Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pop of Color!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I'm headed off to bed soon but since it's already Thanksgiving on the west coast I figured I go ahead and wish you a good one! Wednesday was another relaxing day...we hung out around the house in the morning, my son's friend came over to play XBox for a bit with him and then we FINALLY made it to Costco where I picked up our Christmas cards! I really like how they turned out...Etsy was the way to go for sure this year. I ordered my envelopes today (Metallic festive) so once they arrive I can get the cards on their way!

So onto what I wore...I was in the mood to be comfortable so out came the leggings...I also felt like playing a little with color and some sequins too:

-Dress-Down East Basics
-Cardigan-Gap Outlet
-Perry D-Ring Boots-Loft
-Sequin Scarf-Charlotte Russe (gifted in a swap)
-Earrings-Forever 21

Are you dressing up for Thanksgiving?? No one in my family does so I'll probably just go casual....jeans or something. And for Black Friday??? I'll be bundled up in boots, a warm sweater of some sort and a coat for's gonna be a COLD one out there, but OH SO WORTH IT!!!

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope you all enjoy the day with friends, family and loved ones!!


  1. Happy look adorable as always...I am sitting here at 530 am debating wether or not a want to dress up or go casual today...I'm sure mostly everyone else will be casual, but we'll see :)

  2. Jenni, have a wonderful day with your family and I can't wait to hear all the deals you snag tomorrow!! Have fun!!

  3. I absolutely love this outfit - the colors are awesome together! I went with my coinpurse cardi for today - I just love it so much and it felt festive ;) Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. I love the blue and purple! I need to check out Downeast Basics' dress selection, that one is really cute!