Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Vacation is coming...a New Year's goal...and an OOTD

So we're on the last week of school before Christmas break, and let me tell you, I am feeling it. My kids are feeling it. My husband is feeling it. It's almost time for a vacation!!! This will be the first Christmas in four years that we have been able to go anywhere for the holidays due to hubby's residency. Last year we were fortunate enough to be able to get away for a few days after Christmas, but this year we are off to Arizona to spend the week with my husband's whole side of the family for Christmas. All 34 of us together. 16 adults and 18 children. That's right, we're outnumbered now. This could be bad. We leave in 9 days and I can hardly wait. I'm not so excited about the drive (I hate driving anywhere) but I'm excited to get away for a bit and visit with all my cute sis-in-laws, my bro-in-laws, nieces and nephews, and my sweet in-laws. It'll be a crazy week, but fun.

So I've been packing in my head already. It's gonna be pretty cold in Sedona I hear so I'll be putting to good use some of the new sweaters and coats I've acquired in the past little while courtesy of all these insane sales a certain beloved store has had. When, oh when will the madness stop? If you're like me you may be feeling a little shopped out by all these sales. When is enough, enough, you know? I've decided that after I return from my vacation, when the new year begins, it's time to get back to the root of this blog...time to start finding things in my closet and re-working them to create lots of combinations without buying as much. While I'll never give up shopping for good (let's get real...lol), I've decided to once again create a monthly budget and try my hardest to stick to it. My best friend and I are gonna do it together (right?!!!) Anyone else wanna join in?

So I have an outfit to share with you...I snapped it in the dressing room last week when I made my Anthro returns:

What I Wore:
-Thousand Carat Pullover-Anthropologie
-Frilled Echelons Peacoat-Anthropologie
-Ultimate Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Boutique 9 "Darting Wedges"-Endless (also sold at Anthro)
-Necklace-Old Navy
-Bracelet-Silpada Jewelry
-Ring-random catalog
-Earrings-Nordstrom (BP)

I have worn this coat so much this fall/winter already...it's the best coat! It goes with so much! I love it with the mustard yellow Thousand Carat sweater...such a fun color combination. Whenever I wear yellow and blue I can't help but think of my high school days...those were our school colors and I wore them all the time...the good ole' cheerleading days! =)

Just as a reminder...if you'd like the chance to win a gift card to Anthropologie you should check out Liz's blog because she is giving away two $25 gift cards, one $50 gift card and one $100 gift card! Details and entry info can be found HERE. How nice of her, right?! Good luck!

I'm off to catch up on my DVR before I head to bed...hope you have a great day!


  1. Wow, it sounds like your going to have a blast in Sedona!! 18 kids?! that's like an entire classroom full of kids :) I love the Frilled Echelons Peacoat on you. I need to get more wear out of mine.

  2. The outnumbered comment rings true for our family, too. It's crazy!!!
    Love that jacket. The blue is such a pretty color.

  3. Wow! That sounds like a lot of fun!! I am totally in with you and the New Year's goal! Also I love your outfit and I am eyeing in the background a dress that I have been dying to see on someone! The striped grey and black dress ... how did you like it???

  4. Enjoy your vacation! Sounds like such a great time!!
    I can see why you wear that coat so often...such a fun color and a great accent to any outfit!

  5. Have a great time! Love your outfit, especially that coat!

  6. Enjoy your vacation! I have the week off between Christmas and New Year's and I can't even describe how excited I am for the break!!

    Love the outfit, especially the Thousand Carat Pullover.

  7. Enjoy your vacation. Sounds like fun. Hope you'll share with us some of your new outfits. :)

  8. The frilled echelons is lovely. I hope your vacation is excellent!

  9. Love that teal blue jacket. I can't wait to be back in non-maternity items such as that one! I really like the color on you.

  10. I never shopped at Anthro before, but all these clothes are making me want to. lol


  11. Yes,

    I am truly agree with Jess opinion. Wishing you all a very happy and wonderful new year.