Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Transition Looks

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a great weekend!  I'm looking ahead to a busy few weeks before I get to go on a little getaway to celebrate my BFF's birthday.  We're headed to Denver, CO so if anyone has any great suggestions for day spas, restaurants, boutiques or shopping, let me know!  I'd love to hear!  Neither of us have been there before so any tips would be appreciated! 

Now, I know it's April, and spring technically arrived like a month ago, but you sure could have fooled me!! It's been CHILLY up in here!  The temps this week are suppose to be all over the board again, which makes getting dressed in the morning a little challenging.  I want to wear something that will keep me warm in the mornings, but then not get too hot in the afternoon if the sun heats things up a bit.  Tricky, tricky!  I have found layering to be one of the best options.  Layers are a girls' best friend in these transitional weather phases!  Shoes can sometimes be the trickiest part of dealing with this type of weather, but I've come up with a rule of thumb...if it's suppose to hit mid-50's or higher, flats are a go.  Anything colder than that then it's back to boots!   

I had a reader email me for some Spring transitional outfit ideas so I played around in Polyvore a little and came up with a few options...

What I Wore Today

What I Wore Today by jennifoundinmycloset featuring j. crew jewelry

I wore this look a few days ago (stay tuned for an outfit post) and it was perfect for the in between temps.  The cardi was light weight to help with the breezy morning but not too heavy in the afternoon sun.


Primary Colors

Primary Colors by jennifoundinmycloset featuring circle jewelry

This is another great cardi option...lightweight is key!


Moth Rose Snapshot Top/ F21 Mint Chiffon Tee/ Gap Always Skinny Jeans/ Splendid "Rodeo" Booties

Moth Rose Snapshot Top/ F21 Mint Chiffon Tee/ Gap Always Skinny Jeans/ Splendid "Rodeo" Booties by jennifoundinmycloset featuring j.crew earrings

A few layers and some booties are a great option for the in between temps.


J Crew Factory Linen Dot Popover/ AG Ankle Denim/ Kulfi Strands Necklace/ Lemon Stick Wedges

This sweater is mid-weight so it will be fine under a coat if needed.


Soca Flutter Blouse/Blanched & Buckled Cardigan/Gap Cords

Another layered look, along with some "shooties"...covering your feet just enough to stay warm if need be.


Last week I wore an outfit that I felt was perfect for the in between weather...and it included a tunic which is my new favorite thing to wear! =)

What I Wore

What I Wore by jennifoundinmycloset featuring a golden bracelet

And in real life (pre-haircut):

Tunic-Quincee's Boutique
Cardigan-Old Navy (Super old)
1969 Deconstructed Always Skinny Jeans-Gap
Vince Camuto "Fawna" Flat-Nordstrom
Naturalist Gem Layer Necklace-Anthropologie
Elench Dollop Hoops-Anthropologie
Linked Circle Ring-Anthropologie

 Are you dealing with this oh-so-fun Spring transitional weather now too?  Or are you at one of the ends of the spectrum?  Still snowing where you're at?  Or are you already at 90 degrees?

What's your best tip for dressing for transitional weather??  I'd love to hear!


  1. We have had days that are 90 degrees and days that are 50 all in the past 2 weeks...I wish it would just make up its mind! You look super cute, love that necklace!

    1. I hear ya! It's so wishy-washy!! Thanks Tara! =)

  2. first off - i love your outfit today...but i love green, so the sweater has me a bit biased.

    second - i live in northern mi. not the u.p. but it's still cold
    here - this morning i had to take one of my boys to work and i wore
    a maxi, tights, turtleneck, jean jacket and my ski coat over everything. i dislike being cold...i'm indoors and i still have my
    ski coat on. so, cold, cold it is and probably until
    can keep posting cold weather clothes until then...if you need permission.

    third - thanks for the additional cold weather ideas.

    have a great day. lots of love. shelley

    1. Oh, I feel for you! Today actually turned out to be beautiful, but we've got cold temps coming again in a few days. Never ending! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  3. Denver: Cherry Creek Mall & Park Meadows Mall for shopping - PM has the better JCrew & Anthro store IMO, but Cherry Creek has more high end shops. Several Nordstrom Racks - one is actually across the street from the Nordstrom at Park Meadows. Cute boutiques all over the city, but they're pretty spread out. The Pavilions downtown is a nice area to spend an afternoon, and as for restaurants - I'd recommend Yelp bc the city is spread out, so you can search depending on where you are. Have fun!! I'm just South of there and love Denver.

    1. Thanks so much for the info! I actually forgot there were two Anthros there...thanks for the reminder! I'm excited to go!!

    2. I forgot to add that Cherry Creek does have H&M, but so does the Pavilions.

  4. I am in need a warmer weather ASAP. I keep dreaming of sunny and warm days…hopefully soon. It's still too cold and rainy to not wear boots but I do it anyways then I keep my slippers on at home to help thaw out my feet. Have a great time in Denver and then we can plan our weekend trip! Although I might be broke for it after the move.

  5. These are all great options for the transition into warmer spring weather, which will hopefully be arriving in your area soon. Love the idea of a BFF getaway. Have a great time!

  6. Such great picks for Spring. Love it.

  7. i am in southern ca so we've been pretty lucky with gorgeous weather lately! it almost feels like summer instead of spring! i just got back from boulder, co and it SNOWED the whole time. which was a treat for me. =) i absolutely loved the st. julien hotel and shopping on pearl street was fun! i think it is maybe a 25-30 min drive from denver though! hope you have a great time!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  8. You are so cute. I love the green on you. And these outfits are great, I'm obsessed with all of these adorable necklaces!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

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