Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pinks and Greys

Happy Weekend everyone! I'm quite happy to have a few days off, I must admit. We went to the Harvest Festival last night at my son's school and had such a great time. Today we'll do a little running around and then tonight we're meeting up with some friends at the park (as long as the rain stays away) for a play date and then we'll grab some dinner. The weekends really do fly by too fast! So these past few days without realizing it I stuck to pinks and greys in my wardrobe. On Thursday I wore my pale pink Traversa cardi I picked up on sale with a charcoal grey (almost black) ruffle tank. I started out with the cardigan buttoned but decided it was more me if I left it open.

-Traversa Cardigan-J Crew
-Ruffle Tank-J Crew
-Ultimate Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Zebra flats-Target
-Necklace/Ring-Forever 21
-Earrings-New York and Co

Not sure why there's a white dot on my stomach in this picture...please ignore. I really like this cardigan...super easy to wear and it's a great layering piece. I seriously cannot say enough good things about Banana jeans too....they fit great and they don't stretch at all during the day which is hard to find these days!

So yesterday I pulled out this cute sweater dress I picked up from Loft last's a little short for me so I paired it with some skinny jeans and boots.


-Sweater Dress-Loft
-Always Skinny Jeans-Gap
-Perry D-Ring Boots-Loft (these are my $41.99 boots...originally $178!)
-Necklace-New York and Co
-Earrings/Ring-Forever 21
-Bracelet-no clue where I got this!

Last night got a little chilly out so when we went to the Harvest Festival I decided to throw on this long cardigan that I picked up at Forever 21 months ago (it's a Love 21 item):

It was just about the perfect length to go with the sweater dress.

Well, I'm off to get my day started. Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Jenni, those are such cute outfits. I love the sweater dress and the boots work just about everything. I am convinced I need a pair!! Have a great day.

  2. Those boots were a total score, I love them on you! The Traversa and Sweater Dress are both adorable on you, I love pink and gray together!

  3. Yeah!! The boots!! What a deal - love it! The sweater dress is really great too! I am so into pink and gray this year

  4. Glad to see you rocking those boots! What a great price! I really love that last pink cardigan, it is adorable!

  5. I really liked both outfits. I particularly think you look wonderful in the all black or darker colors outfit! Love it! I normally don't do all black (black is just too severe for me). But this is perfect :) And congrats on scoring those boots at that price! They look great :)
    Is your Traversa cardi an xs or s - if you don't mind me asking. I ordered it a few weeks back and felt it looked weird on me so I returned it, but i love how it looks on you, so I might give it a second try. Thanks!

  6. The dress looks fantastic on you. Great look!

  7. Molly--Thanks! You should totally grab a pair for yourself!! You won't regret it!

    Jan--Thanks girlie!!

    Peggy--Thanks so much! =)

    Tara--Thanks! I was unsure about the length of that cardigan when I bought it but now I'm glad it's as long as it is!

    Fatima-Thank you! Oh, and the jeans are actually just a dark denim wash...I don't know if I'm brave enough to do all black either! Regarding the Traversa cardigan--I actually bought an XS...I thought the sleeves were a little sloppy looking on me in the Small, although it would have been just fine too. It just depends on what you prefer! Hope you find one!

    Gigi-Thanks so much!!! =)

  8. Hi Jenni,
    It's me again. After seeing those boots on you, I have really been thinking of ordering a pair. I just wanted to ask you about the fit though. Loft doesn't seem to have a size chart for shoes online. Is it basically true to size? I normally wear a 7.5 or 8 in some stores. But when converted it's always a 38. What would you recommend? Thanks so much!