Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Friday!!!

Another week under the belt! Happy Friday everyone. Friday is my favorite day of the week. Monday is a close second just because I like fresh starts, but Friday wins out. I love knowing there's no homework to do after school, I love that my husband will be home before the sun goes down, and I love that I can stay up as late as I want without worrying about feeling like a zombie the next morning (no alarm going off on Saturday mornings in this house). Friday is the best day of the week, for sure. On top of it being Friday, the sun is out! It's gorgeous here today in the bay area. These are the kinds of winter days I am going to miss when we move.

Today I got up, dropped my boys off at school, came home and ate breakfast, surfed the Internet a bit, ran my 4 miles on the treadmill while watching "Live with Kelly", and then got ready for the day. Time to decide what to wear! Every once in a while I have those days when I just don't feel like wearing pants, and today was one of those days. Thank goodness I have a few Maxi dress options in my closet to choose from on days like today. Lifesavers! There is something to be said about an outfit that is completed with just one garment. Makes life so easy!

What I Wore:
-Fractal Medallion Maxi-Anthropologie
-Boutique 9 Booties-Endless (also called the "Carapace Wedges" at Anthro)
-Necklace-Nordstrom (BP)
-Bardot Earrings-Stella & Dot
-Bracelet-Silpada Jewelry (gift)
-Ring-Pree Brulee

I've been playing on Polyvore quite a bit this week. If you follow me at all you know that I made a little purchase from Ruche the other day:

Kensington Ruffle Blouse in teal

How amazing is that shade of teal? I am crossing my fingers it's just as gorgeous in real life as it is online. I have big plans for this cute top. I see it being paired with a pencil skirt, skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, colored jeans, with flats, with heels...endless possibilities! Wanna know the best thing about it? It was only $33.99. Deal! Since purchasing the top I noticed another cute top popped up on their website that I'm also loving:

Dylana Mod Tunic Dress

I'm a fan of those cute Chevron stripes! How cute would this be belted, paired with colored jeans and a statement necklace?! Love it. May not be able to resist. :)

Do you shop at Ruche? Picked anything up there lately?

Hope you all have a great start to your weekends!


  1. Lovely dress! It's perfect for an easy Friday afternoon.

    I'm also excited that it's finally the weekend. TGIF!!!

  2. Oh how I love that Chevron top! So cute! I wish I could say that I like Mondays... hehehe

  3. Jenni this dress looks great on you. I bought it in the red motif and I can't wait to wear it. It's been extremely warm here in Florida lately, so I haven't worn it yet. I'm hoping to wear it during our next cold front.

  4. Help?! I just got the garden bliss chiffon dress from Ruche the other day and it is IRL way more of a jade green. Not teal at all. It is pretty but I have no idea what color shoes or cardigan to put with it. I won't wear it sleeveless so I have to find something. Any thoughts?

  5. I love Friday too but for some reason my kids get up SO EARLY on Saturday I have no idea why! I have to wake them every other day but on Saturday they are up all on their own!! I love that maxi and hear ya on not always wanting to wear pants! Tonight I cannot wait for the drama I think that Courtney girl is just crazy but you know I love her around because it spices up the drama!!

  6. I really like that chevron top! But the link doesn't work anymore - I wonder if it's out of stock?