Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sale Talk, Good Finds and some OOTD's

Hi all! Hope your weeks started off good...we had a rough start that included a screaming 20 month old from 2am-6am Monday morning. No worries...we're on the road to recovery. Poor thing has a double ear infection and is now on antibiotics. Poor mom is still getting caught up on sleep. =)

So how about that sale today?!!! Did you score anything? I was more excited about the price adjustments I got than anything...I got a PA on my Monthly Meet-Up Pullover and a Soldierly Sparkle Tee (love my pink one so much that I found one in ivory too). I also still had the tags on my Maryam tank so I tracked another down at sale price and will be returning the other. I was SUPER tempted by the Happy Morning Sweater but at $90 I just can't bite...still too steep. I'll be keeping my eye out for second cuts on that for sure. I did pick up a little something for my sis-in-law who has a birthday next week and after searching high and low for a Field Skirt (that hit second cuts--now $19.95) in the gold color I came up empty handed but did manage to find the grey motif in my size so that is on it's way to me. For $19.95 you really can't go wrong.

Since I was feeling so great about all my PA's I wandered on over to Nordstrom's site after getting their email this morning about today being TOMS' "One day without shoes event". For every pair of TOMS shoes purchased, one pair is given to a child in need. Although I didn't go without wearing shoes today like the "event" encouraged, I figured I could do my part by buying some TOMS! See how supportive I am?! =) I have actually been interested in trying a pair of TOMS on for a while now...after I saw my cousin wearing them and hearing how much she loved them I figured I should give them a try. I had heard conflicting reports on comfort so I wanted to see for myself. I tried on an 8 1/2 and a 9 in the store over the weekend and found the 8 1/2 to fit much better. I would say to go down a 1/2 size from your normal flat shoe size based on that. I thought they felt great and would be a good comfy shoe to have. The store didn't have the color I wanted so I decided to order online eventually. The email this morning this morning was a reminder so I went ahead and got them. They're super cute!!! I wanted to get a color that was pretty neutral that could go with anything so I went with the Classic Glitter Slip-ons in Nude. They have just a bit of sparkle and texture to liven up an outfit (to actually see the sparkle click on the link and zoom in in the product page).

Are you a fan of TOMS? Have you tried them? Do you wear them?

While on the website I wanted to see what they had in the way of short-sleeve shirts (I'm kind of on a short-sleeve shirt kick right now--can you tell??). It's pretty much Dolman Sleeves or go home these days on most sites...Nordstrom is no exception. I found THIS and thought I'd give it a try:

I'll let you know how it goes. Any purchase you make at Nordstrom right now that includes a pair of shoes is shipped free so I figured, why not throw something else in? Gotta take advantage!

We are on week 2 of spring break and I'm loving every minute! Today we went to Fairytale Town with friends (a small themed park based on Fairy tales...I went to the same park as a kid so it's fun to now take my own kids) and the kids had a blast. The weather was PERFECT! Tomorrow we're headed to my parents' house to visit and have a little sleepover...the boys can't wait! I've been enjoying dressing in more spring-like outfits these past few's a few outfits I haven't posted yet..


-Garden Rows Top-Anthropologie
-Cardigan-Old Navy
-Bootcut Jeans-Banana Republic Outlet
-Anticipation Heels-Anthropologie
-Bracelet-Pac Sun


-Top-Gap Outlet
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle
-Wedge Sandals-Old Navy
-Earrings/Ring-Pac Sun
-Bangles-Forever 21

I'm hoping for a good night's sleep tonight so I'm off to bed...have a happy Wednesday! =)


  1. Glad you got some items you wanted at the sale, and yay for price adjustments! You look great!

  2. You look cute as always. Yay for warm weather!!! Enjoy the rest of your Spring break, all your plans sound like fun.

  3. I love the Toms wedge in ash. I am planning on that being my go to shoe for warmer weather.

  4. I am absolutely in love with Tom's shoes, they are so cozy, and look really cute with leggings and skinny jeans. I have them in like 5 different colors and they really make you feel good about your purchase. My fave are the Moroccan silver

  5. I bought the same pair of Toms when Nordstrom started their "free shipping" on shoes promotion. The funny thing is, I've never gotten so many compliments on a pair of shoes before. I think they are a Nordstrom exclusive so people were constantly asking me where to find them. You will love them!
    I have been searching for the soldierly sparkle tee in xs, color pink and have not had any luck locating a store with them in stock. Kicking myself for not buying it sooner. :(

  6. Love your Toms. Idont have Toms but I bought some Bobs!! No joke! Same concept, made by Sketchers but only $10!! I have a super narrow foot, so they actually fit me better than Toms. It just cracked me up!

