Friday, August 6, 2010

A little shopping trip...and I'm the master of Copying

Today was a good day...the boys and I went for a little shopping trip today and everyone was really good. Hallelujah! That's a rare occasion. I can't tell you how many looks and comments I get when I shop with my crew....things like "wow, you've got your hands full" or "you must be busy!" and even the occasional "are you gonna go for a girl?" come out of random people's mouths when I'm out and about with the three of them. One of the sales associates at GAP today looked at me and said "They're so well behaved!" I could have kissed him. Better not though...I'm married. Seriously though, a nice comment like that is much appreciated sometimes!

Anyhow, we went to lots of fun places...LOFT, GAP, GAP kids, Banana Republic (just a quick walk-through...nothing appealed to me today), H&M, Macy's (just the Clinique counter), the pretzel place for lunch and then the frozen yogurt shop for a treat afterwards. At LOFT I tried on a ton of things just out of curiosity and ended up taking a few things home. I have seen these sandals all over their website and really fell in love with them in person.

They are totally sold out online so I was excited they had my size left in the store. They're pretty versatile and really comfortable.

The next thing that came home with me was these cute Marisa Slim Cargo pants in the Sage color:

The sizing on these is a disaster all around...I ended up going down a size and then go to a petite size on top of that...they ran really big. I love this fresh take on a cargo...much slimmer and more fitted.

The last thing I brought home is the Flint Wash Modern Skinny zip jeans.

I went back and forth about these as they look a little 80's-ish but I really liked the way they fit so I went for it. I may only ever wear them with knee-high boots so the zippers wouldn't even show. I just liked the color of the jean...something different. And for 30% off...everything was! Gotta love that! I did end up trying on LOFT's version of the skinny jean (dark denim color) and they are WAY too long on me. The petite sizing was a little too short. All well.

Next we moved onto Gap where I was looking for shoes for my son (we found them!!) and then I wanted to try on the Always Skinny jeans to see if they were a good fit for me. I ended up liking them but waited until we got home to buy them, along with my son's shoes, online to get a better deal.

So I liked them! They fit well and I liked the dark wash of the denim a lot. I decided to get the ankle length on these as the regular length was way too long. I could never wear flats with them that long. The best part? I'm getting these for free! They're regularly $69.50 but online they're on sale for $49.50. Then, I had a coupon for 25% off my purchase...bringing these to around $38. I whipped out my $40 rewards card and BAM! Free jeans! Nice. This may be the best deal I've ever gotten!

I also found the cutest tote bag on sale that is originally $39.50 (still this price online)--but on sale in-store for $20...and then I had that coupon for 25% it came to $15! The dark purple color will be great for fall.

About 20 minutes after we left Gap the strap on my diaper bag all of a sudden totally snapped and ironic that I had just bought this tote! Guess this is my new day-to day! =)

So my OOTD today is a total copycat of one of Jessica's recent outfits...I totally went out and got this cardigan as soon as I saw it on her. LOVE! I never would have thought to pair it with the gray Grand Ruffle tank but I thought it looked so cute on her so I went for it.

-Cardigan-Ann Taylor Outlet
-Grand Ruffle shell-J Crew
-Matchstick Jeans-J Crew Outlet
-Wedge Heels-Old Navy

Not much going on tomorrow...maybe it'll be a kick-back day. We may go to the pool...we'll see. Have a great day!


  1. The shoes are adorable! What a deal. My store stopped carrying their shoes, which is such a bummer. I have the Loft skinny jeans in the petite, and I love them (they're not crazy low-rise like others), but it hits me just right in the length. But hooray for your awesome Gap jeans deal! And such a cute purple bag. You did really well!

  2. I love those red shoes too, they are the perfect punch with your outfit - you look great! Sounds like a full, fun shopping day yesterday - your boys are troopers! I get "you've got your hands full" at least 10 times a day - and I've stolen a line from another friend and now I always say "better then empty" and move on ;)

  3. Wow, you hit that many stores with 3 boys!!! They must be "really" good. I love the sandals you found in Loft. It looks very comfy and versatile. I agree with you on the purple bag. It's a great color for fall. You look very tall, I don't see how you can fit petite clothing in Loft. :)

  4. I'm a new follower. I love the outfit today. I especially liked reading about your shopping adventure with your boys. My boys can be a handful when I go shopping and it's nice when they're being happy on a shopping excursion. I also frequent the pretzel store. My oldest son loves it.

  5. Cute! I love the look and may be copying both of you now!! I hate shopping with my three kids because the looks I get but oh well, being a mom does not mean we need to stay home!

  6. Adorable cardigan! What a great score on the free Gap jeans.. enjoy your new purchases :)

  7. You got some great stuff! I love those Loft sandals but I'm really trying to stay away from that store right now, don't need to spend any money! And I love your outfit and thanks for the link love. The red shoes look so cute with it!

  8. I can't believe the comments people make to you. Bizarre. I guess they're not thinking before speaking.

    I saw that Gap bag and tried the red. Loved it, but put it back. Then I see it here. Hmmm... It is such a great bag & for $20...

  9. Jan--great line! I should use that!

    Vicky--I have a long torso and my legs are shorter...even though I know it doesn't really look it! I have chicken legs so they look longer than they are I think.

    Tricia--Amen sista!! I have a busy-body...if I stayed home all day I'd go nuts!!! =) ANd thanks for the tag--I'll get to it this weekend!

    Gigi--go get it! You'll love it! =) the red one would be great for fall too!

  10. I love the tote bag and black & white cardigan! Great finds!