Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I Found in my Closet

So I decided to go digging in my closet on Monday to see what lovely little unloved, lost items I could find that I haven't worn in a while. I came across a top I purchased a few years back at my Banana Republic Factory store that, to my knowledge, has only seen the light of day twice. Shame. So I brought it out and created an outfit around it:

What I Wore:
-Top-Banana Republic Factory
-AG Stevies Ankle (Sulfur Plum)-Anthropologie
-Stacked Strap Heels-Anthropologie
-Drawing Room Necklace-Anthropologie
-Earrings-Banana Republic
-Bardot Spiral Bangle-Stella & Dot
-Ring-Forever 21

So I snapped this picture in an Anthro fitting know what that means! Reviews are on their way! Stay tuned for those. I also have a few reviews from back in December that never made their way onto the blog so I'll try to tack those on too.

Today brought another sale round at we go again! I'm trying hard to stick to my core list of items I want to add to my closet with an occasional wish list item sprinkled in. Early this morning I picked up these:

THE Dress!!! So excited!!

I picked up this top in two colors because I couldn't decide which one I liked best. I'll figure it out when they arrive. I've been lusting after it for months but have never managed to find it in the stores to try on so we'll see if it even works out at all.

And finally, these cute tights weren't on my wish list or core list of items to add to my closet, but at $9.95 I couldn't help myself. I thought they could be super cute with the dress...a little funky and fun.

So did you manage to pick anything up on sale? Do tell!

I'm off to get my day started...another run on the treadmill on the agenda followed by a play date at the park with friends. Happy Wednesday to you!


  1. Hi Jenni,
    Love the green dress you bought....I would buy it but I have no where to wear it. I did buy the Fly Away Blouse (Size S) and Warbler Dangler earrings. I think the Fly Away Blouse will be a go to piece this Spring/Summer. Love all of your outfits & postings. Happy Shopping.

  2. LOVE your outfit!! And I also got the green dress .... it is perfection!!

  3. Happy New Year Jenni!! I love the necklace your wearing!! And the dress you bought is beautiful. The color is going to look gorgeous on you!! I bought the tile quilted skirt and ordered the bow buckle flats on-line...just after I thought I had enough things in my closet!

  4. LOL! I got the Gibson roll tee in dark grey. I almost got those tights but got a scarf instead.

  5. I can't wait to see that dress on you - what an adorable purchase! Looks like a fun sale!

  6. Sounds like you ladies scored some fun stuff!

    Jess--glad you picked up the dress's so cute!!!

    Amy--Too funny. We can be twinners from afar!

  7. I love the Gibson Roll Tee. I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet because I haven't had a chance to try it on. How does it fit?

  8. Mindie-My package with the Gibson Roll Tee was just delivered yesterday...I love it! I ordered the XS and it's long enough and fit really well. Not too flowy. I got the pink and green but think I"m going to return the resembles a few other tops I already own in that color. Hope that helps!