Friday, November 18, 2011

A Maxi skirt, a new toy and a few great deals!

It's taken me a while but I have finally joined in on the Maxi skirt craze. I love Maxi dresses so why not try out a skirt version? It took me a while to join in on the trend simply because I had a hard time finding the right Maxi skirt to get. Most are too long for my short legs. Finally I was able to score one that fit perfect. Here's my first attempt at the Maxi Skirt:

-Sidebent Tank-Anthropologie
-Jackie Cardigan-J Crew Factory
-Maxi Skirt-Quincee's Boutique (UT)
-Weave & Plait Belt-Anthropologie
-Miz Mooz Lacey T-Strap Pump
-Bracelet-Silpada Jewelry
-Fossil Necklace-Macy's

Not only are Maxi skirts cute, they are SOOO comfy! Yes, please! =)

We're finally at the end of the week and I am thrilled! I'm so excited for my boys to have all of next week off! It'll give me lots of time to get things done around the house as well as learn to work this fun new toy I picked up today:

I braved the Apple store with three kids in tow this afternoon...thankfully there's lots of fun things to distract my crew in there. I actually bribed them with the promise that we would go down to the Lego store afterwards and build Lego men if they didn't make too much of a scene. That did the trick. So far I'm liking my new phone!

I'll leave you with a great deal I found this morning at Nordstrom...during the half-yearly sale I picked up a pair of cute purple Jessica Simpson flats.

While browsing online this morning I wanted to see if the prices had returned to normal yet after the sale and low and behold, some prices dropped again! The same shoes I bought last week were now 50% off instead of 30% off like they were when I purchased them! I called and got my price adjustment and then decided to pick these up as well since they also went down in price again.

I wore my purple pair yesterday and really like them. They were very comfortable and left no blisters on the first wear. They run TTS, by the way. I took my usual size 9 in flats. At $33 they are a great deal!

Hope you have a great day...TGIF!!!


  1. Love that skirt!!!! I'm a total convert to the whole maxi skirt thing, after finding the water's edge at Anthro. They're so, so comfy! Great scores on the shoes at Nordstrom too. :)

  2. I really like the maxi skirt on you. It is not a style that I like on myself...I am long-waisted (meaning short legs) and it makes me feel stumpy. Also, love those yellow flats. It is funny....I started reading style blogs to get inspiration for items in my closet. Now, it seems like I see things on your blog (and others) and decide that I must have it, even if it wasn't on my radar before. Maybe I'll work on that next year...

  3. Margaret--fashion blogs are a blessing and a curse...they're so fun to read but it's so easy to fall in love with everything you see! I know how that goes!!

  4. Love that you went with a striped skirt..its too cute!

  5. You look awesome in that maxi skirt!! Congrats on your new gadget!! I take my kids to the Apple store sometimes and they love it....only if it wasn't as packed all the time I would take them more often.

  6. great blog.

  7. I'm a little envious of your maxi skirt :) haha Love it...great find! I like how your paired the brown belt and bright top with it.