Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crewlet Love

Happy Thursday! Almost through the week...I can't wait for the weekend!! Yesterday we went to park day with some friends and then swung by Jamba Juice for a smoothie to cool down after playing in the hot sun (the kids played, I chatted with the other moms). When I went to get dressed I started to reach for ANOTHER pink shirt...totally wasn't thinking! When I finally remembered I was planning on breaking out of the pink/purple phase I decided on a tank and rolled up jeans from J Crew Outlet. Can I just say how much I love J Crew Outlet? SWOON! I rarely go in there without finding several things I want. Hence my reason for avoiding the store right now during my shopping ban! I have picked up some really cute things from there in the past. I paired the tank and dark jeans with a ivory-colored short-sleeve cardigan...something different than I've done in the past. Usually I wear a navy blue 3/4 length cardigan but it was just too hot for that today.

-Ruffle-collar tank-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Matchstick jeans-J Crew Outlet (Spring 2010)
-Short-sleeve Cardigan-LOFT (Spring 2010)
-Wedge Sandals-Old Navy (Spring 2010)
-Earrings-Kenneth Cole from Macy's
-Necklace-J Crew Outlet
-Bracelet-Twisted Silver
-Ring-Forever 21

Sorry...I kinda blend in with the closet. I really like this cardigan for's light and airy and perfect for hot summer days. I had originally bought it in the darker taupe color but decided against it as it just didn't go well with my skin tone. I'm glad I exchanged it...the ivory is much more "me". And I love these jeans, but wish they weren't so long...I should go have them altered so I wouldn't have to roll them up as much. I actually went through my closet and found 3 dresses that needed to be altered last week, and pair of shoes that needed to have the straps tightened. I've been putting all this off for far too long and finally did something about it. My friend who is a seamstress now has my three dresses in her hands and will be fixing them, and I took my shoes to the Cobbler to have them taken care of. I hate having clothes/shoes in my closet that I like but don't wear because the fit is just a bit off. It's such a waste! I can't wait to get them all of the dresses she's fixing for me is this one from Shabby Apple:

I ordered this dress in a size down like suggested and it fit great on the bottom but the top was a disaster--way too big. Some of us aren't as blessed as others in that area! =) I can't wait to get this dress back in particular--it is SO CUTE ON! Very reminiscent of a recent Anthro dress...but WAY less expensive! Have you heard of I totally scored a $100 gift certificate for only $40 on Groupon for Shabby Apple so essentially I got this $88 dress for $40. Can't beat that!

Well, hope everyone has a great day...I'm starting to plan my outfits for San Francisco this weekend...what to wear? So many choices, so little time!!! =)


  1. I love this outfit, the neutrals are so understated and chic. Those sandals are so cute too! I can't wait to see that shabby apple dress on you. Have fun in San Fran!

  2. Love that cute Crewlet tank! And you are good to take your clothes/shoes in for the alterations they need, I am always so bad about that! Have fun choosing outfits for your trip, whoohoo for the impending shopping :)

  3. Cute outfit!! I am all over groupon sounds awesome!!!