Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Favorite Colors...and a survey for you!!!

As I was looking through 'In Style' Magazine the other night I saw a picture of a girl wearing red and pink on top together...a light when off in my head...why haven't I ever thought to mix those two colors like that before? DUH! They are my two favorite colors, after all! I know I've worn pink cardigans a lot in the past few days but you'll have to excuse my obsession for at least one more day as I continue on with another:

-Hidden Placket Cardigan (in "peach"--even thought it looks pink)-Banana Republic
-Ruffle Tank-Ann Taylor Factory Store (Summer 2010)
-Always Skinny Jeans-Gap (petite length for my short legs)
-Leopard Print Flats-Forever 21 (Fall 2009)
-Watch-Fossil (OLD--but I still love it!)

I totally love red and pink together! Look at me...I already have a Valentine's Day outfit picked out...I'm so on top of it. =) You could also claim it looks super Candyland-ish...that's ok, I'm a fan. I love these leopard print flats I grabbed at Forever 21 last year but know I'll need to replace them eventually with some new ones. When you buy shoes from Forever 21 you can't really expect them to last longer than a season or two, really. I kind of hope they last a lot longer as I love them! They were my first printed shoe I ever bought...kind of a leap for me at the time. Also a leap was this necklace I bought (I thought it was SOOO different and not me at the time--haha) to wear to my husband's dental school graduation 3 1/2 year ago. I was always pretty conservative about wearing simple jewelry and when the sales associate suggested this necklace with the dress I was going to wear I just kind of shrugged. She basically had to talk me into it. It's so funny because by my standards now I think this is really a pretty simple necklace! Back then however, a double strand was apparently really taking a step outside the box (chuckle). My how things have changed! I mean, I'm still not super out there with my clothes, but a double-stranded necklace is nothing to be wary of, my goodness! I'm glad that I've become more willing to try new totally changes how you dress.

Since we're talking favorites, here's a little survey to take about your "Favorites"...copy and paste this list into your own blog and replace my answers with yours! Link me up to your answers in the comments section if you want...I'd love to see what you all put!!! Here we go (NOTE-some have three answers per question, some have just one):

"My Favorites" Survey:

1. Favorite Clothing Stores:
-J Crew

2. Favorite Places to buy shoes:
-Nordstrom--there's such a HUGE selection!
-Target--I love their cheap flats!

3. Favorite Brands of shoes:
-Seychelles--I only own one pair but it was love at first sight!
-Jessica Simpson--they're super cute and comfy! Again, I only own one pair...maybe I need to change that! =)

4. Favorite Articles of clothing in your closet right now:
-Skinny Cargos from Old Navy--I own 2 pairs, I love them so much!
-Golden Yellow V-Neck Cardigan from Loft
-Molded and Melded Tee's from Anthropologie...they're so versatile! (I have them in wine and green)

5. Favorite Colors to wear for fall:
-Golden Yellow color--so pretty!
-Cranberry/Purple hues
-Dark Grey/Charcoal

6. Favorite Brands of Jeans:
-Banana Republic
-American Eagle (super affordable!)

7. Favorite cut of jeans to wear (one answer only): Skinny Jeans

8. Favorite type of shoe to wear for fall (one answer only): Riding Boots

9. Favorite place to get tights (one answer only): American Eagle--really cute and affordable choices!

10. Favorite type of accessories to wear:
-Earrings...without them I feel naked!
-Cocktail Rings

11. Favorite places to buy accessories:
-Forever 21

12.Favorite fashion magazines:
-In Style
-People Style Watch

Ok, let's hear you answers! Can't wait!

We are staying home from church today since my youngest is a little under the weather, so no outfit to share with you from today. It's 1pm and I'm still sitting here in my pajamas! Lazy day. Have a good one!


  1. Put me in the "love it" category - the pink and red look adorable together! I'm still trying to break out of my simple jewelry box, I love statement pieces, but I feel like I don't carry them off the way others do!

    Very fun favorites survey - I'll play along sometime this week :)

  2. Lovin the pink and red together. It works so well. I'd like to do the survey as well and will get to it this week. Really creative idea!!

  3. Red and pink can totally go together :) I think one of the oldest clothing items that I own is this red and pink sweater from Express from years ago...I just can't seem to part with it!!

  4. You look really cute :)
    I like the red and pink contrast too. I don't remember ever pairing them together though. I know I've definitely done pink and orange :). The survey looks like fun, I have to come back and answer it! Hope your youngest feels better :)
    By the way thanks for answering my other question!

  5. I love pink & red together. Very pretty.

  6. The pink and red look so good together! I never pair those colors either, I wonder why not? I will need to do so in the future!

    My favorite colors for fall are also purple and golden/mustard colors... they're so perfect. I really like a deep orange this year too.

    As for accessories, no one tops Forever 21! :)

  7. I really like the red and pink together! I have never gotten any tights from AE good to know! I will try and do this later this week!

  8. Love the combo of red and pink. I chuckled over your story about the double stranded necklace... I too used to be much more conservative in my jewelry choices. It's a very pretty piece!