  7. Jenni, your outfits are really cute! I just bought my first pair of Toms and they came yesterday. I bought the red color. I wore them around my house for a little bit and they are super comfy. I'm pretty sure I will be living in them.

  8. I have been wanting some toms too! Just haven't bit the bullet yet. they are sorta pricey for me. I like to get my shoes for like under $20! cheap I know!

  9. Honestly, girl, you look good in everything!

  10. Hmmm...I'm undecided about the TOMS :) Anxious to see how they look on you and how you like them!

  11. I don't think TOMS are my style but I know you'll pull them off fantastically! You look so cute yesterday too. What size was your maryam tank that you're returning? I decided late yesterday to try and track one down but couldn't find one so I'm afraid I may have missed the boat on it. If its an xs I might be interested in buying it from you. Thanks!

  12. Always wanted to try Toms but never have. I hope you do so I can see what you think.

  13. oooh i really love those shoes! might have to get them on my next toms splurge. but i feel like Toms can sometimes vary by shoe- I tried them on in the past and thought 8.5 was good (my normal size) but when I bought some without trying on they fit weird! so back to the store....

  14. I don't wear TOMS but I just bought my daughter a pair. The disney small world collaboration with TOMS are sooooooooooooo irresitably cute :-)

  15. Tara--thanks girlie! =)

    Molly--thanks! You're on the countdown for your spring break now...lucky girl!!!

    Carie--that's a cute color...I actually tried that one on in the store! Can't wait to see an OOTD post with them!

    World is my oyster--wow, you are quite the TOMS fan with 5 pairs...that's awesome! FUn to have a variety in your closet to choose from!

    Kristine-how funny...first tee twins and now shoe twins! =) Darn, if I see an XS Soldierly Sparkle in pink anywhere I'll put it on hold for ya...I don't get to the store very often but I'll look when I do!

    Peggy--BOBS! That's awesome! Someone had a similar idea huh? =)

    Lori--fun to see you on here! I've missed your OOTD posts! The red ones are very cute and they would have been my 2nd color choice actually. Glad you love them!

    Julie-I'll let ya know if I think they're worth taking the plunge for! =)

    Lisa--you are too kind...I'm blushing! =)

    Leah--haha...they definitely won't be my everyday go-to shoe as I love my sandlas, heels and wedges, but I thought it would be fun to give them a try.

    Jessica--The one I"l be returning is an XS in the sand color. WHat I can do is let you know what store I return it to and out it on hold under your name when I return it maybe?? That way you can get it for the sale price as I'm returning it at full price. Let me know! I won't be making it to an Anthro for a bit though.

    Shana--I have heard great things about them and have been super curious too so crossing my fingers they are a good decision! I'll be sure to review!

    Amaranta-really? Uh oh...hope the ones I get delievered fit as the ones in the store do!

    Inkmark--I did see those Small world TOMS on Carol and Kathryn's blog a while back...they look so cute for little girls!

  16. I've been tempted to try some Toms wedges, but haven't yet! Love both your cute outfits - hope you continue to have the best Spring Break ever!

  17. Having two children from Africa (one who ran around on a daily basis without shoes for years) and having visited there 8 times and seen the need, I admire greatly what TOMS is doing.
    That said, I don't think I can do TOMS for myself right now, and I'll have to keep finding other ways to give. Maybe I need to try some on or see how you work yours to get inspired?? Looking forward to that!

  18. Loving my Toms. I got the olive green ones and wore them on our trip to San Diego as my go-to walking shoe. They were fabulous. Four straight days of walking - 2 days of Legoland, 1 day we walked the entire San Diego Zoo and 1 day at SeaWorld (they even got drenched from a run-in with a dolphin and dried quickly) and no foot aches or anything. Definitely a great purchase and perfect for a trip if you are doing a ton of walking and still want to look cute.