Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Happy middle of the week! Hope everyone has had a good few days...I have! I have a couple OOTD pictures to share with you from the past few days, and then I'll get to explaining the title of this post.

First up is what I wore on Monday:

-Striped Boatneck Top-Loft
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle
-Necklace and Earrings-Stella & Dot
-Ring-Forever 21

I'm loving my Toms, by the way. They're so easy to wear and I don't think they look too "house-shoe-ish" at all. I love that mine sparkle a little with the sequins!

And here's what I wore's pretty much a repeat of what I wore one day on our Disney vacation in December....just changed out the belt:

-Sweater/Cardigan-Love 21 for Forever 21
-Top-Ann Taylor Factory
-Ultimate Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Crossroads Belt-Anthropologie
-Dollhouse Boots-Endless
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs
-Ring-Forever 21

What, is that an Anthro fitting room I'm in you ask? Why YES! I headed out with my two younger boys and my girlfriend and her youngest to hit up our local Anthro yesterday morning (local meaning like a 50 minute drive) to see if we could score any tag sale goodies (this was of course after we had both stayed up till midnight to see what we could score online). We had a fun time together and the kids were all shockingly pretty good. Many thanks go to the makers of iPhones, DVD players and DS's for that. What on earth did my parent's do without all the gadgets for us kids all those years ago? Anyhow, overall I thought the sale was a little in hardly anything on my wish list actually hit sale. Granted, many things I'm lusting after right now are on the newer side but I thought at least a few might go one sale. Nope. Never fear...that didn't stop me from finding a few gems. We both tried on about half the store...I ruled out a few things I thought I might like, I added a few new things to my wish list...and I even fell in love. I am completely and utterly twitterpated with this:

Sunrise Shirt Dress:

SWOON!!! I walked by this dress once or twice in the store thinking it would be too short on me but really loving it more and more each time I looked at it. I had seen it online in all three colors but my store only had this creamy-white color in stock (which happened to be my favorite of the three colors). At the last second as I was headed into the dressing room I decided to grab it to give it a go..and once I put it was love at first sight (and it fell to the top of my knee--yay). I'm pretty sure when you go to bed thinking about a dress and then wake up the next morning with it still fresh on your mind that pretty much makes you twitterpated. So that's my story of the white dress...the one that WILL be mine. I already warned my husband. =)

So here's a peek at what I did bring home with me from the sale:

Everything I got was on sale except that cute pleated coral colored Squeezebox top. I just couldn't resist it. I ended up ordering 2 different sizes of the sandals because of mixed reviews online about them running big...we'll see if either of them work. I scored the Cinchona cardigan on 2nd cuts ($29.95) and my girlfriend found me that cute denim skirt deep in the sale room racks while we were looking around. How did I not ever notice this skirt before? Apparently it went on sale a while ago so it was a lucky find. Like I said, kind of a disappointing sale, but still plenty to be had.

I have tons of clothing reviews for you from my trip to Anthro yesterday, including the gorgeous Sunrise Shirt Dress, so check back for those. It'll take me a bit to compile it all. For now I'm off to figure out what's for dinner...have a good night!


  1. Oh I love that shirt dress! I wish I could wear them but I am way to hippy lol!

    You outfits are lovely as always!

    p.s. I think you may be interested in a little give away I'm doing on the blog :) Come visit if you have a moment!

  2. I couldn't love that 1st outfit any more!! So cute! Great score on that cardi you found. I tried on that Sunrise Shirtdress and LOVE it too

  3. Those toms look adorable on you!!! And now you have me swooning over the shirtdress, oh my!! It's at the top of my wishlist now. :) Great score on the cardi and that skirt!

  4. What a great sweater. We have to be flexible in this weather, don't we. Great necklace, too.

  5. Shana--thanks for the tip! =)

    Peggy and Jessica--I know, I am in love with that dress. It's is gorgeous ad very well made...makes it even better!

    Gigi-finally, the sun is out! Hope you get to enjoy it!

  6. Whoa, girl! You found lots of goodies. I loved those sandals. The wedge portion is so neat. Loving both your outfits from Monday and Tuesday, especially the turquoise necklace with the Toms and the pink striped tee. So darling.