Thursday, January 5, 2012

Anthro Fitting Room Reviews--First Round of 2012!

Hi there! Hope your first week of the year is going good! We're still in vacation mode around my house...another few days before reality sets back in. Since I had some free time I headed out to Anthropologie on Monday to return a few things and was able to try on a handful of new items that I snapped a few pictures of for you to see! Review time! Here we go...

1. Dappled Sea Blouse-$138

This was the surprise of the day in my book...I loved it! I had seen this top online and it didn't do much for me but when I saw it hanging on the rack in the store the colors and print really jumped out at me. I tried this on in an X-Small and it was perfect. I love the way it hangs...totally non-fussy and easy to wear. This top will be so cute paired with white jeans, cropped denim, and I even liked it with the purple AG Stevies I tried them on with. This top has jumped up high on my wish it!

2. Ink Drenched Tee-$68 (Both Multi and Black motifs)

Multi motif:

Black motif:

This is the sister top to the Catalan Tee (reviewed next) that's been out a few months. I already really liked the Catalan Tee so I figured I'd like these just as much...I was right. I loved BOTH motifs of the Ink Drenched Tee and found them to fit the same as the Catalan Tee...I took an X-Small in these. I really fell in love with the print of the Multi motif...the almost painted look of the print and gorgeous colors are what drew me in immediately. This little darling came home with me...I happened to have a gift card from Christmas that helped me purchase this. Love! I wouldn't be opposed to picking up the Black motif when it hits sale as well as it's a top I can wear stand alone without layering which is something I'm trying to focus more on this year.

3. Catalan Tee-$68

As mentioned above, this tee fits the same as the Ink Drenched Tee. I took an X-Small in this cute top and love it. I really like the neutral factor of this top as it can be paired with any color on bottom. Wish listed for sale!

4. Wrapped-Ruched Tee-$58 (Black and Red motifs)

I first noticed this top online because it looked like a top that would be sooo comfy, yet stylish at the same time. It can also be worn alone without layering which is a plus in my book! I tried this on first in an X-Small and it was clear that it would be way to tight in both the arms and body. I slipped on the size Small next...much better. Small was the way to go. I will say though that the Black small fit a little tighter than the Red Small in the chest area (perhaps this cold be fixed by trying on a few and finding one that fit better). By the way, I think the Red looks more like bright orange so I'm not sure why they're calling it Red. I actually really love the bright orange color...super cute! The top has a cross over effect on the top that is really flattering and comfortable. I happened to really love them both and am undecided about which color I would go with so as of now both colors are wish listed for sale!

5. Artist's Eye Top-now on sale for $29.95 (Beige motif)

I thought this top would be a home run as I have a few other asymmetrical tops and really love them, but boy was I incorrect. This top was all sorts of wrong on me. It did nothing for my shape except make me look wider than I am and wash me out. The color was terrible on me. I tried this on in both an X-Small and a Small and due to length I would go with the Small. The X-Small was a bit short on my long torso. That being said, the Small added more volume at the bottom, causing the wider effect. I don't think I'm the only one that felt this way as it's almost totally fully stocked online after going on sale yesterday. Bum design I suppose. Back to the rack.

6. Melodious Cardigan-$98 (Green motif)

I tried this cropped sweater on in a Small and the fit was good. The X-Small was super tight in the arms so the Small won out. I really loved it online and was excited to try it on but once on, I wasn't so sold. I have this thing for cropped sweaters that drape in the front but they just don't like me back so much. Perhaps it's because I have a long torso? The color was actually really pretty and could be paired with a lot. The sweater itself was more thin than thick but not too thin...I wasn't afraid it was going to fall apart or anything. It seemed like it was made very well. Give it a try and see what you think. In theory I really liked it, but I'm thinking this is a no for me for now...back to rack.

7. Oxford Sweater-$88 (Sold out online)

I had never really paid much attention to this sweater online but the color really caught my eye as I walked around the store. It's kind of a mustardy yellow with the black spots...I actually really liked it! I tried this on in an X-Small and it fit well. It was borderline short but I think it would be ok. I like the cute little keyhole at the top and it's positioned perfectly...nothing much shows and I don't feel like I have to layer it to hide anything underneath. Wish listed for sale!

