Saturday, August 7, 2010

Skinny Jean update, an OOTD and a few Tags

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm meeting up with a friend today to go check out some stores at the outlets with only one kid in tow...the other two are going to a little parents day out type thing the base was offering. They can't wait! My kids are pretty outgoing and love to meet and play with other kids so they'll have a good time I'm sure. My little guy will be tagging along with me...he's gotten three molars in the past few days so he's been a little grumpy..hoping he feels like shopping today! I need absolutely nothing on this little shopping trip but when a shopping trip is offered up who am I to pass up the chance? =)

My Banana Republic order arrived yesterday with the Skinny dark wash jeans...they are FABULOUS!!! The fit is pretty good and the length is perfection. I like the length of these better than I did the GAP skinny jeans actually--maybe. It seemed like every GAP pair I tried on was just a little bit different in the length so I'm hoping the ones I end up getting from online aren't too short. You just never know what you're gonna get! I would still like to try on the Ultimate Skinny dark wash jeans from Banana...they look almost identical to the ones I just got but I'm thinking they may fit just a bit tighter throughout a few key areas...the next time there's a good sale or I'm by one of the stores with some time I might peek in a try these on before I take the tags off the ones I just got. I would be perfectly happy with the ones that arrived yesterday but just out of curiosity I want to see what the difference in fit is with the Ultimate skinnies.

Here's my outfit from yesterday...I couldn't wait to pull out these new purchases and try them out so it was a mix of what I picked up at LOFT this week and a sale purchase from Anthro a few weeks ago:

-Torsade Tee-Anthropologie
-Marisa Slim Cargo pants-LOFT
-Andre Knotted Sandals-LOFT
-Bracelet-Banana Republic Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Necklace-Macy's-gifted from my friend Elise a few Christmas's ago
-Diamond stud earrings--passed down to me from my grandma...sentimental =)

I wore these shoes most of the day yesterday and was very impressed at how comfortable they are...the material used is so smooth which means no blisters...yay! I'm a fan. At first I put this cardigan from LOFT on with my outfit...

What do you think...cardigan or no? I ended up taking it off because I couldn't decide.

In the past few days I was tagged a couple times so I thought I'd finally get around to answering all the questions...thanks for the tags M from "Shopping with M" and Tricia from "Tricia's Take"!!

First up--the questions from M:

1) What is at the top of your Realistic (style) Wishlist for the fall/winter? What is at the top of your All-Time Pie-in-the-sky Wishlist?
I have a few things that I'd love to get his fall...first up I love the Bianka Blouse from Anthropologie. I love the gorgeous floral print and think it would be so cute paired with dark denim skinnies and dark brown boots. That leads me to my next want---some dark brown suede-type boots. The last thing I can think of off the top of my head is a pair of Original tall Hunter Rain boots in metallic silver. I never bought any rain boots last year and promised myself I'd get some this year. At the top of my All-time pie-in-the-sky wish list would be a really nice bag...something super posh. I have to wait for that till my kids are a little older and I don't have to carry sippy cups and diapers around with me though. One day!

2) What celebrity is the person you think of when you want to look amazing? Hm, does that make sense? Like, if I feel like I am pulling off a Reese Witherspoon, that's my ultimate.

I always think of Jennifer Aniston...I think she is beautiful and always looks so put together. I also think Kelly Ripa has amazing style...and she has such a fun personality which I think comes through in her clothes.

3) What is the best thing you've ever purchased from eBay? If you have never used eBay (what??!), how about a yard sale or thrift shop?

I am not a yard sale or thrift store type person...I have a weird thing about wearing clothes that someone else has kind of weirds me out. I guess I'm a little snobby that way. I do use eBay from time to time to purchase new items...just a few weeks ago I got a J Crew Grand Ruffle shell for $16! Those were like $40 brand new in the store...pretty good deal I thought!

4) What is the last book you read?
wow, it's been a while. Having three little ones doesn't leave me a lot of free reading time. I read "Dear John" a few years ago when I took a vacation without my kids or husband to visit my was so good. I've never read a book in a weekend...but I just couldn't put it down! When the movie came out I was so excited to see it but have to say, it definitely didn't live up to the book. Too bad. I'm a fan of Nicholas Sparks books...I like easy, light reads. If it's too in-depth I fall asleep.

