Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hi There!

So we're back into the swing of things around here! School is back in session and the routines have quickly resumed. My husband had the weekend off and unexpectedly was given Monday off as well so it was great to be able to spend that extra day with him. An extra day off in residency is a true gift, let me tell ya! My kids get so excited when "daddy" is home because that means he gets to take them to school...its a real treat because it's a rare occasion.

Did you score anything today from the sale at Anthropologie? A handful of items that have been on my wish list hit sale but when it came down to it only one item really tempted me--the Gathering Blossoms Top in the Blue Motif.

I held off buying it and even waited all day long to see if I still wanted to hunt it down (since it was sold out online in my size) and there it was still on my mind by 5pm so I got on the phone and found one at the first store I called. Guess it was meant to be! I tried this on a few months ago and found the arm holes to be a bit big so it may be going back regardless, but I'm wondering if the problem can be solved with a simple tank underneath...we'll see. I figured I'd give it a try. The color of this top is truly amazing! It was actually worn by Jessica Capshaw (who plays Arizona Robbins) on Grey's Anatomy last week...I was dying when there was "blood" all over it! =) So tell me what you got!!

I've got a few OOTD pictures to share with you from the past few days...I'll start with what I wore to church on Sunday:

-Blooming Goldenrod Dress-Anthropologie
-Fishnet Tights-Kohl's
-Seychelles Sweeping Stitch Heels-Anthropologie
-Bracelet-J Crew
-Earrings-Forever 21

I wore this dress to a family wedding last month...I wore it just a little different this time by adding tights and changing up the shoes.


-Top-Nordstrom (BP)
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Cardigan-J Crew
-Bootcut Jeans-Banana Republic Outlet
-Anticipation Heels-Anthropologie
-Earrings-Old Navy

These heels have been one of the best purchases I have made in the past year...I love them! I could not ask for a more comfortable, cute and stylish pair of shoes!

And here's what I wore today:

-Embellished Tee-J Crew Outlet
-Under Tee-Shade Clothing
-Borrowed Boyfriend Cardi-Anthropologie
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Ruffle Flats-Old Navy
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs
-Ring-American Eagle
-Headband (again)-LOFT

So there you have it...that's what I've been pulling out of my closet lately.

I was glancing through Anthro's site a little last night and saw a few new things I have my eye on (there's always something!!):

Orchard Grove Pullover

This looks a lot like the Neo-Refinement Pullover which I never actually tried on. There is just something really fun about those orange stripes...I definitely want to see how this one looks on...could be really cute or it could look like a big bag...

Gauzy Tiers Skirt

I love this red color...what a perfect spring/summer skirt!

Luminescent Top

I just think this is really pretty...I wonder if it's as pretty in real life?? hmmm...

There are a few more things that caught my eye...I'll save them for another time. Anthro is good at coming up with pretty things!

Well, I'm off to bed soon...back to the routine, remember?!!! Hope you have a happy Wednesday! =)


  1. I have the Luminescent top in my wishlist, along with the Borrowed Boyfriend. Hmmm. They look really cute on you.
    I ordered a few things today from lounge. We will see what stays and what goes, since none of it has been tried on...
    I love that dress on you!

  2. I'm a fellow member of the Gathering Blossoms Fan Club, as you know, but I'm foolishly holding out for a second cut. I just plain can't afford it at first cut, sigh.

    The Gauzy Tiers is such a pretty color!

  3. I hope the tank does the trick, because the top you picked up is so pretty! Love you in all three outfits - the turquoise shoes are so cute with the yellow dress!

  4. Love that Orchard Grove pullover! The "wedding dress" looks great styled both versatile pieces!!

  5. Bought a few skirts and my long awaited bedding so this week was expensive! I loved gathering blossoms until I tried it on last weekend. Couldn't get over the armhole dilemma! I might reconsider when second cuts come along... Hope it works out for you!!

  6. No Anthro sale for me :( getting ready for spring break. Yay!! Hopefully I will find an Anthro along the way!! LOL!! So happy to hear you were able to get extra time with your hubby--that's always a nice bonus. Love OOTD, all of them are really cute.

  7. You always look so cute and put together...loving the outfits!

  8. Love all of your picks as always girlie! Wish so bad I could afford anthro stuff they are just the best!

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    Check out my Blowfish Shoes GIVEAWAY!! Free shoes up for grabs friends!!

  9. Oh no, so sad I missed the Anthro sale :( I'm sure I would have left there a whole lot poorer hah!