Monday, September 30, 2013

Mixing old and new...

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  We had a good one!  We had a blast at a couples Mafia game night on Friday, enjoyed a family outing to the Country Apple Fest in a nearby town on Saturday (apple cider donuts...enough said) and then yesterday we went to church and then enjoyed a relaxing afternoon together.  Back to the routine today!

Now that the seasons are changing, I'm starting to reacquaint myself with my cold weather clothes.  It's kind of's almost like getting new clothes because you haven't looked at them for so long!  In addition to what's already in my closet, I have made a few fall purchases over the last month or so and I've been thinking of how to mix and match some of my older items with some of the new.  Last Saturday I decided to give it a go with my new necklace and booties:

Original Polyvore set for this look can be found HERE

Paradise Ascending Top-Anthropologie (OLD)
Cardigan-The Limited (last winter)
Pilcro Stet Slim Straight Jeans (Dark Green)-Anthropologie (OLD)
DV by Dolce Vita "Ilsa" Booties-Amazon (NEW)
Blossomed Garland Necklace-Anthropologie (NEW)
Dimpled Hoop Earrings-Anthropologie (this summer)

I love these colors together...they just scream fall!

I snapped this picture quickly in the Macy's dressing room while my friend Sarah and I were helping another friend find a cute outfit to wear to the airport when she picked up her hubby...he was coming home after being deployed for 8 months!!  She's a rock star.  It was so fun to see her and her hubby sitting together with their kiddos at church yesterday.  She was glowing! =)

T-minus one day until October...can you believe it?  Time to drag out the Halloween decor!  We picked up the kids costumes over the weekend.  I have a rule that we don't buy costumes until October 1st every year, but this year I broke it when I saw a one-day 50% off deal on costumes on my Target Cartwheel App.  $10 for each costume?  Why yes, I'll take it!  Done.  We still had to order one thing on Amazon, but seriously, you can't beat that!  Do you have the new Cartwheel App?  I love it!  Julie, if you're reading this, you were right!!  =)

Alrighty, I have places to go and things to get done.  I'm off!  Hope you have a great day! 


  1. I love it! I can not believe tomorrow is the first day of October. I've been slacking with the decorating. I need to get cracking on that!

  2. Love the necklace, cute transition into fall!!

  3. I love this combo and it totally screams fall to me. Thanks for the tip on the app...I'll have to check it out. Plan to put out the Halloween decorations this weekend.

    1. Thanks Melissa! Definitely download the's awesome!