8. Hourglass Form Dress-$168 (Dark Yellow motif)

Hello gorgeous! This dress is beautiful and it so well made. I tried this lovely on in a size 2 and it fit like a glove. That being said, if I was bigger in the the chest, I think I may have had to size up so if you're a little more blessed on top, keep that in mind. This dress is listed at 41" long and I would say it felt an inch or two longer. I liked where it fell on me though...the length is what gives it a chic, sophisticated look. I would be so cute layered with a belted cardigan...I didn't have a single cardigan in my dressing room at the time so I was resourceful and used the shirt I walked in wearing as a pretend bolero to see what it would look like with something over the top. I liked it! It is a thicker material so I wonder how it would feel in the summer...I'll have to think on that. For now, wish listed for sale!

9. Corded Dots Pencil Skirt-$88

I originally saw this online and was looks a bit like the Ackee Pencil Skirt (with the dots) I picked up last year which is probably why I was drawn to it. I tried this on in a size 0 and it was on the borderline too big side. It fit and would be fine, but if I got it I may have it taken in a tad to make it fit even better. I actually liked the way this skirt fell and think it has the possibility of being paired with many things. The color is pretty too...not too yellow or too orange...and not mustard. I think that's why I liked it so's a color I don't have. It's called "Corded" but the cord is so small that it's hard to even tell it's made of cord. I don't think I'd wear it much in the summer but you could get away with wearing it into early spring, fall and winter. Overall I liked this skirt. Wish listed for sale.

And here are a few more reviews from a trip I took to Anthro in December but never got around to posting...sorry about the quality of most of these pictures. For some reason most of them came out pretty blurry.

11. Michelia Peasant Blouse-$88

I loved this top from the second I saw it pop up online...the colors, the floral print...too cute! Upon seeing it in the store I felt the same. I tried this top on in a size 0 and found it to a pretty good fit. There was a little extra room in the shoulder area and the arms are a little puffy (they're suppose to be) so I'm trying to decide if it looks too big on me or if it looks like it should. Any opinions? I'm still debating this top, but love it just the same. Wish listed for sale for now and may need to try it on again before deciding for good.

12. Decisively Textured Pullover-$78 (Pink motif)

I saw this cute sweater floating around on a few other bloggers and thought I'd give it a try as well. I loved the cute color combination of the Pink motif...very candy-like. I tried this on in size Small because from first look it seemed a little short, and I was right. The Small was a great fit, however I wish it were a few inches longer. It can easily be layered over another top and looks fine, but I'm trying to steer away from having to do that. Overall it's a great sweater option and it seems well made, but for my long torso it's just a bit too short for my liking on it's own. If I found it in the sale room for a great deal down the road I'd grab it up but it's a pass for now.

13. Hibai Cardigan-$78 (Orange motif)

The color of this cardigan is what caught me's so pretty! It also comes in a grey motif, but light grey tends to wash me out so I didn't even looks twice at it. I tried this cute cardigan in an X-Small (pictured above) and found it to be super tight through the arms. Clearly that wasn't going to work. I didn't get the chance to try on the size Small that night but I ended up ordering it a week later during the 50% off sweaters promo and found it to be a great fit. Much better! The cute flower cut-out designs are fu and interesting and the length of the cardigan works this time because it's a flat draping going on here. Like I said, I ordered this during the half-off promo and will indeed be keeping it. It can work for all seasons!

14. Gather & Give Top-$48 (Orange motif)

I tried this on in both and X-Small and a Small and found them to be very different. The X-Small was almost impossible to get over my head and on because of the fact that there's no give in the mid-section of the top (no elastic--the gathering is fixed). The size Small was much easier to get on, but once on, I felt like it was a little baggy on me in the chest area. This may be fixed by trying a few tops on and seeing which fits better, not sure. Overall I like the idea of the top and the color (I'm totally into orange lately, obviously) but it's just not a must-have for me. This is a pass for me for now, but is still a very cute top and would look great on many!

