Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Three days before Black Friday and all through the house...

Black Friday is on the mind people! I actually starting shopping early this year and have picked up a handful of items already but I definitely have some more to go. Yesterday my inbox and mailbox outside were inundated with sale emails/fliers...so many great deals to be had! I did bite yesterday (in a big way) at Gap, Old Navy and Banana...I picked up pj's for my oldest, a nice sweater for my husband, a warm and fuzzy hoodie for my youngest, and of course I couldn't pass up a few pretties for myself. I'm just realizing I don't think I picked anything up for #2...his dresser drawers can barely close right now so I guess that's ok. Being #2 means he gets everything from #1...which is a lot!

So yesterday I went comfy...I wore my new City Flats for the first time too:

-Percussive Cardigan-Anthropologie
-Skinny Cargos-Old Navy
-City Flats-Gap
-Ring-Pac Sun

Excuse the fly-away hair, by the way! Holy cow these shoes are so comfortable...I even ordered another pair last night because I couldn't believe how comfy they were! I highly recommend them...they're made well.

Anthro did indeed have a sale this morning it looks like...I haven't picked anything up...nothing stood out in a big way. I'm hoping to make it to Anthro on Black Friday...I haven't been to the actual store in months and would love the chance to go in a look around without kids in tow. I saw that a few cute aprons did hit sale so I might pick one up for my mom as a Christmas gift..she loves to cook and likes herself a cute apron. I hear there MAY be a round 2 of Anthro sales tonight...that's the rumor floating around anyways so we'll see. Makes me wonder if I should wait till tonight to order anything just in case!

No big plans today...we're headed to a friend's house for dinner so that will be fun. I should go to Costco too to pick a few things up...we'll see how motivated I get. I'm also on the hunt for a fabulous Christmas photo card...we got our family pictures back and now I am trying to find a card. If you know of any great sites for photo cards let me know. I've already searched through Tiny Prints, Shutterfly, Costco, etc...I found a few that I like but was wondering if there are other places I'm missing. Let me know if you know of one!

Have a great day!


  1. Try snapfish< I just ordered ours Sunday and thought they had the prettiest selection. I got the 5x7 red, green and cream tweed ones.(it looks like herringbone to me)Do search for a coupon code (sorry I threw mine away after using but try merry1117 That could have been it?)I think I got 20 off and free shipping, which came out better than just 25 off! Good luck!

  2. Super cute Jenni! I really wish I had called around for that cardi when it went on sale - I love it! As for Christmas cards, I've always used Tiny Prints until last year when I gave Etsy a shot - they have TONS over there to pursue. I don't think I really saved any $ in the end, but it's another option if you are looking for the perfect one to compliment your family photos - I know they are a lot more flexible about customizing things :)

  3. I love your cute outfit and those shoes are so great! I already ordered my cards from Tiny Prints they came last week (yeah I am a little OCD) Maybe Vista print or like Jan said Etsy!

  4. I really love that cardi and I'll have to check out those shoes. I think Gap really did a good job this year with offering some great items for Fall. Enjoy your day!!

  5. I love the bright color under your cardi...I can't wait for Black Friday to hopefully get some great deals (not for me, for people on my list haha)

  6. i love that shirt color you have on! I'm going to have to try those ON cargos! So cute!

  7. I used tiny prints too for my cards and am really happy with how they turned out. I love the percussive cardi on you and wished I would have picked it up when it went on sale. And I'm so glad you got the roaming frills cardi it is so versatile and cute!

  8. Argh, I had considered those Gap flats but then thought I was being good - but now I need to give them another look, bc Gap flats ARE super comfy!

    AND I need to take a look at those skinny cargos too - I tried a pair from Anthro and they were such an utter failure on me!

  9. I've never tried Gap flats before, but they look so cute and comfy to boot. And so glad you found your cardigan! Isn't it wonderful to finally track down a wanted item?

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for no additional sale tonight. I need to save up to buy Christmas presents -- and NOT for myself, haha!