Friday, January 14, 2011

Remixing...and the hunt for the wedding guest dress

It's Friday! We survived our first week back on the schedule and I can't tell you how happy I am that it's Friday! We don't have any big plans this weekend which is actually fine by me! It's movie night tonight for my husband and I...big date on the family room couch after the kids go to bed. We rented Inception...usually these types of movies don't really interest me but for some reason I wanted to see it. Hopefully I don't fall asleep...I hear it's long!
The past few days I've been using Polyvore more and more to get ideas for outfits to wear...I literally wake up and grab my IPhone as I'm still lying in bed and start searching through Polyvore for some type of inspiration and ideas of what to wear that day. It's been kinda fun! Yesterday I was looking through Jan's Polyvore sets and came across THIS. The colors were what struck me--orange and white. It's a combination that I really never wear so I thought I'd search my closet and see what I could find. Here's what I ended up with:

And here's how I wore it:

There are a few slight changes from the Polyvore set...I wore different but similar earrings, necklace, ring and flower clip...I couldn't find the exact matches. The tiered top I wore is the one I just picked up this week from Old Navy with my rewards card...I love it! I actually ended up really loving this outfit...I've struggled to come up with multiple ways to wear this cardigan so thanks Jan for the awesome inspiration!!

Today was another remixing day...I decided to pull out a bunch of items that I bought in the last year and create an outfit with them that I hadn't worn before:

And here's how it turned out in real life:

Yup, that's me in a dressing room. A Gap Outlet dressing room to be exact. Believe it or not, even though I did try on one thing, I didn't buy anything (except a shirt for my oldest for $6.99...big spender today). I was actually browsing a few stores to see if I could find anything to wear to the wedding I am attending in March. My husband's brother is getting married in AZ. I'm looking for a dress/accessories that are sunny yellow and's a challenge. I actually think I may have found a dress that might work at Boden (thanks "shopwithm" for the recomendation). It's super cute in the catalog! I put together a Polyvore set of what I might wear with it but keep in mind that the picture of the dress is at an odd angle for some HERE to see the product page online.

I have never ordered from Boden before but I got a coupon from them in the catalog they sent me so that's a bit of an incentive to give them a try. I actually really like this dress from the picture and am thinking it might just be a perfect fit as far as the colors go (I'm not IN the wedding, but family members are suppose to kinda stick to dressing in the wedding colors). It's free shipping and free returns if it doesn't work out so it can't hurt to try. I'm trying to decide whether or not to go with the regular or long length...I'm thinking the long is probably going to be the way to go since I always seem to have issues with things not being long enough. What do you think? Is this a good choice? Is it too grey? Not enough yellow? Too much floral? I'd love your opinon!

By the way, if you live near a Gap Outlet and missed out on the Curated Tee from Anthro last year they have some navy blue/white, yellow/white and purple/white striped look-a-likes. I was tempted to get the yellow/white striped version since it was 40% off but that good ole' budget of mine crept back into my head saying "STOP!!!" So I put it back. And I survived to tell about it. Imagine that!

I'm off to get my munchkins ready for bed...hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


  1. I love the yellow and grey look. I say give the dress a try!

  2. I get the Boden catalogs too, but have never actually bought anything from 'em. Can't wait to see you style the dress in person. And I love yellow paired with gray! Speaking of which, I have to get my munchkins 2 bed too. They're highly delirious now. lol

  3. oh and I am officially in love w. that burnt orange cardi. And that rosette clip!

  4. Love that orange & white combo! I love orange, but I always 'forget' about it until I see it on someone else. So thanks for reminding me!

    And that Boden dress is so cute! I've never ordered from them before, so let me know what you think of it.

  5. I love both of those outfits...I wish I had picked up that orange cardi, but I have a similar one from J Crew.

  6. Jenni, I have that loft shell and I've worn it soooo much. It just goes with everything. Love all your polyvore sets. I need to try it out. How was the movie?

  7. Love the dress!! Can't wait to see how it works for you. Definitely review.

  8. You are so cute, I love how your look turned out - I wish I had that Loft Cardigan! And I think the Boden dress could be *perfect* I can't wait to see how you like it when it comes! I used to wear a ton of Boden about 5 years ago? I was always sucked in by their amazing prints and fun colors - plus their Customer Service is awesome. If their pieces fit me better, I'd buy more - but for now I stick with buying the boys their clothes - Mini Boden is one of my favorite places to get them stuff!

  9. Hi Jenni! I love the frilliness in each of these outfits. It really seems to suit your style. And I think the Boden dress looks like it could really work for you. The length looks very wearable, and the yellow cardigan will bring out the

    I ordered a skirt from Boden right before Christmas. I was very pleased with my Boden experience. It was shipped from the UK, so the package took a long time to make it through customs. I actually emailed them check on the status, and received a call within 10 minutes, letting me know a delivery date. The skirt didn't end up working on me (the color looked different online), but I will be making future purposes from them. I was very impressed with their customer service. And they also sent an email to all customers apologizing for the delayed deliveries -- they will be moving most of their inventory to the US, so the delivery delays shouldn't be an issue in the future.

    BTW, I am in love with the polka dot top in your previous outfit. It is seriously testing my resolve to buy just one clothing item per month. I will have to be strong -- even if it is on clearance!

  10. I love the wedding outfit, perfect mix of grey and yellow. The first Boden purchase is always the hardest because it is so far away and you can't try anything on anywhere.

    The quality of all of my Boden pieces is always amazing and I have only ever returned two things and it was simple and fast. I love the long options on everything and the prints and designs always draw my eye. I am a huge Mini Boden fan too, I get a lot of my boys clothes from there

  11. That outfit looks pretty for a wedding. I like the rosette in your hair in the 1st pic. Very cute. :-)

  12. I love that gray dress so much! You are going to look stunning!