Friday, December 3, 2010

OOTD--the non-remix outfit

Happy Thursday everyone! Today was a crazy day. We had a play date first thing this morning, my mom came down for the day, I went to school to have lunch with my birthday boy (my oldest turned 7 I old enough to have 7 year old? ahhhhh!!!), went to Target, got the birthday cake all ready and then went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday boy's big day. He requested Red Robin. Unfortunately for all the other patrons in the restaurant, my youngest was really on one tonight and screamed through half of dinner. Ah, the joys of motherhood. At least I got out of cooking and doing dishes tonight...and I had cake...yum! Gotta look on the bright side!

So I can't believe all the nice comments and followers I have received since posting my giveaway are all so kind! It's so fun to meet some new bloggers and check out your blogs too! Keep the entries coming! I've posted a link to the giveaway post at the top of my blog if you haven't already had the chance to have till Sunday!

Today I got up and decided to break away from the purple mode I've been in this week and move onto a different color...I sometimes (quite often) get stuck in color ruts. I actually had this outfit picked out last night surprisingly enough...that never happens! It made getting dressed this morning much easier. I've worn this outfit before actually...I really like how the orange cardi compliments the colors in the top. I did change out the shoes and necklace, so there's a little re-mixing going on!

-Top-Nordstrom (BP)
-Always Skinny Jeans-Gap
-Dollhouse Boots-Endless
-Necklace-Fossil via
-Earrings-Kenneth Cole via Macy's
-Ring-Forever 21

So I just got done booking a hotel for our trip to Disneyland at the end of the excited! We're surprising our boys with their tickets on Christmas morning...I cannot wait to see the looks on their faces when they open them up and find out that they get to go just a few days later. It is going to be CRAZY BUSY the week we go, but I have a feeling it'll be worth it. Ever since I was a little kid I have always wanted to go to Disneyland at's kind of a little wish come true for me. But really, it's all about the kids. They will love it...long lines and all. Hopefully our 1 year old will learn a little patience between now and then (not counting on it though!)

Looking forward to a fun weekend ahead...I've got a date night planned for Saturday night with my hubby and some friends...can't wait! Hope you have a happy Friday!


  1. super duper fun christmas present!! Love it. Love the color of your cardi and your whole look today! Your tree is pretty - still trying to get mine up!

  2. Your boys are going to love it! We just got back from Disney over thanksgiving break. It is crazily busy but going early and late in evening but sleep in the afternoon helps. Definitely go to California adventure at park opening (10:00am) to pick up the fast pass for color of night. It is a new night water fountain show and it is so beautiful!

  3. You look fabulous, love that top! What a FABulous present for the boys! I can just imagine how excited they'll be, how adorable.

  4. I love everything about this outfit! The print on the blouse is so pretty!

  5. Hey Jenni, we took our girls to Disney after Christmas (in Fla) it's so pretty, decorated and so much fun. What a wonderful, wonderful gift for your boys. They will have a lifetime of memories from that trip. Love the cardi on you, I have that one and don't have a shirt to wear under but I love yours from Nordys. Have a fun weekend. We're supposed to get 3" of snow, woo hoo. Bring out the boots!! LOL!!

  6. Hey make sure you book your hotel through get-away-today, they will price match anything! We stayed at the Marriott (Fairfield or whatever) across the street and it was clean. I love your outfit and wish we were going to Disney at Christmas time we plan on going next year but we will see!

  7. I love the orange color of the cardigan, a deep orange has been my favorite color for this fall and winter. I am jealous you are going to Disneyland! I've actually only been to Disney World, being much much much closer to Florida. Have fun!

  8. I love this outfit so much - gorgeous! And you are going to have the best Christmas morning ever - that is so fun and special to surprise your boys!!!

  9. I love the colors in your top and cardigan! I'm especially enjoying the pics in front of your beautiful tree!