Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summertime "Mom" Outfit

I had to laugh when I was reading Tricia's comment today on her being fully "mom clothed"...I hear ya sista!! Jean shorts and a t-shirt with some sort of sandals is indeed what I call my mom uniform in the summertime. I do like to dress up a bit more some days, but I just have so many clothes in my closet that fall into the "mom clothed" category that I can't just NOT wear them. What a waste that would be. So some days are cuter than others. All well. Today was a mom uniform day with a little pizazz...I threw in some cute wedge sandals to spice it up. To complete the whole "mom" look, my second-day hair is yet again thrown into a ponytail. Do I know how to spice it up or what!!

-Rosette Tee-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Jean Shorts-Nordstrom (OLD--3 years old)
-Wedge Sandals-Nordstrom (Summer 2010)
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs

And yes, MORE pink. I have a thing for it. I can't seem to break-up with it. Tomorrow the kids and I are headed back to Six Flags in the morning and then tomorrow night I'm going out with some girlfriends for dinner...gotta come up with something cute to wear!!! And T-minus 2 days till I can SHOP!!! I went to Target today and spotted a really cute long-sleeved LONG cardigan that came in grey and black and looked very J Crew-esq...boy, was I tempted!!! But I stuck to my guns...for now. =) Saturday will be a whole other story. Have a good day!! =)


  1. Pink suits you Jenni! I wear a lot of pink/purple in various hues, I keep buying more as well even though I probably don't need to. They just stand out on the rails and in my wardrobe! I loved your grey spotty top from yesterdays post as well though ; )

  2. You look great! Us mom's can still look good. I wear my jean shorts a lot too....going to the zoo...park...etc. They are so versatile!

    Love the sandals!!