Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Re-cap....with my purchases and a few OOTD's

This was such a fun weekend! It started out Friday night by going out to dinner with my girlfriends to celebrate one of their birthdays. Always fun!! Here's what I wore for the night out:

-Tissue Garland Tank-J Crew
-Jackie Cardigan-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Matchstick Jeans-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Presta Wedge Sandals-Target
-Small Gold Circle Necklace-Shabby Apple
-Gold Uptown Bracelet-Twisted Silver
-Ring-Forever 21

Saturday morning my mom came and took over my house and boys and Josh (my husband) and I took off for San Francisco! 24 hours of fun-filled kid-free fun. WOO HOO!!! We ate lots of good food, went on a bay cruise, enjoyed the sites, SHOPPED, ate some more good food, saw a movie, slept in, and then came home back to reality. It was bliss. After our bay cruise my husband asked me if I intended to shop the rest of the afternoon till dinner. Guess what my answer was! =) He told me to have fun and that he'd call me after a long relaxing nap. So off I went to Union Square where I got my shop on! I shopped for three hours before he called me to tell me I better come back to get ready for dinner since we had to trek a little to get there. Three hours was just not long enough. I hit most of the places on my wish-list but I was cruising...not able to really take the time I wanted to but it was so fun none the less. I went to Anthropologie, Old Navy (Flagship store--just wanted to see how big it was...didn't really shop), J Crew, Nordstrom, American Eagle and Forever 21. I missed out on H&M, Gap and Macy's completely but that's ok. I can go to those places another time.

SO what did I get you ask? I know you want to know! Here's the run-down:

At Nordstrom (Anniversary ZOO--I mean SALE):

Seychelles "Password Pump"

I saw these cute heels and fell in LOVE! I was originally going to buy the "Mushroom" (nude) colorway but then saw a girl trying the "Mustard" (yellow) on and told myself I should be a little more exciting and go yellow too. SOLD! I can't wait to wear them with my green and white striped Shabby Apple dress--hope they look cute with it!!

Lily White Ruffled Chiffon Top

I saw this top on a mannequin paired with a cardigan that looks like the J Crew Spaced-dyed cardigan...just for reference here's a picture:

I don't own that particular cardigan but Banana Republic had one almost identical to it earlier this spring (I got it for $39 with a 40% off coupon) that I picked up so I got excited to see the cute pairing when I saw it. I sized up to a medium on the top for length...I'll only ever wear this layered as it's SUPER blousy and very see-through...but I can't wait to wear it with my Banana cardigan!!

BP Earrings:

I can't find pictures online so I took a picture myself...

Although I love big dangle earrings, I'm starting to like the post-earring trend a bit so I picked these up--each between $6-$8 a pair. Not bad!

So that was my Nordstrom damage...onto a few other places...

Forever 21:

I can't find a picture of this top that I picked up on the website but I think it's fairly new as it was right at the front of the store. It looked like a much more expensive top then most Forever 21 tops sometimes look...very Anthro-ish.

Colored Crystallined Necklace

I picked this up in the black/grey/clear's not pictured on the website. You get the idea.


I was somewhat disappointed by the sale section at the store I went to...they had lots of stuff, but just not anything that interested me. Too bad. I did try on a few things and decided I LOVE the Curated Tee...not the striped ones so much but the solid red and yellow ones. My problem with the yellow one however is that it's SUPER sheer. I'd go with red probably but I'm holding out for a sale on this. I also tried on the Once and Again Tee to see what color I preferred, but found that the ruffles are just a bit too much for me...and I like ruffles! The top ones closest to my face were just too wide. I'm picky.

As I was walking out I spotted the cutest necklace that had to be mine...I've seen Tricia and Jessica wear it in the past on their blog posts and recognized it immediately:

It's the Pessinus Garden Necklace in's only in stores now--sold out online. LOVE! It's a fun, unique piece that looks unlike any other necklace I own so I was excited to scoop this one up.

While I was in the Anthro dressing room I snapped a picture of what I wore yesterday:

-Viscose Tango Tank-J Crew
-Floral Print Cardigan-Old Navy
-Bootcut Jeans-Banana Republic Outlet (OLD)
-Sandals-Gap (Spring 2010)
-Ring-Forever 21
-Necklace-J Crew Outlet
-Earrings-Kenneth Cole (Macy's)
-Bracelet-Twisted Silver

So that was that! That's what three hours will get ya. I got NOTHING at J Crew which was a huge disappointment. They have a huge sale section right now but nothing interested me...I have already picked up what I would have wanted in past sales. I'm still eyeing the Striped Sequin Boatneck tee...I've decided I like the black striped better than the Neon Rose so I'm really hoping it goes on sale one of these days. There were a few other items in J Crew I was lukewarm about but nothing I felt like paying full price for. This shopping ban has really made me think twice about what I buy...I think I would have come home with a lot more had I not had the past few weeks to really reflect on what it is I wear and like. I want to only buy what I love and know I'll wear a lot now.

I've decided to give myself till the end of tomorrow night to grab a few other things online I missed out on in the stores...I only got to one of the three floors of Forever 21 so I know there was a lot I didn't see. I also missed a few sections at Nordstrom that I would have liked to have seen. I may end up with nothing else, but I'm giving myself the option. We'll see.

Lastly, this is what I wore to church today:

-Shirt-Express (OLD)
-Skirt-Down East Basics (2009)
-BP Stella Sandals-Nordstrom
-Necklace/earrings-Target (OLD)
-Bracelet-J Crew

I'm off to do a little online browsing...hope you had a great day!!


  1. Glad you had so much fun and came away with some cute things this weekend! I love you in your new ON cardigan, and the lavender and yellow in your first outfit are just so pretty together! You will love the Pessinus Garden Necklace, I need to wear mine more, it's such a beautiful statement without being too much.

  2. So many fun purchases!! LOVE those yellow shoes - great choice! Pessinus Garden Necklace looks so pretty too. I also love that ON cardigan - I might have to check that one out... :)

  3. Great purchases! Lucky you, getting the Pessinus Garden Necklace. I want one so bad! I'm gonna have to get that Old Navy caardigan after seeing it on you!