Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Last Minute Date Night

Hubs and I try to get out by ourselves at least once a month. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Logistics. Things like call schedules and family obligations take over sometimes. January has been kind of a crazy month for some reason and we totally lost track of time. Last Saturday we were lounging around (ok, we were still in bed at 10:30am being lazy) and decided we should go out that night. It had been too long! I texted one of the girls that we ask to babysit sometimes and lucky for us she was 6 hours. YAY! A reason to get all dressed up!

What I Wore:
-Paradise Ascending Top-Anthropologie
-Hibai Cardigan-Anthropologie
-Always Skinny Jeans-Gap
-Sweeping Stitch Heels-Anthropologie
-Earl Grey Necklace-Anthropologie
-Bardot Earrings-Stella & Dot
-Bracelet-Silpada Jewelry (gift)
-Ring-Banana Republic

We went to dinner and shopped around a little. It was nice to get out, just the two of us. Our next date night is already planned...Josh has a work dinner we're planning on going to with all the other residents and their spouses, so that should be fun. Somehow it just so happened to get scheduled right around Valentines day. Same thing happened last year. Sneaky! =)

Hope your week is going well! We've almost made it to another weekend...YAY! Enjoy your day!


  1. You looked fantastic. I love all the colors.

  2. Glad to hear you got a date night with the hubs! You look fantastic! I love the colors of your outfit!


  3. Beautifully chic in this and so colorful. Great date outfit. =)