Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday Girl!

Today is my 30th birthday...crazy!!! I'm one of those people that loves birthdays...always have, probably always will. Even when I get old. 30 feels a little bit older this year, I must admit. I don't know if it's a mental thing or just a numbers thing. My mom was here part of the day and helped me out by watching my kids so I could go get my hair done. I've never had my hair cut and colored on my birthday but I might have to make it a yearly was kind of fun being pampered on my birthday instead of just some random day. I had my normal blonde highlights put in and then added in some darker brown lo-lights since fall is coming. I like to change it up a little once in a while. My hair girl also curled my I wish I could make it look as cute as she can! When I came home I found all the kids' laundry folded and beds made. My mom rocks. My husband actually has to work late tonight so we aren't going out to celebrate till tomorrow night. I love it when you get to stretch the celebrating a good couple of days. We actually celebrated my birthday last weekend too with our visiting family as I share a birthday with my cute 2 year old niece (Happy Birthday Ella!!). My sis-in-law and bro-in-law picked up a yummy ice cream cake for us which was so nice. It's the first time in a long time I haven't had to make my own cake!

So I mentioned a few posts ago that I finally tracked down the Rise and Fall cardigan a few weeks arrived a couple of days ago so I figured I'd consider this little gem my birthday present to myself this year. I never know what my husband is gonna get me for my birthday so as a back-up plan I always get myself something too...aren't I nice? =) Can I just say how much I LOVE it! I am so glad I finally found it!

Here's my birthday outfit today:

-Torsade Tee-Anthropologie (Sold out online)
-Rise and Fall cardigan-Anthropologie (Sold out online)
-Always Skinny Jeans-GAP (petite size for shorter length)
-Tank-Shade Clothing
-Looping Lanes Belt-Anthropologie (Sold out online)
-Shoes-Forever 21 (Fall/Winter 2009/2010)-$7.99!!
-Kenneth Cole Earrings-Macy's
-Small Open Circle Necklace-Shabby Apple

You know that feeling when you get dressed and just love what you're wearing? It certainly doesn't happen everyday for me, but today was one of those good days. I love this outfit! I stole Jessica's idea of belting it...I love the way it looked on her and thought I'd go for it. I can't wait till it gets cooler and I can pull out some boots!

Tonight I plan to stop by Rubios for dinner and Jamba for a treat...I'm sure my kids won't mind! I refuse to cook my own dinner on my birthday. After they head to bed I'll be indulging in some Project Runway...perfect way to end my day.

Hope you all had a great day!!


  1. Happy Birthday! I absolutely love this outfit and that cardigan is such a great "birthday present". :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Jenni!! Sounds like you've had a wonderful day and it is always fun stretching it out a bit :) I'm a huge fan of birthdays, too. I think I get more excited every year, haha! I love your birthday outfit and your hair looks fantastic!! Low lights are always so pretty to me...wish my hair would let me do it!
    Enjoy the rest of your birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jenni! It's good to treat yourself right, esp on your birthday. :-)

    Hope the dinner out is a nice celebration.

  4. Happy Birthday! You look great!

  5. Sounds like the perfect birthday, right down to the Rubios, Jamba, and Project Runway! Love the outfit, and the hair looks great! Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday! I turned 30 last year and I also felt different (I admit to having a slight melt down) but I realize how much I enjoy being a little older and *hopefully* a little wiser. Your hair and outfit looks great. I love the colors on the cardi and what a great idea to belt it. Hope you have a wonderful evening celebrating!

  7. Happy Birthday girl! I LOVE this cardi on you and love it with the leopard flats too! And I agree, 30 was a hard bday to swallow for me. You and me are so alike, I always buy myself presents too and always stretch out my bday for at least a week! Hey, it only comes once a year, gotta take advantage!

  8. Oh, and your hair looks so good! I love the low lights. ;)

  9. Happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers!!! I am glad your mom let you go and be pamperd a bit! You totally deserve it! I want to see what hubby gets you! I love your hair with the low lights and curled it's beautiful! I am totally going to copy that look for my cardi as well!!!

  10. Just wanted to stop by and say I. I found your blogs a few weeks back and have been following it since. I love seeing how you put together your outfits. Have a great Birthday!

  11. Happy Happy Birthday! You are one fabulous 30 year old. I love the outfit. Getting pampered on your birthday is the best. I'm with you on getting yourself something on your birthday. I always do that. Plus I love what you got. Makes me sad that I didn't get it when I had the chance. I hope you've had a great day!

  12. Happy 21st birthday - you look amazing in your new cardigan and I love how your hair turned out! Glad you were able to treat yourself on your very special milestone birthday! Can't wait to see you all dolled up to celebrate with dh, too!

  13. Great the striped follower:)

    Have a great day!

    Statements in Fashion

  14. Happy birthday! I think it's really important to do something special on birthdays- I used to think they were "just another day" but not anymore!
    You look radiant- enjoy the weekend!

  15. Happy birthday Jenni!!!! I absolutely LOVE your outfit!! So jealous you found that cardi - it's so adorable. Your hair looks fabulous too! :)

  16. Happy Birthday, Jenni! I made a happy bday comment on your last post when you mentioned your bday, but I don't think it showed! So, I thought I'd say it again! LOL You look fab--love that cardi on you! Have a wonderful bday!

  17. I left you a happy birthday comment on my phone but looks like it didn't take! So have a great Birthday!! You look great in that outift! I just got the looping lanes today!

  18. That is a beautiful birthday present to yourself Jenni. We are the same age and I must say you always look so great and put-together for a stay-at-home mom of 3 boys. =) This is probably your best-looking cardigan and your curly hair looks so cute. No wonder this outfit made it as a profile photo on your blog.

    I am glad you had a Great 30th BDay as did I (if I remember correctly). Mine was cool and laid-back as well, dressed up (in a bebe dress and Nine West pumps) to have dinner over my parents' house with my husband. My mom is an excellent cook and she didin't dissapoint with her 7-course meal for my 30th. ;-)