15. Sorted Stripes Dress-$178

This dress is adorable on the super cute. I tried on the X-Small and felt like I was wearing a tube-top around my It's on the tight side, for sure. I tried on the Small and it worked much better. Now here's the funny thing. The night I tried this on I wasn't totally sold on it. I felt kind of so-so about it. It is clingy and isn't super forgiving about any curve, so it made me a little self conscius I think. Now, looking at the picture, I kind of love it! I think it's sooooo cute! I love that ruffle at the bottom, I love the striping pattern, I love that it's neutral so you can pair any color with it on the bottom (tights and shoes). The neck is a bit wide, but after I played with it a bit I figured out that you can adjust it enough to stay put just fine. I think I've decided I need to try it on again and wish list it for now. Funny how you can change your mind after seeing a picture! Has anyone else tried this one? What did you think?

16. Cinched Circles Dress-now on sale for $99.95

This was another dress I was really excited to try on...I had been lusting after it for months! When I finally tried it on my hopes and dreams (ok, that's a little dramatic) were squashed. I tried this on in both a size 0 and a 2 and the size 0 was a better fit, and what I took pictures of. The length was good as it hit right at the top of my knee, but the chest area is where it was a problem. In my opinion, based on my experience with this dress, those who are a little more blessed on top will look better in this dress most likely. I may be totally wrong and a smaller chested lady may find it works great on her, but for me, it was a disapppointment. There was just too much extra room on the top half all was very Dolman sleeve-like on me which on this dress, wasn't as cute as it was meant to be I think. My friend who is much more blessed on top than me also tried this on at the same time and it looked fabulous on her. I was sad it didn't work out on me, but you know what they say...there are plenty more fish (dresses) in the sea!


  1. Okay, about the Hourglass Form Dress - this girl has hips... how did it fit in that area? I am wondering if I would have to size up TWO sizes just to get it to fit in that lovely area?

  2. you need the Sea Blouse like yesterday - looks fab on you!

  3. Thanks so much for these reviews! I've been wanting to see the Corded Dots Pencil Skirt IRL. Thanks! As always, you look super cute in everything.

  4. Skylette--you are too funny. You have the cutest little figure! The dress was super form fitting all around so I would say maybe sizing up one size for hips/boobs would be a possibilty. Had I been bigger in the chest or hips I would have needed a 4 I think.

    Peggy--Thanks! Agreed! =) If only it weren't so $$$$!

    rynetta PhD--Thanks so much! I liked the skirt a lot...lots of possibilities! =)

  5. Great reviews, Jenni! Thanks for sharing them. Love the sorted stripes dress on you! I am listing after that ink drenched tee... Just may have to add it to my birthday haul!

  6. Wow, I loved this post. I love the grey and black striped dress. Would look so cute with red tights!

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog, it's awesome! I love the Sea Blouse on you as well as the Michelia Peasant Blouse. I've got both of those in my cart online but unsure what size to order. I don't have an Anthro nearby so I'll have to order. How do those run?? I'm 5'4 and about 125 pounds. I have a lot of tops from Anthro similar in style and some are X-Small, some are Small.

  8. Randi-I would say the Michelia Peasant blouse runs big... It's got room to spare. For reference, I'm about 112 lbs and around 5' 5 1/2" tall and took a size 0. I would maybe try a size 0 or 2. As for the Sea Blouse, I took this in an XS and liked the amount of flowiness it offered. Go for either an XS or Small. For both of these tops it'll depend on how you like your fit, how narrow/broad your shoulders are and your torso length. I'm fairly broad in the shoulders for my frame and have a long torso. Not sure that was helpful at all...sorry. Good luck ! Hope you like them if you take the plunge!

  9. Hi! I have the hour glass form (yellow) dress and I'm planning on wearing it to my brother's wedding in Seattle. Any tips on how to wear it? I was considering a dark blue or grey bolero/cardi but not sure. Any help is appreciated!