Monday, May 23, 2011

Anthro Fitting Room Reviews (May)-part 2

Hi everyone! I had a busy, but really good about you? I've got a few outfits to share with you from the past few days but I'll hold off on those till next I wanted to get the second half of my Anthro fitting room reviews up from last week.

Here ya go:

Cinchona Cardigan-NOW on sale for $29.95 (2nd cuts) and Squeezebox Top-$48 (coral motif)

I have passed by this top on a few visits to the store but this time decided to grab it on my way to the fitting room. This coral color really stood out to me and I had high hopes it would be a winner. I was so excited when I got it on and loved it! I tried it in both an X-Small and a Small and the Small was the obvious choice. The X-Small was far too tight on me. I paired it with the Cinchona cardigan that has been on my wish list for a while now (I originally tried it on in Las Vegas a few months back). When it hit first cut I hesitated to buy it because it was still $60, I felt like the sleeves were borderline too long and because spring/summer was approaching so I preferred to get clothes I could wear now. Fast forward to last week when this sweater hit 2nd cut and I'm singing a different tune! Both of these cute pieces came home with me and I have no regrets whatsoever about either.

Annabel Lee Tank-$88 (Blue Motif) and Bette Cardigan (reviewed in previous post)

This tank comes in two different colors (the other is called "Grey" even though it's really charcoal and cream) but I chose to try this one because I was going for some color. Once I got the tank on, I felt like I belonged in a southwestern did I not see that before? I don't love the yoke top on me either as I feel it cuts me off a bit on top. My friend also tried this on and felt the same way if I can remember correctly. I much prefer the grey motif after trying this top on, but that too will be a pass for me regardless.

Summer Tartan Tank-$68 (Green motif) and Anadyomene Cardigan-$88

I saw this top on a mannequin at the store paired with the Bette cardigan in grey. I loved the whole look, but I simply cannot pull off a light makes my fair skin look pasty, big time. Not super attractive, not even a little. So I found this cute cardigan laying on a table and grabbed it in a Small to try with it. The Small was a good fit...I don't think I could have sized down because the arms were a bit of a tighter fit. I think both pieces are pretty cute but not sure it's love for either. I will say the tank is a bit boxy...BUT, I only tried it on in a size Small because they didn't have an X-Small. Sizing down may have helped out with this a bunch. The sweater is actually really cute but I'm not sure I love where the scalloped design falls on me. I would not buy either at full price but may consider both for the right price. These will both be sitting still on my wish list until sale time for reconsideration.

Pleated Yoke Tee-$48 (Pink Motif)

I have been dying to try this top on as it has been at the top of my wish list ever since it hit the website. I loved it! So I eagerly put this on in the fitting room fully prepared to NEED it and was so sad when I found that just like the A-Bit-Unruly Top, it just didn't fit me right. From the front it looks fine and I really love all the ruching and draping, but from the side it's a different story. Both arm holes, which are uneven in size (on purpose) by the way, were way too big for me. You could see right in. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! I was seriously bummed. I was very sad to hand this one back to the fitting room attendant (who by the way was the nicest lady ever, especially because she told me how good my children had been the whole time we were in there--don't hear that too often...seriously, love her). I think layering this under a cardi would ruin the whole look of the top (cover it up too much) so this is a pass unless I can come up with a way to fix the arm hole problem (a tank won't fix it for me).

Languid V-Neck-$68 (Red Motif)

This top caught my eye because I really like the pretty colors and the print. I tried this on in a size Small (they were out of X-Smalls) and found the fit to be off for me. It's definitely meant to be blousey, but the way the sleeves are attached to the shirt (at the underarm area) was not super flattering on me I thought. I don't know how much difference the X-Small would be in that area but it would have to be considerable for me to want to make this mine). The top is also a bit see-through and would probably require an undershirt. Too many cons and not enough pros, so this one is a pass.

Inherited Blooms Top-$118

This is a pretty sheer top in a color palette I don't typically gravitate towards (light grey background), but in the end it kind of grew on me. I tried this on in a size 0 and it fit fine. It definitely runs a bit big. You would have to wear an undershirt or tank underneath because of how sheer this is. I love the cute little detailing on the sleeves (with the ties and ruching) and I think this would be cute paired with jeans or tucked into a skirt. This one is wish listed for sale time.

Readymade Dress-$118

How cute is this cute ensemble dress!?! I was immediately attracted to it when I saw it online and I liked it just as much in person. I tried this on in a size 2 and it fit well. When I put it on I felt like it was a little short on me (not quite hitting the top of my knee) but when I looked online later to see how long it was suppose to be, it said 41" which should totally be long enough for me! I'm confused. I love the color, the fabric, the feel of it...the only thing I'm not crazy about is the price. I would like to try another one on again to see if it's any longer (you know how they sometimes come in different lengths even when they're all suppose to be the same). I also forgot to look at the hem...maybe I could take the hem down a bit?? For now this is maybe wish listed for sale time.

