Thursday, November 4, 2010

Repeat Offender

Today's outfit is a repeat of one I wore a few months back...I really liked the way it turned out last time I wore it so I figured I'd give it another go. When I was trying to throw something together quickly this morning before heading out to take my kiddos to school I saw the cardigan in my closet, remembered how I styled it before and ran with it.

-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Percussive Cardigan-Anthropologie (Summer 2010) sale item)
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle
-Zebra print shiny flats-Target
-Sweet white ankle wrap-courtesy of the ER doctor
-Necklace-Tiffany (gift from hubby)
-Ring-Forever 21

To make it a little different than last time I wore a different necklace, and this time I curled my hair (which is now a few inches longer) instead of wearing it straight (big deal--I know).

Side note: Curling my hair makes second-day hair look so much better than if I straighten it I've looks much less oily and second day-ish. It's my new go-to second-day hair look. I still curl it when it's not second day-hair too though...if you see I've got my hair curled you don't always have to look at me and think "Wow--does she ever wash her hair?" I promise, I do. I can never go more than 2 days...I can't stand it after that.

Ok, anyways...I included my awesome new accessory in my picture today--the ankle wrap. Hopefully this won't be around for too long. It's seriously not cute at all and it clashes with everything!

I got my new Loft boots in the mail yesterday...and they fit! I only tried them on one foot but from what I can tell I like them a lot. I also picked up this in the Wild Berry (and I LOVE it) and this (which I think is going back...not a huge fan of the way the sequins feel. I'm afraid every time I bump into anything a sequin is going to pop off! I had to try--it was so cute online!) 2 for 3 isn't bad!

Ok, I'm off. Time for some beauty sleep...I need it! =)


  1. cute! love those zebra flats! I missed it - what did you do to your foot? Love that your boots fit! yeah!

  2. I really like your cardi...and I hope that ankle gets better soon...and hooray for new boots!!

  3. first off-I think you should hold on to the sequin tank for now and see if you warm up to it....I picked up the tank too.... it is amazing on and because of the bias strips it doesn't do the "sequin tank tummy bunching thing". I have two other sequin tanks and did not need one more but this one really is so great on that I couldn't resist!

    Love the outfit...repeat or not;) Great outfits are meant to be reworn and loved. Sometimes blogging makes us feel like we are letting down others when repeating but truth is...who wants to wear an outfit we love just once?

  4. Peggy-I sprained my ankle on Saturday...super annoying! =(

    Tara-Thanks girlie!

    Debye-I have gone back and forth about this top...I need some styling ideas I think to se what the possibiliteis are. I really love the way it looks but am just not sure how to make it look good on me. I'm not sending it back quite yet so if you have any ideas I'd lve to see!!! =) ALso, I totally know what you're saying about repeating things...and I agree. I think outfits we love should be reworn too...for sure. I like to challenge myself to remix things but just couldn't pass on the same combination what right?! =) Good reminder!

  5. If I had that cute cardi in my closet you can bet I'd be wearing it tons! I repeat outfits a ton, those are the days you don't see ootd posts from me, ha! I love the pieces you picked from the Loft too - I bought a sequin tank there on deep discount a week or so ago, I think the sparkle will be great for the holidays if you decide to keep it :)

  6. Love that cardi and don't blame you for repeating! And I like the sparkle tank to I vote to keep it.

  7. I think if you find a great thing, stick with it!!! I agree with Debye hold onto the tank and give it another try!

  8. I wanted to thank you for posting about the deal on the Ann Taylor Loft D Ring boots. Last weekend I called the Stylefinder number and was able to get the same deal. Plus two more pairs of boots for a lot cheaper than the website price. Thank you!

  9. Hi Jenni,

    I found you on Jamie's Thrifty Threads Blog. I have a very similar Cardi! Anthro's Proscenium Cardi. I am wearing it in today's Post. What did you do to your ankle? Anyway, I decided to venture out to find some new Anthro Bloggers today.


    I am following you!

    Anthro Closet Chaos

  10. I adore this cardigan. I can't believe I never noticed it at Anthro! It goes really well with your top too. I have a similar color top from Ann Taylor - I imagine the cardi would have worked perfectly with it too. I hope your foot is feeling much better now :)