Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Minutes at Anthropologie (Reviews!)

Hi all! Hope everyone had a fun Saturday! I had a few returns to make today so the boys and I loaded up and headed out (we live about 45 min from Anthropologie so it's a bit of a trek). We stopped first at Anthro. I did a once around the store zeroing in on any short-sleeved shirts that I liked. No tanks, no cardigans...just short-sleeve tops. I actually found quite a few! We headed into the dressing room where I tried all 7 on as fast as I could before my boys took the place down (we were in and out in 30 min...I wasn't wasting any time). I snapped a quick picture of each to share with you (please excuse the occasional child that pops up in the background) along with a quick review:

Mystery Blouse-don't see it on the website yet($98)

This blouse is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE the print and the colors. The tag indicates that it is a red motif but to me the red is actually an orange-red. I tried it on in a 0 and the fit was good...perfect length. I think a 2 would have been too big in the arms, but if I get the chance to try it on I would like to. This would be so cute with dark denim and wedge sandals. I can totally see myself wearing this! The price is pretty steep at $98 so I will hope that my size is still around when it hits sale because I think I NEED this hanging in my closet. Wish listed!

Sidewalk Cafe Blouse-yellow motif (it actually looks green in real life)-($68)

I had high hopes for this blouse...I went in looking for the white motif but they only had my size in the yellow so that's what I tried on. I tried on the X-Small and it was way too big on me. The neck is super wide and as the catalog photo shows, it can easily fall off your shoulders. It's also very baggy (it's suppose to be, but it was too baggy on me). I'm pretty much sized out in this one unfortunately. I didn't love the yellow color either. Both the white and yellow were very sheer and see-through as well which was a downfall. Overall this is a definite pass and one I wouldn't recommend.

Bright Future Top-($68)

This is one of those blousey-drapey tops that I've been afraid of in the past...but when I saw this pop up online I thought it was really cute. I love the polka-dot print. I tried this on in an X-Small and found the fit to be what I think it is suppose to be. It was about as short as I would want it to go in the front but felt fine everywhere else. It's one of those tops that can be worn casually or even on date night with skinny jeans and a cute pair of colorful pumps or sandals....throw on a cute necklace and you'd be good to go! I'm a fan of this one...wish listed!

Mirrored Waves Top-Ivory motif(looks white to me)-($68)

My friend picked this top up for herself when she visited Anthro last week and I have to say, I can totally see why! I love it! It's such a cute take on the basic white tee. I tried it on in an X-Small and it fit perfectly. I love the design...the shimmer in the sequins is not too over the top at's perfect. I didn't love the Dark Grey motif in this much (it actually looks like a muted brown) so I would definitely get it in the Ivory motif. Wish listed for sure!

Winner's Circle Tee-Pink motif-($48)

This is the second time I've tried this top on (I previously tried on the yellow motif) but this time I liked it much better. Perhaps it was the different color? I took this in a small and it fit good...the X-small also fit but was too short in front. It's blousey like it's meant to be. The pink motif has now made my wish list for sale time...I'm a fan!!

Alstroemeria Tee-($78)

I first saw this on the website just a few days ago and fell in love with the bright colors. I have to admit I was a little surprised I was attracted to the print as it's not my typical look but it definitely peaked my interest. I tried this on in an X-small (what I wear in most Deletta tops) and it fit like a glove. It has an interesting asymmetrical shape to it which is also something that is different for me...I am one of those people who likes things to be equal all over so this definitely challenges that. I actually really like this top. I like that it's different and visually interesting with the pattern, color and shape. It stands out in a crowd for sure. Wish listed!

Navigable Tee-($88)

This is another flowey tee (it's all the rage this spring it seems!) I thought the pattern was cute and the top was actually long enough which is half the battle! I tried this on in an X-Small. The Dolman sleeves are a bit big on my arms and the stripes kind of make them look even bigger somehow. I'm not in love with this top...and for $88 you have to be in love. I will pass for now but maybe look again at sale time (if I'm still in the mood for flowey tops).

So there ya go..a few tops that can be worn alone...without any cardigans over them. I'm always on the hunt for tops like that. See anything you like? Not a fan of? HAVE to have?

Here's what I wore on our little outing today...first up, the Polyvore set I created last week:

Here's what it looked like on:

-Winding Roads Tank-Anthropologie
-Dwarf Quince Cardigan-Anthropologie (via eBay)
-Ultimate Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Seychelles "Come Dancing Peep-Toe Pump"-Amazon
-"Lucky" Necklace-Macy's
-Crystal Blossom Drop Earrings-J Crew Factory
-Ring-American Eagle

So it was a fun 30 minutes in Anthro. It's always a little challenging when I have my munchkins in tow but at least I actually got to try a few things on. I actually left the store empty handed if you can believe that! Maybe next time. I had a few returns to make at Banana as well and left there with only a cardigan that was marked down to $22 from $70. Not bad. I was hoping to exchange my new trouser jeans I got from there during the Give and Get promotion for the right size (the ones I ordered were too short---bummer!!) but they were all out. =( The hunt for the perfect trouser jean continues.

Here it is past midnight and I'm wide awake...I better get to bed! Just an FYI...I rented "Eat, Pray, Love" and watched it earlier tonight...I was not impressed. At all. It was very slow and kind of boring even...I was a little disappointed. All well...can't win them all I suppose. Have you seen anything good lately??

