Sunday, January 16, 2011

What I Wore: Weekend Edition

Hi there! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. I for one am quite happy that tomorrow is a extra day off is fine by me! My husband even gets the day off (he's not even on-call) so it really will be a "day off" for everyone. Today I decided to pull out one of my Anthro tag sale purchases to wear to church...the Easy Keeper skirt. I have plans to pair the Floral Frappe top with this skirt in the future but thought I'd challenge myself a little to come up with another option first using what I had in my closet and finally settled on this look:

I snapped a quick picture as I was running out the door:

And there are those Anticipation Heels again...LOVE! I wore a heathered brown color of tights but wondered if another color would have looked better?? Let me know if you have any other ideas. I had a pair of purple tights in my hand but thought that might be a little much with the blue top and yellow sweater. Hmmmm......

Yesterday I wanted nothing more than to be comfortable so I decided to go with leggings (my friend and I decided they are nothing but glorified sweats but I still reserve the right to wear them and call them fashionable). I've worn this outfit before but changed out the cardigan:

Tomorrow we're planning on picking a spot in the local area to go on a little day trip to...the weather is suppose to be in the 60's which is sounding great! I'm planning on taking a little trip to Anthro on Tuesday to make a return so I'm crossing my fingers for a good sale this week. Love me an Anthro sale!!!

Hope you all enjoy the day off tomorrow!


  1. Love the outfit. I like the tights you wore- at least in the pic... maybe some dark navy tights? The cardi is one of my favs and I missed out on the skirt - you look great in it!


  2. What a beautiful outfit--definitely one of my favorites so far! I'm very happy to have tomorrow off, too!

  3. Enjoy your day off! I really like your cardi in the second pic :)

  4. LOVE the Easy Keeper skirt on you - super pretty! I think the tights you wore look great, my only other idea would be navy.

    Enjoy the day off tomorrow! I'm totally looking forward to it (dh is taking me to Anthro in the afternoon!!! NO KIDS!!! Pinch me!)

  5. Eeeek! You look PERFECT! I am so kicking myself on not getting that skirt. I was totally in love with it when I tried it on!

  6. I love that skirt and wish I had grabbed it! I may need to call around and track it down!

  7. I never thought to pair this skirt with a yellow cardigan, but I will most definitely be trying that combination. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Like Sherry and Jan, I think you did a great job choosing tights -- and I also think that navy would look great!

  8. The navy and gold are unexpected with the skirt but look sooooo good! You look great!