Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Muse

Since I've been on the "only buy items on your December wishlist from Anthro" plan it's given me lots of opportunities to examine my closet and pull out items that still have tags on them. Bad me. Today I went with the Muse tank from J Crew. I got this on sale a few months back and was pleasantly surprised by the interesting color that it is. It's called Golden Topaz...not yellow, not orange...Topaz. It's a unique looking color...something I didn't own anything like. I originally wanted to pair it with my purple Set the Course cardi but then I told myself to step outside my purple box and look for something else. I found this:

-Muse Tank-J Crew
-Zebra Print cardigan-Loft (Summer 2010)
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle
-Rainboots-Gap Outlet
-Ring-Forever 21
-Earrings-Old Navy

(Pardon the terrible quality of the was dark out and the lighting in our house is horrible for picture taking when it's dark)

I found a little way to squeeze some purple into my outfit the rainboots. It was pouring buckets today so rainboots were my go-to shoe. I liked how the color palette of the outfit turned out overall...not my typical pairing but not bad.

I'm hosting a holiday lunch tomorrow for all the resident wives in my husband's're asking how I got so lucky, right? haha. After the gym this morning I headed out to go shopping for food and decor. I found a very cute table runner at Target and picked up some new Christmas lights to wrap around my greenery on our staircase that I finally got around to putting up today. The good thing about hosting a holiday party is that you're kind of forced to take the time to deck the halls with all the trimmings. It's lots of work, but I love how it looks when you're pretty, especially at night. I'm off to bake some sugar cookies and make a Raspberry Ribbon Pie for tomorrow...sounds so good right?! Hope it is!


  1. Good luck tomorrow, it sounds delicious! And I like the color combo you came up with! And you've done so good with your no-buy. Me, I've broken the rules a few times. Oops!

  2. I love your outfit! Good luck with your party!

  3. Love the Muse on you!! Great pairing with the printed sweater. :)

  4. I love these two color combos together! How cute you look! Have a great day.

  5. That topaz color is super pretty! I hope the luncheon goes great!

  6. I love this top with that cardi! Good for you stepping out of the box. I need to do that a little more often and also find the items I haven't worn and work them into some outfits! What was the point in buying them afterall!! =)

  7. The party sounds like fun! I love that topaz color, it will go with a lot of other colors!

  8. Such a lovely outfit! Glad to see the top on you - I've been debating on whether or not to get it and which color (I most likely will - since they've done it a little differently from all their others tees that I have).
    Hope your cooking and decorating goes perfectly and hope you have a wonderful time at the party!

  9. Love the topaz top! I just ordered one this morning>>> is it TTS? (I hope so, I ordered my regular xs)Looks great with the cardi too!

  10. The muse tank looks soooo much better on you then it did on me! Hope the luncheon went well, it sounds delicious

  11. Jenni, you much better that I did as well. I sent mine back. So cute with the cardi. How did the lunch go?

  12. Jessica--well, we're only at Dec 9th..I have plenty of time to break rules! =) haha

    szmom--thanks! The lunch went really well!


    addicted to jcrew/anntaylor--thank you! =)

    Jan--thanks girlie! We had a good lunch! I ate too much! =)

    Leah--Exactly! It's funny how you can be so in love with and item and then 6 months later you have forgotten you own it!

    Sarah--thanks! I have a few more color combos in mind too!

    Fatima--You should give the Muse a try...I really like it!

    Jenny R-I took a small so I'd say it was TTS. The XS also fit but was too short. I have a long torso though so that's not a surprise.

    Debye-thanks girl! It was a busy day getting ready but it went good!

    Molly-It was great! Lots of yummy food!

    Thanks ladies!! =)

  13. I just received the same exact Jcrew Muse two days ago and love the color and make. I really like the cardigan you paired with it. :)

  14. The Golden Topaz colored top really looks stunning on you! I think you can wear all the colors that I keep wishing I can pull off (like the bright yellow Old Navy coat in your other recent post!). And the zebra cardigan with this top is so fun!

    The cookies and pie sound delicious! Sugar cookies are some of my favorites -- love decorating them!

  15. Love, love that top: a gorgeous color, style & texture. I also adore that cardi (I haven't seen that cardi before on you; but it's one of the best in your collection). I have a similar cardi like that from White House Black Market. Great outfit overall. I also like your guys' wedding photo from the background. Show us some more wedding pics, in one post. =)