Friday, December 9, 2011

Another round of pattern mixing

Happy Friday everyone! I looked at the calendar on my phone this morning and couldn't believe it's already December 9th! We're celebrating Christmas with my side of the family early this year since we'll be out of town celebrating with my husband's side of the family on December 25th so today is crunch time...gotta grab those last minute gifts! My Christmas cards should also be delivered to day so hopefully I can get those out by the middle of next week. Tis' the Season!

Last Sunday I pulled out an outfit I was really excited to give a try. I paired a few classic prints...plaid and polka dots.

-Dots Within Blouse-Anthropologie
-Easy Keeper Skirt-Anthropologie
-Dot Tights-J Crew
-Land & Lake Heels-Anthropologie
-Ring-Forever 21
-Bangles-Gap Outlet

I felt a little loud walking down the hallways at church but that's ok. It's fun to step outside of the box.

So did anyone else get excited over the 50% off sale on coats/jackets and sweaters at Anthro that started last night? I placed my order within minutes of it starting so I guess you could say I was a tad anxious. Maybe more like scared of the dreaded cancellation notices others were getting during the Black Friday sales, so I wanted to get my order in before too long. I managed to pick up a few sweaters last night and then I have these cute things on hold at a store to call and do a charge send for this morning since they were already sold out online in my size:

Outlined Celandine Cardi (the ivory color with black stitching)

Tartan Boucle Blazer

At 50% off it's so hard to pass on so many great deals! I will be going back to the store next week to do another round of returns...just in case anyone is wondering, the Ardor Blouse was a total crop top on my long not cute. Back it goes. All well. Can't win them all!

Just as a reminder...if you would like to have the chance to win a gift card to Anthropologie you should check out Liz's blog because she is giving away two $25 gift cards, one $50 gift card and one $100 gift card! Details and entry info can be found HERE. How nice of her, right?! Good luck!

I'm off to get my day going...gotta hop on the treadmill and get my run in before anything else. I would have had it done already but my plan to get up and run before the kids got up was ruined this morning when 2 out of 3 of our kids were in bed with us at 6am. Our treadmill is in our bedroom...treadmills aren't exactly quiet. Sleeping children won out. =)

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!


  1. What a fun outfit - classic but quirky (in a good way) at the same time!
    (Oh I'd love to have a treadmill, maybe that would finally get me off my butt ...)

  2. You look really, really cute! It's so convenient to have a treadmill at home. Now I just wish I had the time to do it. Soon enough, I hope. Right now every time I try to get on it the baby cries. *lol8

  3. Love pattern mixing! You do it perfectly.

  4. I juts love your outfit, the way you mix colors and patters is absolutely amazing!!! Great blog, I am now following, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)