Thursday, September 11, 2014

Currently Obsessed With...

Hi all!

From time to time I like to post things I'm currently obsessed with...some things are just too good not to share, am I right?  


When I was in New York last weekend for Fashion Week we managed to fit in a little shopping...I found this awesome coat at H&M and just couldn't pass it up.  I am slightly obsessed with faux-leather details lately.


I have the HARDEST time finding boots that fit my chicken legs.  Last year I didn't really need to buy boots as I had purchased some the year before when we moved to Ohio but after two winters some of my boots are looking pretty sad and need to be replaced.  When I came across these boots my jaw about PERFECTION!  The best part...the circumference is 13" (instead of the typical 15")! Perfect for my legs!  I ordered them last night and am excited to get them!  When it comes to boots I don't mind investing a little money because living where I do you need good, solid, warm shoes...I wear them CONSTANTLY in the winter!  


I'm a little partial to all things "Piper Street" for obvious reasons but this top is one of my FAVES right now!  I wore it to NYFW and it was perfect!  It's great to dress up or down and the pattern is just gorgeous!  


I recently stopped by Sephora (ok, I've been there like 3 times in the past two weeks) looking for some eye primer.  I've just never been able to find one that really keeps my eye make-up from smudging and helps it stay put all day.  The cute lady helping me was fantastic and gave me a sample of the NARS eyeshadow base...after using it just one day I knew I had found what I was looking for!  It is amazing! My eye make-up doesn't move and looks the same at night as it does in the morning.  It's magic!  Highly recommend this!!!


I picked up this top when I was in Nashville over the summer...I instantly fell in love!  It's the perfect boho-chic top you can dress up or down and looks AMAZING on!  I wore this past weekend to NYFW with coated faux-leather pants and black heels and it was one of my favorite looks. This top is a new fave!


I have been obsessing over this shoe since I first laid eyes on it in a fall preview months ago...I just love the texture and print...not quite animal or snakeskin print but somewhere in between.  They are gorgeous!  


I recently picked up a few items from Baublebar and threw this in my order after seeing a similar ring floating around on a few style websites.  It is sooo cute and eye catching...and goes with everything.  Bonus! I love it!

As you can tell I'm all about a neutral palette...bring on fall and winter!  

What are you currently crushing on??


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love the ring, so cute. I also have chicken legs, and like you, always have hard time looking for boots. I also love wedge boots, these are great find by you! I live in a small town, so not many shopping options out here. You just saved me time trying to search online! Please do share what you like from time to time! I am also going to try Nars eye primer! Happy dance.