Have a great day! =)


  1. I think I love every single top on you. Some have surprised me as I didn't like them on line but now feel I MUST have them. Thanks for posting your reviews. And your little guys in the pics are adorable.

  2. I think my favorite is the Bright Future Top...I'm a sucker for polka dots! The dwarf quince cardi looks great on you :)

  3. Jenny, all the tops look great on you! While I'm not a big fan of the flowy tops, they look great paired with skinny jeans.

  4. All of those look lovely! I too need some short sleeved tops! I also like the kids popping in and out of photos. So cute!

  5. I'm always impressed with those who can shop with kids in tow. Mine are like a 3-ring circus tagging along so I don't make it out as much as I'd like. :)
    The first top and alstromeria shirt are my favs. Just wondering if you've had the chance to try on the ringer bermudas or flea market crops? Those are my own answer to the warmer weather dilemma!

  6. Thanks for the reviews! Everything looks so great on you! I'm planning to go to Anthro this week and do reviews. I was actually at the mall yesterday too! :) I didn't see you though. That would have been funny! Sounds like you had a great time. I also wanted to see Eat, Pray, Love as it's on my Netflix queue, but I think I might pass now if it's really slow and boring. :) Thanks again for the awesome reviews!

  7. Love your outfit u wore to the store. And yes, I hated eat, pray, love!! Ugh.

  8. Loved your OOTD! So cute. The hues of the yellow and red flowers in the cardigan are a beautiful duet together!
    I tried on that Edme and Esyllte mystery top as well, and LOVED it! I almost bought it, then really felt the $98 price tag was too steep for a simple silk top. I may eat my words and end up buying anyway if it's selling out! I purchased a gorgeous denim maxi sundress by Daughters of Liberation instead, not online yet. So CUTE! Did you spot it too?
    I too didn't prefer Eat,Pray,Love. Too slow. Especially the India segment. ugh.

  9. Loved the first and the last the best. They all looked good on your tiny frame. Bring on the sleeves!

  10. Love the reviews! Those are all new to me.
    I hated Eat, Pray, Love too. I saw enough of it in the theater at the gym to know I didn't want it. When I came through the cue on Netflix, I turned the sticker around, and sent it right back.

  11. I love the red flower print shirt.


  12. Thanks for these great reviews, Jenni! I love that first top, as well. The bright hue really is gorgeous. I'll be watching for it to pop up online.

    I haven't seen EPL yet, but I must admit that I fizzled out while reading the book. I loved the first third, but never got past that. Oh well...

  13. That first mystery blouse is GORGEOUS - I love the color, the print, everything - you look like a million bucks in that one! Thanks for the great reviews - no easy task with all the kids in tow!

  14. The Mystery Blouse is so pretty and looks GREAT on you! I always think the flowy blouses just look too big...I just can't pull off that look very well :)

  15. Your boys are too cute in the background! :)
    I love the first top and the Bright Future top as well. Like Tara, I'm always a sucker for polka dots!

  16. My favs are the first floral one and the mirror waves!
    ps- the last one (flowy stripes) looks similar to a bunch of shirts I saw yesterday at Ross. For like 8-12 bucks. I got a couple and i love them!!

  17. Cute OOTD I just put three of those tops on my wish list!!! I am really going to hold out this times since EVERYTHING always hits sale sooner or later!

  18. That first top is gorgeous!!! I hope it goes on sale so you can get it! I fits you great too! :)

  19. Love the flowy tops with skinny jeans--creates great balance. Proportions are key these days Thanks for the reviews on each top!
    I haven't seen EPL, but I did see The Adjustment Bureau in the theater last weekend with the hubby and we both really enjoyed it:-)

  20. Hey there...I was in Emeryville and looked for the Bevin, but no size 0 for ya. :-(

  21. Ok everything looks great on you! LOVE all of them!

    Meet Virginia Design

  22. I am seriously impressed you tried all of that stuff on in 30 minutes! Everything looks great on you, but I love the first top the most :)

  23. Thanks ladies! My boys are little characters! =)

    Gigi--thanks for looking!!

    Andrea--I have gotten good at shopping fast! =)

    Kara--Hubby and I are planning on trying to see The Adjustment Bureau next looks really good! I'm a Matt Damon fan.

    Tricia--I keep telling myself the same will ALL go on sale eventually!

    Jamie, Peggy, Molly and modernmom--glad it wasn't just me that felt this way about the story!

    Kristine--I have not tried either of those bottoms on...I don't try too manyb bottoms from Anthro for some reason. The few that I have just haven't impressed me.

  24. Ooooooh, I am dying for that first mystery blouse!!! Did you happen to jot down the style number? I keep hoping it'll pop onto the website so I can track it down, but nothing yet! :)

  25. Yay, thanks!! You are good!! Can't wait to see if my store has it! :)

  26. I actually bought the first one last night at their Brick and mortar store, I fell absolutely in love!!!! Fits so well and you can dress it up or down. Perfect spring/summer top! Deff one of those time pieces. Thank you Jenni for posting b/c other wise I try to stay away from the stores. But that shirt was well worth the splurge