Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Army Greens

Today I actually got ready for the day...the whole getting ready for the day thing didn't happen yesterday. I figured I'd just be sitting around the house all day with my bum ankle yesterday so I didn't try too hard to look cute. And trust me, I didn't. =) Today however, I was working in my son's class so that meant I would run into people I knew...that gave me a little more motivation to get dressed. This was the first day that there was a slight improvement in the soreness of my sprain so that was good. It's still pretty messed up but it gives me a little hope at least that it won't be forever till I can run again. I have at least 11 more days off of it I'll count my blessings least I don't have to wear a cast on my foot like this poor guy I passed by today...he didn't look like he was having very much fun.

Anyhow, onto the good stuff...the clothes. I was reading Jan's post this morning and decided to totally copy the color combination she had on today. What can I was too cute to pass up (thanks for the inspiration Jan!!)

-Tank: Loft
-Ruffle Cardigan-J Crew
-Skinny Cargos-Old Navy
-Tweed Ballet Flats-Target
-Necklace/Earrings/Ring-Pac Sun

By the way..I took these pictures without the white wrap around my totally clashed...tragic. I'm loving my army green pants...they're a great neutral and a nice alternative to jeans some days. I picked up the shoes at Target for a whopping $9 on sale...I couldn't pass up the cute tweed pattern. It screamed fall to me. I'm a sucker for ballet flats from Target...they're so super cheap and they're actually pretty comfortable to wear.

So did you get anything from the Anthro sale today? I didn't jump on anything right away...there were a few things on my wish list that went on sale but I told myself I'd wait a bit and if I was still thinking about them at the end of the day I'd see if I could find them (both items sold out of the size and colors I wanted online already). Of course I was still thinking about them...I'm an obsessed girl, what can I say! =) I ended up picking up this in Turquoise and this in the grey/yellow stripes (for only $19.95 on second cut!!!). Love me a good deal!

Time for me to be productive and fold some laundry...I'm off!


  1. Glad your ankle is starting to heal a bit! I love the color combo! Hope you get the laundry done, I hate laundry!

  2. I like your army greens. I think you look great. I hope your ankle gets better soon.

  3. You look adorable, I love the army green thrown in too, I'm going to copy YOU next time! Hopefully your volunteer work was done while you were seated in the classroom yesterday - you need to take it easy!!!

    I didn't buy a thing from the sale yesterday. The only thing I wanted was the horse dress, but $180 was still too rich for my blood.

  4. I am eyeing that Insouciant Tank in pink or sky... the only thing I picked up yesterday was the In the Atmosphere necklace which was on sale for $9.95!

  5. You look so cute today! I love those skinny cargos and need to find a pair myself, maybe I'll give old navy a try. Hope your ankle feels better soon.

  6. Jenni, I am a new follower. I love your blog. The Target flats are so cute!! Who knew they'd have such cute items.

  7. I love those cargos on you. I haven't tried them on but they look really good. Hmmm...might have to check them out over at ON.

    Love the shoes too....what a great deal!!