro radar!

  18. I love your reviews because I have similar taste in things!! Our show is starting tonight I can't wait!!! Monday nights are back!!

  19. Love the Linear Landscape maxi dress on you!

  20. My Favorite pieces here are the Musdtard-colored Top, the Maxi Dress, & the White Shirt-dress (which I agree will stand the test of time) and the turquoise cardigan. =)