Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Lucky day...in the midst of some rough ones

Wow, it's been a rough few days. I get sick once, maybe twice a year, but rarely has it knocked me out like this go around has! I can't ever remember getting such a terrible cold/allergies and let me tell you, I hope I don't ever get it like this again! Needless to say my to-do list has been pushed to the side for days so now as I'm trying to talk myself into feeling better I'm tackling that list one by one.

I was looking through the Anthro website the other day (since all I was doing was laying around trying to feel better) to see all the pretty new arrivals and started adding things to my wish list. I took a look at my very long list when I was done and at the bottom remained the elusive Rise and Fall cardigan. Remember this little gem?

I was still kinda bummed that I missed out on getting this cute sweater as I thought it would be a great fall piece. I seriously stalked this item for months and was sad when my size sold out before I could grab one up the day it went on sale. I decided to call customer service just one more time to see if maybe they had come upon any that someone had returned, or wasn't logged into the system last time I called about it a few weeks ago. I wasn't expecting anything really, but was hoping maybe to get lucky. Customer Service told me that 5 of them were showing up in their system, but that each store that had one was only listing 1 available which as we all know, often times means they don't really have one. I reluctantly took down the numbers of the stores and decided to give it a go anyways. I mean, come on...I was doing nothing else! The first store was a no...they had already sold it. The next store...in Boulder, CO...well they made my day! The sales assistant put me on hold and came back after searching the racks and told me she had found it...a Small in the Brown motif. I couldn't believe it! SOLD! So now I am awaiting it's arrival...I cannot wait! I absolutely love the service that Anthro gives to it's customers when trying to track an item down...I've have nothing but great experiences. Now, because of them, I have my Rise and Fall cardigan after all!

I didn't put an ounce of make-up on yesterday and threw my hair into a messy ponytail/bun concoction so no OOTD from that....I'll spare you. I did make it to part of church on Sunday so here's my outfit from then:


-Petal Vine shell (Orchid Shadow)-J Crew
-V-Neck Cardigan (Vintage Yellow)-LOFT
-Skirt-Banana Republic Outlet (2008)
-Seychelles "Password Pumps"-Nordstrom (got these during the Anniversary sale)
-Necklace-Banana Republic Outlet
-Earrings-Anthropologie (no longer online0check stores)
-Ring-Forever 21

I have never worn this color combination before--the purple and yellow...I stepped outside my box a little. It also never even occurred to me before that these shoes were such a similar color to the cardigan...funny. Overall I liked the outcome...something new.

Today is gonna be a whirlwind of getting things done. I am in charge of the annual craft night at my church for the women so I'm trying to get all my samples ready to set out this coming Sunday. I was up till 2am this morning working on it, and have a few places to go today to pick up some supplies I missed. Then, I have Back to School Night tonight for my 6 year old...always fun. We also have company coming tomorrow night...my husband's brother, his wife and their 2 kids are coming to see us for the weekend before they take off to England for three years(they're in the military also). I'm excited to see them, but I've gotta get this house picked up and laundry done ASAP. The boys' laundry was literally climbing up the side of their bunk bed this morning before I hauled it out. My 4 year old asked me if I had forgotten to do it yesterday. Try a few days. =) That's what happens when mommy's sick dude!

I managed to get myself up, showered and dressed this morning...here's what I'm wearing...

With cardigan:

Without (for when it's 90 degrees out this afternoon):

-Curated Tee-Anthropologie ($29.95--only red left online)
-3/4 Sleeve Tipped Bow Cardigan-LOFT (new arrival)
-Tiered Skirt-Target ($19.99)
-Wedge Sandals-Nordstrom (Summer 2010)
-Ring-gifted from my husband from a Boutique
-Earrings-Old Navy

I'm loving this cardigan...the color is so pretty...a really soft lavender almost. I won't wear it all day as it'll get HOT later, but for the morning chill it works. As for the second picture without the cardigan...it needs something. Some color somewhere....like a yellow necklace or something. Hmm....gotta think on that. What would you do to spice it up??

Well I'm off to get things done...hoping the Sudafed kicks into high gear and I make it through the day!! Crossing my fingers!!


  1. I'm so glad you found your cardigan!!! It's little things like that that can really make a week better. Can't wait to see it on! Hope you feel better very soon :)

  2. Glad you're feeling a little better now. I love sunday's outfit, that color combo is so pretty! And it's one I never do either so you've inspired me to try it out. And I love our outfit today too, I just found that shirt at my store and was so excited to get it. Can't wait to wear it out now.

  3. I'm so glad you found the cardigan! I have thought about trying to track it down, but am trying to cut back on Anthro. : ( I will live vicariously through you.

  4. I am SOSOSOSOSOOOO jealous that you found this cardigan! I really want it and am kicking myself for passing on it when it first got marked down. Do you recall what other stores CS said had it?

    By the way, are in in charge of a "Super Saturday" for RS by any chance? That made me laugh! Those are so fun but SO much work for those in charge! Hope it goes well...


  5. Hope you're starting to feel better. What a fun time to spend w/your family before they're off to their new adventure overseas. Cute cardi. Umm...yeah...hot weather! Our weather is a moody miss lately.

  6. I love your Sunday outfit...especially the shell & cardigan! How great for you that you were able to find the cardigan! Feel better soon!!!

  7. So glad you found that top!!! You look so cute all dressed up!

  8. Sorry you've been so wiped out with your cold/allergies - hope you are feeling 100% better, ASAP! I love that Rise and Fall cardi, the fall colors are awesome - glad you found it! And I'm so excited for my Loft order to arrive (tomorrow, I hope!) you are so pretty in both outfits!

  9. Thanks everyone for the well wishes...hoping it goes away sooner than later!

    Jessica--can't wait to see how you style the polka dot Curated Tee--I ended up changing later in the day and wore some yellow sandals and a colorful necklace...I liked it better.

    Sara--I cannot remember what other stores they told me about--I threw away the paper I wrote them down on...there would be three more now that the SLC, UT one and Boulder, CO stores are out. I think there was one in Ohio...can't remember where though. Call customer service and I'm sure they can help you out.

    Gigi--tell me about it...so over this up and down weather!!!

    Jan--Crossing my fingers your order arrives tomorrow! You're gonna love everything!!

  10. Yaaay! Your persistence in finding the cardigan paid off. How wonderful1 I'm looking forward to seeing an OOTD with it -- and I feel like it would look adorable with the yellow Password Pump Seychelles