5) What would you rather win: a) cleaning service for a year, or 2) a $1000 gift card to your favorite clothing store?
Oh boy...that's a hard one. Because my husband is gone so much for work I finally gave in and hired a cleaning lady to come clean twice a month and I wouldn't trade that for anything honestly! It makes me life so much less stressful...BUT, $1000 to shop with? Hmmm..tempting. =)

If you would like to participate in this tag consider yourself tagged by me and answer the same questions!

And now the questions from Tricia (she tagged me TWICE):

First, I won this blogging award from her (thanks!!):

What I'm supposed to do is reveal seven facts about myself and then pass the award along to seven other here we go:

1. I am the oldest of four kids in my family and I have all brothers. I now have three boys of my own. I'm apparently wired to deal with all boys! =)

2. I have a Bachelors degree from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Health Sciences--Community Health Education...but am a stay at home mom. I wouldn't have it any other way. I never really liked working much.

3. I have lived in 4 states in my life...CA, Utah, Alaska and Texas. In a few years there will probably be a new state to add to the list.

4. I am a city life is not for me. I love the hustle and bustle of being around people...I have no desire to live on acreage thanks. If I'm not within a 10 minute proximity to Target we're gonna have a problem.

5. I had very bad acne as a not just a little..A LOT! I took Acutane twice. It was so awful and I hated the way I looked. It left scars on my skin in some areas of my cheeks. I used to be super self-conscious of it but over time have learned that it's just part of me. I don't notice it as much anymore...when I do I don't love it, but I accept it and move on.

6. I love to travel...I think my husband and I are going to go back to New York City the summer he graduates as a "Congrats we made it through residency" present to ourselves (sans kids). We went back in February 2001 before 9-11 but haven't been back since. I want to do it all...go to The Today show and stand in the crowd, try to go to Letterman, go get a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, SHOP!!!, see a Broadway show...everything! I can't wait! Other places I'd love to go to are Italy, Tahiti, Paris and London. San Francisco will always be a place I love to go to so close to the city has been a treat these past few years.

7. I love running. I have been a runner since college. I have run two 10K races in the past year and really enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after you've finished a race. I do it to offset all the junk food I like to eat, to de-stress and to keep healthy. I have no interest in ever running a sounds miserable. I get bored too easy to keep running that long!

And here are my answers to the second tag from Tricia:

1. Which celebrity style do you admire the most?

Like I mentioned before, Jennifer Aniston and Kelly Ripa are favorites.

2. What was the first job you ever held?

My first job was a food-court worker at the outlet mall when I was 14. My neighbors owned the little restaurant and I was only allowed to work for a 4 hour shift on Saturdays because of my age. I was a master corn dog maker! =)

3. If you were on a deserted island what 3 items would you take?
Hmmm...I would take good books, good food and my husband. =)

4. What's one habit of yours you wish you could break?
Being 5 minutes late for everything...I need to be better about this!!! I'm trying.

5. Where is one place you have never been, but would love to visit?
I'd love to go to mentioned above. I hear it's amazing...and the food alone, hello!!

6. Do you have any "stupid human tricks" or "hidden talents"?
I took Polynesian dancing lessons from the time i was 3 years old till I was 11....I still remember some of it. I do still have some seriously wicked skills with the poi balls.

7. What is your favorite TV show?
How can I choose just one? I'm a DVR junkie! I love Glee...that may be my favorite at the moment.

8. What inspires you more: the beach, or the mountains?

I LOVE the beach and am much more a beach person, but there's something about the mountains that inspire me more. Maybe it's because I went to college in Utah and was surrounded by amazing mountains and really grew up and found who I was during those years that leads me to say that..I don't know. I'm not a hiker or camper so much, but just being surrounded by mountains makes me relive those years of growth.

I'm not going to tag anyone...I think these have made the rounds. I've had fun reading everyone's answers!! =)

Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy some downtime! We just have one more weekend after this until school starts...this week ahead is our last full week of summer vacation. Gotta make it count!


  1. I am so glad you answered all the tag questions -it's so much fun to read more about you! I also only buy NWT from Ebay - I wish I wasn't weird about things, because I know I'd get much better deals! I'm totally jealous of your cleaning help, and dying to get to Italy, too!

    Can't wait to hear how your shopping day went - you are really cute in your new purchases - I'm loving the shoes! Hooray that the BR jeans fit well, too!

  2. I loved hearing more about you! How funny that you're surrounded by all boys. And I am a huge dvr junkie myself too! I need to cut back but it's so hard. My husband and I just started watching Glee on netflix and so far I'm really loving it, so add 1 more show to the list!

  3. Beautiful :)))

  4. So fun to read all about you! Glad you found some skinny jeans!