Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Earth Tones

Anytime I wear blue and green together I feel like I'm super earthy for some reason...and then yesterday when I threw a little brown into the mix I really felt like it. It's good to love the earth, right?!

-Ruffle Tank-Loft (Spring 2010)
-Forever Cardigan-J Crew Outlet (Fall 2010)
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle
-Boots-Urban Outfitters
-Ring-Forever 21

I've been enjoying our break this week...not having to be anywhere by 8am definitely has it's perks....for instance I didn't shower or get dressed until 2pm yesterday (LAZY!!!) The goal today is to get going before lunch to run some errands. Lofty goal, I know. I did finally decide on a Christmas card yesterday...that was a big accomplishment! I had decided on one from Tiny Prints and then when I tried to insert our picture my husband's head kept getting cut off. He's 6' 4". I even contacted customer service to see if they could help me fix it and they flat out told me he was too tall in the picture I wanted to use for the particular design I liked. Bummer! So I took Jan's advice and went over to Etsy to search for options. I actually used Etsy last year so I figured I'd be able to find something again...and I did!
Check out this cute store: Oodles of Color

Alrighty...gotta get moving to get out the door to get some errands run. Have a great day!


  1. The earth tones look great! Congrats on getting the card done - that is a big accomplishment, we are taking our picture this week!

  2. I love this outfit, Jenni! It's simple and I love the color of every piece =) Simple is good in my book!!

  3. My cards came today. Now I need to address and mail them this weekend. I did alot of my black friday shopping early on line today-may try to go out Friday as you have me all excited this year!! Love the colors in your outfit today and esp the boots!!

  4. Love the earth tones! And that etsy store looks so cute I might have to use them next year.

  5. Really cute outfit! I'm in the process of trying to find a cute Christmas card. I always have such a hard time deciding on one. I'm going to go check out your link right now.

  6. Cute color combination...and yay for deciding on a Christmas card!

  7. I love the color combo too!! I am glad you finally found a card I know that is a big stress to cross off your list!

  8. I love all of your boots! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  9. Love it! I'm going to have to copy this look! I'm so glad you found a Christmas card you love, that is so crazy that Tiny Prints couldn't do anything to make the photo work - that's....lame...We're going to try and get a picture tomorrow - always an adventure with the boys!