Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally Catching Up--some OOTD's and Anthro Fitting Room reviews

Hi there everyone! How's the week going for ya? We've been busy around here, hence the lack of posting, but I'm back! And I have lots to share...a few OOTD posts and some Anthro fitting room reviews as well. First's what I've been wearing this week so far:


-Painted Boatneck Striped Tee-Loft
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle
-Kachiri Boots-Target

We were all home on Monday since it was a day off so we did a little playing...went to Ikea (at the boy's request--they love the kid's club there), went and rode the train at a little shopping center, did a little looking around, made a return at Anthro and had an early dinner at The Counter (YUM!!!!). If you've never heard of The Counter you should look into seeing if you live near one...their food is DELICIOUS! They are well known for their Sweet Potato fries but I personally have major love for the Parmesan french fries...HEAVEN!!! Their strawberry milkshakes are also divine. Of course the hamburgers are crazy good as well. Anyhow, it was a fun day and nice to all be able to spend some time together. Not to mention, nice to go into Anthropologie ALONE!!! The hubs was nice enough to entertain the kids for about 45 minutes while I went and looked around and tried a few things on.


-Molded and Melded Tee-Anthropologie
-Striped V-Neck Cardigan-Loft
-Ultimate Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Boots-Urban Outfitters
-Small Open-Circle Necklace-Shabby Apple
-Ring-Forever 21

Yesterday I went and met my mom for a little window shopping...I had a credit at Pottery Barn Kids I needed to use up by the end of the month so I picked the boys up some of those reusable Star Wars sticker books...those things are awesome to keep them quiet during church! After the mall we headed over the Anthropologie (again-second time in two days!). I had a few things on hold for me from the day before in hopes that they would hit sale...and the Floral Frappe top did! So I returned my unworn, tags still attached full-priced green version and re-bought the green one and a navy blue one too...two for about the original price of one...not bad! Hardly any extra money spent and more importantly, hardly any money taken out of this month's budget (only like $3). I haven't worn my Volante Tee yet either in hopes that it will also go on sale soon so I can get two for the price of one as well. I know, I know...just wear it already! But when you're on a budget, people, little things like getting two shirts for what I already paid for just one is a big deal! Yesterday was my mom's first time in Anthropologie and she liked it. She's not super into fashion, but she appreciates a cute cardigan or top. She actually has pretty good taste when it comes to picking things out for me when we go shopping. Sometimes she picks things I'm not a fan of, but for the most part she has a pretty good eye. She even found a cardigan in the sale room to take home with her (more on that later). Anyhow, we had a good time and then I had to get on my merry way to get home and do the after-school pick-up routine.


-Celosia Cardigan-J Crew
-Braided Trim Top-Banana Republic
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Seychelles Come Dancing Peep-Toe Pump-Amazon
-Tiffany Necklace-gift from the hubs
-Bracelet-Pac Sun

Today I wanted to wear my new Seychelles shoes...they are so fun! I have no regret over getting these...they are a great pop of color and I see myself getting great wear out of them in the future. They are seriously so comfortable and really easy to walk in. I also pulled out one of my favorite J Crew sweaters of all time that I just don't give enough love. When I put it on I noticed there's a slight snag in the lower arm (BUMMER!) but it won't stop me from wearing it. I still really like it and think the color is so pretty.

Alright...on to the dressing room reviews.

Sun Shades Dress

Besides returning the Refined Cord dress that sadly just didn't work out for me, my primary reason for visiting Anthro this time around was to hunt down the Sun Shades dress. I wanted to give it a go and see if the dress would be long enough on me to consider as a wedding guest dress for a family wedding in March. This dress is listed as 38" long but from what I can tell, it's running long because 38" is usually way too short for my liking. I tried on a size 0 at the store because they didn't have anything else besides that and a size 10. The 0 was too tight around my ribs (I could zip it but breathing easy would eventually prove to be an issue after a long day) so I definitely needed a size 2. I wanted to see what this dress would look like with a cardigan because that's how I would be wearing it, but I forgot to grab one before I went into the dressing room. So I improvised. I slipped on the Hiking Ruffles cardigan and pulled the sides back so it kind of looks like I'm wearing a sweater Bolero. I really liked this much so that I took a chance and ordered it in a size 2 and it was shipped out to me yesterday afternoon. I do need to find a sweater to go with I go Gold? Grey? Cream? I'm not sure. Shoes--my mustard yellow shoes? My new Teal Seychelles Sweeping Stitch heels? Oh, the indecision! I still have the grey and white Boden dress in the back of my mind as well. I went ahead and ordered that one too just to have both dresses to compare. The Anthro dress seems more fun to me, but the Boden dress looks so cute in the pictures too. I'll just have to try both on to make a final decision I suppose. In the meantime, my poor bank account! =) Thank heavens this type of purchase falls into the "necessary and not part of my monthly budget" category! And of course I won't be keeping will be returned. When they come I'll do a little comparison shoot.

