Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday Seven

One. I woke up this morning feeling really well rested. I don't know about you but that is a rare feeling for me. I loved it! I had a great run because of it!

Two. Our heater went out AGAIN on Thursday night right before bed. I woke up to a 58 degree house yesterday morning. That feels colder than it sounds, just so you know. The weather has only been in the 60's here this week so it's a toss-up which was house or outside. A call was put in to the heater repairman and thankfully he finally showed up at my house at 7:15pm last night to fix it. We're toasty warm once again.

Three. Due to the frigid temperatures in my house yesterday I dressed in winter clothing to keep warm. I pulled out a few purchases that I fully blame on other bloggers (not really, but they looked so darn cute in these things that it was sorta their After seeing Jan and "modernmom" look so cute in their Petticoat Cardigans I had no choice but to track one down as choice I tell ya! I even went as far as picking up the top Jan wore under her cardigan when she posted it as her OOTD (the Soldierly Sparkle Top in ivory). I couldn't resist! I already owned the top in pink and loved it so I knew I'd love the ivory too. I happened to get lucky this week and got a PA on the top when it hit 2nd cut during Anthro's sale on Tuesday so that made the find even better! I am thrilled I was able to find this cardigan and have to give props to Jan for this look today (as I pretty much copied her head to toe):

-Petticoat Cardigan-Anthropologie
-Soldierly Sparkle Top-Anthropologie
-Always Skinny Jeans-Gap
-Dollhouse Boots-Endless
-Fossil Necklace-Macy's
-Ring-Forever 21
-Earrings-Old Navy

Four. I am on the hunt for a new daily bag. The one I use now recently got a rip inside it which keeps causing my items to fall in between the purse and the lining...super annoying! I got it from Gap for $20 on sale last summer so the fact that it lasted this long is slightly impressive as it is. I'm in the mood for something bright and fun now that spring is upon us. I would also prefer not to break the bank for it (but am willing to splurge a little more than $20 this time around). I would love this new pink Coach bag I spotted and pointed out to my husband on our Las Vegas trip in February but don't think it's the right time for that just yet. This is definitely my dream bag right now though:

SO cute, right?!! So do you have any suggestions? Have you seen any cute ones around? What brands do you love and where do you get yours? I'm definitely looking for something to add a pop of color to my life.

Something maybe like these:

Nine West Pocket Change Four Poster Shopper Bag (in Papaya)

Nine West Fun and Fancy Tote (in Light Citron)

Five. Back in August I purchased a Groupon for Shabby Apple...I think I've mentioned it a few times before. Well, in the past few months I have purchased and sent back about 4 dresses that just didn't work for one reason or another using that Groupon. The dress I originally ordered went back because of sizing and when I tried to re-order it in the right size they were sold out. I went on to try a few other dresses in various sizes and nothing fit right. FINALLY that size I was looking for in the original dress MONTHS ago was restocked a few weeks ago so I ordered it when I sent back another dress that didn't work(Are you following?? Because I think I'm confusing myself). Anyways, I am happy to report that I can finally stop playing the order/ship-back/re-order game because the dress I received yesterday fit. YAY! Here's what my Groupon finally bought me:

Six. We had gelato for dessert tonight on our date night. It was divine. I had the "Carmel Salato" (Salted Carmel) and it was SOOO good. Is there anything better than gelato? Very few things I would say. I'm a sweets person so this was right up my ally.

Seven. Here's what I wore during the day today before date night:

And on me:

-Tank-Down East Basics
-Linen-Cotton Camp Carigan-J Crew Factory
-Ultimate Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Seychelles Sweeping Stitch Heels-Anthropologie
-Bangles-Forever 21

I'm off to bed...we had a fun date night tonight but now I'm exhausted and ready to jump into bed and fall fast asleep. Hope you all had a great Saturday!


  1. Loving both outfits. Sorry to hear about the heater issue. I know we're still relying on heat here in the mornings as well. Sigh...

    As for bags, nothing has been rocking my socks lately but I like that pink Coach one and the bright orange. What fun colors and styles.

    Oy, Shabby Apple. I did buy one dress from there which was promptly returned. Looked nothign like the photo online. Just a big frumpy sack on me. Yuck. Glad your deal finally worked out though. Thankfully I missed that Groupon. :)

  2. We had gelatto this week too! Yumm. Oh you look so cute in your petticoat cardi just like Jan and Debra! I tried to find one too! And I also love your date night outfit. Can't wait to see the Shabby Apple dress make its debut!

  3. I feel your pain on the heater issue! Our heater went out--no lie--about 10 times this winter. It always happened on the coldest, snowiest days when my husband was out of town. Usually on the weekends when the furnace company was not open. Of course. So glad yours got fixed! Love the Shabby Apple dress...can't wait to see it on you!

  4. I have that dress from Shabby Apple and I love it. So glad you found something that you like and something that will work for you.

  5. I totally want that dress from Shabby Apple that is a rip off of the Caranday dress from Anthro! I really wish we lived by each other I just know we would be good friends our hubby's could talk mouth's and we could talk fashion! You look so pretty in both outfits I hope your heater is fixed soon!

  6. Betty Ray--Sorry to hear nothing from Shabby APple worked out for you! Although I had some bad luck with their sizing recently, I have had great experiences with them in the past..they have cute stuff!

    Peggy--thanks! Gelato really is the best!! I hope you can track down that cardi..if anyone can it would be you! You'll probably happen upon it when it's marked down to $19.99 eventually because you have mad skills like that! =)

    AppGal-Well isn't that the truth? Things always go wrong when my husband is out of town. He was out of town this past week too!

    Leah--I thought I remembered seeing you in this dress...I probably got the idea to get it from you! =)

    Tricia--Thanks girlie!! It would be so fun to shop with you...if only CA was a little closer to UT!! =)

  7. You are so sweet, Jenni! I wish I had yours and Modernmom's height for the petticoat cardi, but I still love it. That color is gorgeous on you, I'm glad you found one! You totally deserved your gelato treat after dealing with the darned heater again! Glad you had a fun date night!

  8. those bags are adorable :)
    I love your cardigan as well ♥

  9. Beautiful linen cardigan! You look fantastic in it - love the longer length. My favorites of the bags you posted is the coral Nine West :)