Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sticking to the plan and the return of the headband

Hi there everyone! So this morning brought a sale from Anthro...did you bite? I was tempted by a few things that have been on my wish list for sometime, but I didn't put them on my official December wish list so I passed. It was hard to pass, but I did. I stuck to the plan. The funniest thing happened though...I actually had a dream about the Easy Keeper skirt last night (obsessed much?)...I dreampt it went on sale and I got it! When I woke up for some reason I was fully expecting to see that it was indeed on sale so I excitedly opened up my laptop to see...BUMMER! That dream was a total fake out! For anyone that did pick a few deals up, enjoy! I'll live vicariously through you for now.

So today I have been running around...dropped my son at school, went to Ikea, went and worked in my son's class...and now were off to have a play date and dinner with some friends. I felt like wearing something on my feet other than boots today...I feel like that's all I've been wearing lately. Luckily it turned out to be a little warmer today (like 60 degrees, if you call that warm) so my feet wouldn't freeze if I wore flats. I would have loved to wear my black open-toed clogs instead but my bum ankle still isn't quite ready for those all day yet. Here's what I wore:

-Ruffled Keyhole Top-Old Navy
-Traversa Cardigan-J Crew
-Always Skinny Cords-Gap
-Bangle-?? can't remember where...Express maybe??

This is the first time I've pulled out my new corduroy pants from Gap...LOVE! I ended up going with the petite length on these, and went up one size from my normal Always Skinny Jeans from Gap. The cords were a much tighter fit. Overall I really love the fit...they haven't stretched out at all throughout the day which is great. I scored these the week of Black Friday for $35 with their 40% off promo...can't beat that!

That is indeed a headband you see in my hair...it's been a long time since I've worn one! I can't wear regular plain headbands or the ones that wrap all around the head with an elastic band...for some reason they just don't work. I have a mis-shaped head or something. The only headbands that I can wear without looking super goofy are the ones that are embellished on only one side with something (like the one I'm wearing). I picked this one up at Target last year for like $8...pretty cheap. I recently saw one at Anthro for $42...not so cheap. I'll wait for that one to hit sale. Sometimes it's fun to dress up your hair too! =)

Do you wear headbands? Where do you get yours? DO tell! =)


  1. I can't wear headbands! I don't know why either...it just makes me feel like I'm 12. But I know some girls, like yourself, look sooo good with it. I try though...but at 31...I really can't be looking 16. Haha.

  2. Good job on being able to pass on the sale this morning. I'm going shopping in NY and keep telling myself that until I go, no more shopping - most of the flagship stores are there, so you can imagine the variety! (but I just can't resist all these constant online markdown temptations - I ended up picking up a few things this morning at Ann Taylor's site :( ). Anyway, as always, I really like what you're wearing today. So cute and adorable (especially the headband).

  3. The headband is adorable on you! Love it! I would wear headbands a ton if they didn't give me headaches - it's not a matter of them being tight, I just can't keep anything on my head (hats, caps, sunglasses, earmuffs, etc.) for longer then an hour or so without it really bothering me. You were strong with the sale! I picked up the Tria Skirt and Loosely Looped Tee - not sure about the green color though, I'm anxious to see it in person....

  4. Hi Jenni,

    Love the headband on you. I just bought some from Target but haven't worn them yet. I don't know if I'm scared or just don't know how to wear them. I love your outfit featuring the headband! It's adorable. I'm going to give the headband a try...you've inspired me!

    I skipped the sale this morning too! The only item I wanted is sold out, The Cream Confection Jacket, but it's okay. More money to save and spend on something else!

  5. Love your outfit, and the headband is so cute. I do wear them at times when I tease the crown of my head and then a side ponytail. I get great ones at the International Hairshow I attend every year. The hair access. are like nothing you've ever seen, I'm like a kid in a candyshop. I do get hair things for my girls in Jc, but only on sale! Oh, and F21 has great hair clips, etc for great prices.

  6. Ok seriously this morning during my run I thought I wonder how Jenni's ankle is! Random?! Yes! I usually get my headbands all over even at Payless I know weird hu? You look cute!

  7. I love headbands and get many of mine from J. Crew (on super sale, of course!). You look adorable in yours!

    It sounds like you had a great, albeit busy, day. BTW, I tried the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. Oh my...delish!

  8. I have had the fake out dreams too, they stink.

    I love headbands, buy them and then never wear them.....go figure! You look adorable on your busy day

  9. You look cute with your headband and God do I ever love and wear headbands? Today I am not actually but I wear them at least every other day. LOL I love their style and they are so easy and a lazy piece to accessorize with that will keep your hair in place, at all times.

    Since I moved to Albania 4 months ago I have found several at different jewelry boutiques but mostly from Collection Accessories & Bijoux. However most of my headbands are from Express, The Limited and New York & Co. I also own some from J.Crew, Target, Ann Taylor & Loft. I easily own 50 headbands and I am sure I will add more. I like the ones with some type of embellishment, bow or design to the side, as well. =) I have actually always loved headbands since I was a very little girl even to this day and I am the same age as you. =D