Monthly Meet-Up Pullover:

I have seen this on a few bloggers and thought it was a cute but comfy looking top...and it was! I took an XS in this. It seemed like it was right about where it was suppose to hit (at the's not meant to be too long) and it's not too baggy. I loved the ruching on the sleeves...a nice touch for a lounge-type piece. I could totally see myself wearing this but would wait until it hit sale to purchase it. Funny how it just so happened to look A LOT like the shirt I wore into the store that day! =)

Soldierly Sparkle Top:

So I finally chose the color I liked best out of all the options for this top...this pink color stood out to me the most. My second choice would be the brown I think. I took an XS in this top...the small was just too baggy all around. I love the hint of bling this casual top offers...perfect for a day of running around paired with jeans and boots or flats. I'll definitely try to pick this one up when it hits sale.

Mystery Green print Tank with Hiking Ruffles Cardigan:

I can't find this one on the website yet, but the green color was what my eye was drawn to when I walked past this top in the store. When I tried it on, however, I was not very impressed. I tried it on in my normal size 2 and it fit fine. I don't know what it was I didn't like in particular, but it just wasn't wowing me. Defintely a pass. I liked that color green though! And once again I tried on the Hiking Ruffles cardigan in Ivory...this was a size small and fit great. I'll definitely be considering this if it hits sale.

So did you get anything from the sale yesterday? I of course picked up my Floral Frappe tops for a steal but I also snatched up a Lady's Choice cardigan in the neutral motif that popped back up on my wish list online for about a nanosecond (there must literally have been only 1 available) for just $29.95! I've never tried this cardigan on so we'll see how I like it. I always thought it was kinda cute with those puffy sleeves. I just had to give it a try for that price. It was so funny because when my mom and I were at Anthro yesterday my mom found the same cardigan in the gold motif in the sale room in her size and liked it and wanted to try it on without even knowing I had just bought the same one (different color though)! She ended up getting it so we'll be twinners if I end up liking mine too!

Well, I've pretty much written a novel so I think I'm done for today. Well, one last cute is this:

A-Bit-Unruly Top

It's pretty much calling my name. I think it's so darn cute! Ok, now I'm done. Off to watch American Idol...I'm so curious to see how the new judges do! Have a good one!


  1. I love all of the outfits but my favorite is "TODAY". The colors are so flattering and I might just a little moved to like it better because of the shoes... Iove me some red Seychelles! Cheers! xoxo Girls Day Out

  2. Great outfits Jenni! And thanks for all those pics and reviews. I looove that Anthro dress and so wish I had a place to wear it. Can't wait to see which dress you decide to wear.

  3. Oh Jenni, I'm so excited that the Sun Shade dress works and looks SO PRETTY on you! I think it would be gorgeous for the wedding, and such a great Summer dress for you to get lots of wear out of too! I can't wait to see the Boden on you too, though - it's fun to have options ;) LOVE your new red shoes, they are adorable - I totally would have ordered them if my size was available. Isn't the Soldierly Sparkle so adorable - I am dying for it to get a markdown so I can scoope it up! All of your recent outfits are super cute, and I'm glad you had a fun shopping run with your mom - maybe you will hook her on Anthro too! Dangerous!

  4. The Sun Shades Dress is so pretty on you. Anxious to see which one you end up wearing :)

  5. Jenni, the dress looks great on you. So pretty. I love that striped top too, looks like it would go with just about anything. Thanks for the great reviews.

  6. I love the dress with the yellow stripes. It would be a great spring dress! I also really like the green shirt and will keep a look out for that one! Good reviews.

  7. I really like your LOFT striped tee in the first pic...and I hope the 2 in the dress works out for you, its really cute!

  8. Thanks for the reviews Jenni :)
    I've been wondering about the Soldierly Sparkle top, and glad you reviewed it! I might pick it up during a sale too. I love the Sun Shades Dress on you! You look absolutely divine in it! So happy you got it :) - I think a cardi in that shade (cream/ivory) would be a great contrast to it! It picks up one of the colors in the dress and softens up the look at the same time.
    Oh, I also love your first two outfits!

  9. Oh wow, I really love the Sun Shades dress on you! I like it paired with a white cardigan like you did here, so maybe you can find another white one? Or if you're feeling particularly festive, you could even try a fun sequined cardigan for the wedding, unless that's too much, haha... Clearly I don't know much about proper wedding etiquette when it comes to dress code!

  10. Those Seychelles are great...I sadly haven't worn mine, but plan to with the Glowing Leaf Skirt. The Sun Shades Dress looks lovely, and I would try it with the Sweeping Stitch Heels (I'm not sure of the exact shade of yellow on the dress).

  11. I''m a sucker for stripes, so my fave is #1. I really hope you get the sun shades dress. It's really beautiful on you.

  12. I really love the sunshade dress. I will go with a simple navy blue cashmere sweater to set the contrast and possible add a statement necklace of teal blue?

  13. Thanks for all the nice comments ladies...and I'm loving all the suggestions! I can't wait till the dress comes so I can try it on with a few things.

  14. Hi, Jenni! I enjoy reading your blog, and I think that the Sun Shades dress is really cute on you! Would you consider wearing it with red heels?


  15. I love them all, especially the Celosia Cardigan!