Pulling it Together Sweater-$68 (Turquoise motif) and Quiet Approach Skirt-ON SALE for $39.95 (shown with the Squeezebox Top that I reviewed above)

My girlfriend found this skirt for me deep in the sale racks in a size 0. I had never even noticed this skirt online before...where have I been? I tried it on and loved it! The skirt falls at the VERY top of my knee (wish it had an extra inch) but after mulling over it a bit I decided it was long enough. The size 0 fit fine, but I'm half-tempted to track down a 2 to see if it would be any longer. The one thing people complained about in the online reviews was the poofiness of the skirt. Although it is a little poofy, I didn't find it to be too much. I think it adds a little character! Most people said they sized down to reduce the amount of poofiness so maybe I should just stick to the size 0. I ended up bringing this skirt home with really will be a great summer skirt! I tried this cardigan in a size X-Small or Small...I can't remember and apparently forgot to take a picture of the tag (for shame). Whatever it was it fit really good and I loved it! It comes in four colors and out of the four my favorites were this turquoise, the dark orange and the pink (which looks magenta). The yellow didn't excite me as much. It's a very cute layering piece and I've wish listed it for sale time (not sure which color...I like almost all!)

Winner's Circle Tee-$48 (tried on the new Purple motif and the Orange motif)

So this is officially like the fourth time I'm trying this top on...I know, I know, buy one already! =) My friend pointed out the new colors so I grabbed them up and tried them on. We both found a funny thing about these new colors...they run bigger in size than the original release colors! I took a small in the pink and yellow motifs previously, but in the purple and orange I fit much better in the X-Small. Weird! I happen to adore these cute colors...I go back and forth about which I prefer more! One or more of these tops will be mine when they hit sale...they're perfect summer tops!

Sunless Rose Top-$78

On the rack this top is really, really cute...I liked especially the cute bow detailing on the back. Once I put it on however, not so cute. I tried on the X-Small and it was all sorts of craziness and ill-fitted. The bottom half of the shirt is fine, but the top half just didn't work for me. The back dropped down WAY too low as well. Maybe it was the weight of the cute bow on the back but it was way too low. This one is an easy pass for me.

Huipil Tank-$78

We'll end on a high note...this cute tank is a winner! I love the bold print and the unique shape of the neckline. I tried this on in a medium because that was the smallest they had in the store so I would definitely need to size down a bit because I pulled a lot of fabric back out of the way to make it look more fitted for the picture. I could probably go with an X-Small in this as the length seems to be plenty long. I will definitely be waiting for this one to hit sale...wish listed!

So there ya go...round 2. Hope that helps! See anything you like? Any must haves? As always I never leave Anthropologie without a few new favorites!

Hope you're having a great day! I'm looking forward to tonight...I'll be front and center on the couch tonight for the premier of The Bachelorette just like some other bloggy friends I know! =) Can't wait!!!


  1. Really, really like the Ready Made Dress on you. So flattering!

  2. Thanks for the reviews. I am ga-ga over the Readymade-it's on my wishlist. I love that cardi you reviewed and now $29?? Maybe I will see if I can find that one in stores.

  3. I love the Readymade on you! I don't think it's too short at all. I also like the Winner's Circle...I haven't tried that one but it looks really cute. Thanks for the reviews.

  4. The readymade skirt is so cute on you. I don't think it's too short either. If you go up one size you may not even get a longer length. Sometimes there isn't a jump until the 2nd size larger and it may only be 1/2". I'm sure brands vary. Love the 1st card, too. The cardi you're saying is light grey doesn't look like that on my monitor. It look like a teal & I like the tartan tank underneath.

  5. Thanks ladies! The reason I felt the Readymade may be too short o me is because I don't wear skirts/dresses that are above my knee so this one is just a little borderline for my liking. I do love the dress though!

    Gigi--Sorry...I think I confused you. I had seen the Tartan tank paired with a grey cardi in the store but knew I wouldn't look good in it so I grabbed the teal one you're looking at. No're seeing it right! =)

  6. When will Anthro be sending you your paycheck? That was some serious overtime in the dressing room! I loved the REadymade dress on you (despite it being a bit short for your liking) and the Pulling it Together Cardi is definitely on my radar in the newer colors. There's always extender slips to add 3-4 inches...

  7. You always have the cutest cardigans!!!!!

  8. I love all three floral-tops and how they are kind of that loose, draped design. I also love the tartan tank with the teal cardi you paired it with and orange ruffled top. But what I am in love with most is the dress and the green-floral cardigan. =)